Fatoumatta’s Killer Appears In Court

Deceased Gambian woman Fatoumatta Jallow/Gainako.com image

MADISON, Wis. – The man accused of killing one woman and critically injuring another in a shooting at an east Madison group home reportedly told police as he was taken into custody that he “hurt two people (and) took one’s life,” according to a document filed in court Friday.

Ali A. Hassan, 25, faces a charge of first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide in connection with the Wednesday night shooting on Kevins Way. One woman was killed and another woman suffered multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County court, Hassan told an officer that he “shot everyone in that house.” Police said Hassan made several comments, including telling officers to “just take me to jail.”

Madison District 17 Alder Samba Baldeh said his cousin, 23-year-old Fatoumatta Jallow, who came to Wisconsin from The Gambia, was the woman who was killed. Madison police confirmed Friday afternoon that Jallow died of what a preliminary autopsy called “homicidal firearm violence.” The criminal complaint said Jallow suffered multiple gunshot wounds to her torso and right arm.

The other woman shot at the home had 10 bullet wounds, according to the criminal complaint. A bullet was found in her right arm and she had wounds above her navel, in her right side and three in her chest. Doctors had to remove her gallbladder, a portion of her stomach and a portion of her liver. The doctor told police the woman would have died without medical treatment.

Baldeh said Jallow was “the most respectful person you will ever meet in the world.” Baldeh said Hassan had been harassing Jallow and treating her as if she were his daughter. Baldeh said if there was a romantic relationship between the two, he wasn’t aware of it.

“Whatever justice looks like, this man should not see daylight for the rest of his life,” Baldeh said of Hassan.

A judge gave Hassan a $1 million cash bail during a court hearing Friday; he was ordered not to contact numerous families connected to the case nor any employees of the group home.




  1. Very sad . May her soul rest in perfect peace. The Somali man must face justice .

  2. May her soul rest in perfect peace and justice prevail.

  3. So young and pretty. May Allah (swt ) grant her paradise.

    This is exactly the kind of senseless crimes that happen when a society legalises gun possession for all and sundry.

    The USA will eventually have to decide whether to put money (weapons business) over lives of her citizens, in particular and those of the rest of the world, in general.

    Condolence to the family and friends of the young girl who is cruelly taken away from them.

    I don’t know what system will allow such a monster who killed this beautiful young girl, to be walking the streets as a man out on bail ? Crazy country.