Senegalese Transport Union Threatens Boycott If Jammeh Remains Adamant

Senegalese transport union leaders have added their voice on the Gambia’s political crisis orchestrated by the outgoing President Yahya Jammeh, threatening to boycott trans-Gambia highway if the defeated leader remains adamant.

In an unprecedented show of courage and defiance, Gambian civil society organizations and institutions have been speaking up on their country’s murky political situation. Gambians in general have added their voices to universal condemnations to pressure Yahya Jammeh into re-accepting his defeat in the presidential polls held a fortnight ago. A growing number of civil society organizations in the neighboring African countries including the Nigerian Bar Association. In a statement, the NBA urged Jammeh to remaun true to his initial acceptance of the election results and defeat.

But one country whose voice makes a huge impact is the Gambia’s only neighbour.  Apart from colonial difference, the two countries have everything in common. Peace or instability in either country affects the other. It is in this regard that the Senegalese National Senegal Road Transport Union thought it fitting to go after President Jammeh. They too are asking Jammeh to smoothly hand over power to the President-elect Barrow.

“We will boycott trans-Gambia roads if President Jammeh does not hand over executive power at the end of his mandate in January 2017, ” Mansour Ndir, a Senegalese union, said. “Our action is a preventive measure aimed at avoiding disturbances and possible collateral damage for our drivers.

Such a boycott, according to Le Temoin, will leave a huge economic impact on the Gambia, which depends largely on exports from Senegal.


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