The Hidden Secrets Of The Miracle Vulture That Hates Jammeh


When a miracle vulture emerged in Basse in Upper River Region barely a week before the December 1st election, we at Kairo News did not pay huge attention to the story. Like many Gambians, we believe Allah empowers His Prophets and Messengers with miracles. For instance, Prophet Muhammad’s greatest miracle is the Holy Quran, which has been revealed in a very eloquent Arabic language that is hard to read by even Arabs. Prophet Muhammad also communicates with wild animals.

Lamin Drammeh teamed up with Sheriff Al-hassan Haidara (son of legendary Sheriff of Leyba) to defeat Yahya Jammeh’s Satanic idols!

In the case of the Miracle Vulture, many people asked: where did it come from? How did it land in Basse and why? Was the vulture on a special mission?

One man who first spoke about the Miracle Vulture before it surfaced is Lamin Jankey Drammeh, a native of Jifarong in Kiang West. Drammeh is endowed with supernatural means; he knows what is not known to the majoriry. When he was a child Lamin used to hear the cries of babies in the womb. He informed mothers about their unborn children’s sex and how they would fare in life. Lamin is known in both Kiang and Foni for being Fang Bondi (a masquerader who sets himself off). Such a masquerader is often seen flying over rooftops.

The Gambia’s outgoing President Yahya Jammeh who drank from Drammeh’s sea of spiritual knowledge regretted why the two fell apart. In the heat of election moment, Yahya Jammeh had reportedly offered Drammeh millions of Dalasi to help him keep the crown. But for Drammeh, he is done with a man whose hands are “dirty with innocent blood” as well as “shower insults on everyone who matters.”

Like many youths, Drammeh embarked on a backway journey to Europe. It was on his way that some Gambians discovered him. They convinced him to help shatter Yahya Jammeh’s presidency. He returned from Niger to Dakar after he had received green light from his parents.

“At first, most people don’t take me seriously but I know between me and Allah that my little efforts will help destroy the Jammeh presidency,” Drammeh told Kairo News. “You know what people have been saying. I don’t pay attention to their rantings. I soon started the process of uprooting Jammeh. I was confident of Adama Barrow’s victory, but I have to show Gambians one important miracle. This was why I have released the Miracle Vulture first in Banjul and then Basse. You know my nephew Musa what I told you in private before I released the vulture. I want to show Gambians that our country still has people with miracles.”

For days, the Miracle Vulture despised Yahya Jammeh and endorsed Adama Barrow for President. “This is a vulture king that ascended to the throne the same day Sir Dawda Jawara became President. In essence, Jawara’s leadership ended this year. That means he could have been the President if he was not overthrown. The vulture emerged to seal Jammeh’s 22-year rule. It has gone into hiding, but it is waiting to strike Yahya Jammeh and his power-hungry military leaders. Jammeh’s time is up and that any attempt to stay in power will turn ugly for him and backers. Let them start violence and see what the vulture will do. This country is ours, so we’ll not allow anyone to destroy it,” sounded Drammeh whose every election prediction, including a defeat for Jammeh in his home village of Kanilai, turned out right. He sees the unknown in his miracle mirror.

“I always give thanks and praise to Allah for blessing me with spiritual knowledge,” Drammeh said. Spiritual knowledge is embedded in Drammeh’s family. Both his father and grandfather have had their share of the unknown knowledge.



  1. I would still plead to them to help in scientific and technologic research. This should help to project supernatural powers into touchable and usable matters. They may not believe in what I am suggesting but wonders may happen. Can this vulture subdue itself under someone’s command so that it can be trained to do wonderful jobs for the Gambians right now who despertely need a peaceful tranfer of power in three weeks time. My idea is to train the vulture to be able to attract and drag behind it 1000s of vulture to plummet down on the heads of the alleged militia men in the Gambia. In that case the militia men may have to need more time fighting with vultures than innocent and defenseless people of the Gambia.

  2. In the name of Allah most merciful the Merci given,peace and blessings upon to our beloved prophet Muhammad, said violence is asleep and Allah distroys a person who wakes it up. Explain to Jammeh no that Gambian prayers had already raised to this occasions. Do you think you will stop us to pray our five daily prayers while we are running from death ? Selfish Jammeh you are fighting against Allah’s discission. Please wakeup from sleep you and your flowers.Allah protect the Gambia and the Gambians. Ameen

    • Do you really understand what the issue is about? He is talking about a vulture seemingly in support of the coalition’s president elect, Adama Barrow. It is nothing to do with the Muslims five daily prayers. The five daily prayers is obligatory on every muslim but at the sme time, its sole benefit goes to the individual worshipper whether in congregation or alone. People who pray the five daily prayers INDEED are touched by prayers in their hearts. Such people don’t hate, get bitter or get jealous about the positives in life. The latter are characteristics of Yaya. He loves to imitate others. He gets bitter about what is not his face and name. He is a hater, liar and hypocrite as well, who won’t leave even the poor peasants of the Gambia alone in peace. Hope there will be no more of his likes in the country’s future.