What Jammeh Doesn’t Understand


This article is in response to professor Baba Galleh Jallow’s article entitled WHAT JAMMEH WANTS. The professor has seen through Jammeh from head to toe. All the points raised by the professor are 100% accurate. Due to the quick thinking of all Gambians in particular the world in general, Jammeh cannot and will not be able to have what he wants for the following reasons:

1.God almighty says his time is up therefore he should not trade what he have with what he don’t have.

  1. Since 1994, gambians slowly started building more resistance against him.This has led so many gambians to leave the country, whiles some stayed in search of what I called ANSWERS.Their answers came in so many different ways, but notable amongst them is the fact that our country the Gambia’s destiny lies in the hands of not just one man but collectively. This has led the emergence of the online newspapers as well as the online radios, and of course the social media educating Gambian both at home and abroad about their civic rights.Finally, and surely, but slowly their quest to salvage the Gambia from the clutches of a brutal dictator paid off.Salvaging the Gambia became their FAITH. Now jammeh don’t still get this. Faith when entrenched in one’s believe, it becomes covert.

  2. The gambians peoples are hungry for a change therefore nothing can stop them from feeding of off food of change, and there is nobody, I mean nobody that can stop them.

  3. There is a saying that goes like this; FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU, BUT FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME. Since 1994 many gambians realised that jammeh fooled them once and they vowed to not let him fool them twice. This has led to so many efforts to make the rest of us to get to know and see Jammeh as a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  4. What jammeh don’t understand is that majority of the army came to the realisation that he uses the carrot and stick approach to control them and this has led to a major division amongst them especially the junior ranks. Today apart from few senior officers serving as the head of a militia force, the rest of the army is behind president elect-Barrow, hence the gambian peoples.

  5. December 1st 2016 gave gambians a taste of freedom which they have never tasted for 22years, so therfore there is no turning back.

  6. I spoke to someone many gambians on the ground and I also spoke to the peoples in both Senegal and cassamance, and they all came to the conclusion that yaya jammeh’s time is up, and there is nothing he can do or say that will make peoples let him stay as president of the Republic of the Gambia.

  7. Finally what jammeh don’t understand is that the world is moving, and they moving very quickly towards democracy, and good governance; that democracy is a continuous process of improvements in the areas of human life, and Gambians are ready with the support of the world to improve their lives, and the sky is the limit, and Jammeh cannot stop that.


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