Even Ouza Speaks Up; What About The Others?

Even the Senegalese pop-singer friend of the out-going Gambian dictator has appealed to the stray Gambian autocrat to re-think his decision not to concede defeat in the 1st December presidential election. Ouza Diallo called Jammeh’s behaviour “regrettable”. The Senegalese pop star who had spent years in the paradise-like Gambia of the 1970s. He said on Monday 12th December blamed, what he called, ¨The ominous birds and their Western visions of the world for putting oil on the fire.”

In one of his poetically conjured up songs¨fire,¨ Diallo thought “we should not get to where no one gets helped. “With Jammeh’s initial conceding of defeat, the transition was set to be smooth but the outside paints a negative picture,” Ouza told “Amoulnebbo.”

“I appeal to my great friend, President Yahya Jammeh to respect his first decision. He will then go out through the big door and it will honor us who believe in his pan-African ideas,” Ouza Dallo said.

However, advised the President-elect Adama Barrow not to follow the advice of those who want Jammeh to be prosecuted.

“I congratulate Barrow on his victory, and I am appealing to him not to follow the so-called human rights advocates. By initiating national reconciliation, peace could prevail in the sub-region. For knowing well my friend, President Yaya Jammeh, his motto must be: “We are killed, but we are not dishonored.” There I am in phase with him. I prefer to die with arms in hand than to go to the ICC (International Criminal Court) especially at this moment when real Africans are thinking about how to get out of the ICC and the French franc. Then to the people of Gabou, to the Gambian people of my beautiful youth who gave me everything, to my dear friend Yaya, to my brother Adama Barrow, by the grace of the blessed night of Mawlid that has just been celebrated, let us give our hand for a beautiful reconciliation, to safeguard this beautiful peace in our sub-region. Nothing but to frustrate the plans of the eternal enemies of Africa, these negroes of servitude whose only success is to impose unfortunately on us the unhealthy vision of the West, “Ouza argues.

According to a Kairo News correspondent, the musician had a great number of fans in the Gambia before he came to be widely seen as one of Yahya Jammeh’s sycophants like Titi, Thione Seck, Vivian Ndour, Fatou Geuwel, etc, etc. They are all pressed to speak up against Jammeh’s attempt to perpetuate himself in power and embroiling the whole sub-region into civil war.

Not only has the Gambian president-to-be being denied access to state media outlet and other transition facilities, Adama Barrow has even been denied means of securing his own person. It is thanks to the goodwill of patriotic Gambians who volunteer as bodyguards today ensure the protection of Gambian President-elect, Adama Barrow.



  1. Let Ouza shut the FCK. Up who is he to ask us not to prosecute Jammeh for his crimes against the humanity

  2. Pan-Africanists would simply tell Yaya Jammeh; HAND OVER POWER TO PRESIDENT ELECT-BARROW, PEACEFULLY!!.
    What makes the likes of Jammeh, a self-empowered and proclaimed prophet of the Pan-African cause, to resort to killing, terrorising and looting of citizens as a method of sending their Pan-African messages across. Ouza should stop joking. He should know that Hon. Robert Marley is shaking in his grave to Robert Mugabe’s state of oppression that started a few years after independence. They have all mounted to nothing but evasive power hungry beasts in the name of Pan-Africanism. Yaya and other leaders like him could be the best tools for Africa’s foes because they are the types of ruthless dictators who reduce the best of their country’s human resources to the reach of the elements of exploitation of the West. Why won’t you Ouza tell Yaya Jammeh to fly his Moroccan wife back home from the West(America). What a hypocrisy! Jammeh and all those dictators must stop running their mouths with anti-West rhetorics and answer to the call of the 21century generation African and that is, democracy, the rule of law and a civil society. Countries can be a nation to 100 ethnic groups but they just need to learn from each other to bring about a happiness of the greatest number.

  3. Baba Galleh Jallow

    I agree Sundiata, Ouza should just keep quiet and save us the trash about Jammeh’s non-existent pan-African ideas or Africa’s non-existent external enemies. This oppression-justificatory crap about neocolonial machinations is long passe and Africans need to use their brains if they feel they are being exploited by anyone. Yes, we know that Jammeh will only leave power by force or through a credible threat of force. If you must pray for peace Brother Ouza, pray for peace and thank you for praying for peace. Much appreciated. But please don’t preach to us about who Jammeh is or his imaginary pan-African nonsense. Having oppressed Gambians for 22 years, Jammeh is dishonorable enough to now pose a security threat to the entire Gambian population through blatantly crude and unjust means.

  4. Unbiased Prince

    It is indeed a well thought out and a sincerely message from the Senegalese artist to get his best mate out of the blazing picth of fire that has been while only begun through ordained without fail by the Most-High (God-Almighty Allah).

    But Ouza as a total failure to promote, but as well failed to serve Afro Political Redemption on the platter of Natural principles and morally agreed within wisdom, rather than being beggotedly unfair and being a selfish tyrant in the past of what our approved Gambianism had to go through to get where it is today, he is by far going to share the same pains of being dishonorable to Gambians with his pal Yaya Jammeh.

    Ouza is therefore, unfortunate indeed but ultimately in real sadness of being bewildered by sorrows of not knowing what has become of his mate Yaya Jammeh that he is about to lose in a political standoff of needlessly.

    Pitching with his soliciting poetry of very weak hence emotions have gotten better of him by the day, Ouza is now in the means of asking whereas also begging for stuffs that he could be asked on behave Gambians who have been oppressed by his mate Yaya Jammeh for 22 years.

    Ouza has never been real.. And what we are now seeing is his renewable creek of what he has always been on Gambians (a hypocrite).

    WA Salaam

  5. Where was Ouza when Yaya Jammeh was killing innocent citizens of the Gambia? Where was Ouza when Yaya Jammeh imprisoned political opponents for no just cause? Why Ouza never told Yaya Jammeh to stop TORTURING AND BRUTALLY killing Gambians? Because Ouza was so busy sucking up to him! Yaya Jammeh spent millions of Gambia monies on artists like Ouza and cres and no benefits to Gambian masses. How dare he can come up with this cabbage? Ouza, you should be ashamed of yourself! Keep your mouth shut out of our affairs! Gambian president-elect and the entire nation DO NOT need your advise!

    Yaya Jammeh will not go to ICC…we have our own courts and every detailed killings of innocent Gambians, Senegalese, Ghanaians etc, shall come to light. After that, we will put him in Mile 2 prison with hard labour! That is what he deserved!!

  6. lovely jobly

    I think we should all commend the musicians in Senegal who keeps themselves away from Jammeh’s dirty money. I think the like of Yossou Ndour, Alieu Mbye nder and other deserved to be commended their role in keeping away from the dictator Jammeh.

    • You right about those Senegalese artists who abstained themselves from Jammeh’s robbed money from the poor people of the Gambia, @Jobly. I think Yossou N’dour is very much a sophisticated citizen and established artist who wouldn’t want to make himself up with such cruel and crude praise singing money.
      Good musicians are usually tangled up with studio works or busy in the music world links rather than take part in political campaigns and propagandas. ‘Liberal arts musicians’ would normally speak to the conscience of leaders to help them better reflex and reason with respect to the welfare of the people of the nations they lead.

  7. ouza’s daughter had sexual relationship with Dictator Yaya Jammeh . Jammeh had given a lot money to Ouza and his daughter . It is because of this reason that Ouza is always supporting Jammeh despite human rights violation in the Gambia . Ouza careless about the Gambia . I think Gambians by now should know why some non-Gambians Musicians are supporting . It is simply because of money or sex. Jammeh is sexual predator and child molester. I hope he is capture soon.

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