Why Jammeh Never Surprises Me

I’m not and will never be surprised with anything the Kanilai KILLER DEVIL does or says. He will do anything even when he stands to lose. A consistent behaviour pattern of a psychopath.

Tell me, which defeated outgoing head of state will promote 49 soldiers who are all indoctrinated personnel with ulterior motives clandestinely planned with their DEVIL-Supremo to undermine and hijack the new administration. Disturbingly, these hand-in-glove mercenaries were urged by their Mother-Devil Isatou Njie Saidy to “always stay and remain loyal to Yaya Jammeh.”

Some people can be in denial but EVERYONE must have been seen this coming, especially when Ousman Badjie appeared on newspaper pages dressed up in juju from waist to his neck (Saul Saidykhan doubted and questioned if he will stay with the DEVIL because of being the younger brother of Ensa Jesus Badjie). When Jesus himself was part and parcel of the criminal entetprising and declared to be the “best police IG ever” yaya Jammeh claimed to have ever appointed Jesus because he was peddling Yaya Jammeh’s cocaine in the streets at the time and facilitating security breaches for passages into international markets…

I knew of the contingency safeguard arrangements by Senegal in particular for timely intervention to dislodge our MURDEROUS Kanilai DEVIL to avert further bloodshed and carnage in BEDEVILLED Gambia…

All I can say is that the MURDEROUS Kanilai KILLER DEVIL is now finished; all can watch this space; Insha Allah…

Long live the Gambia…




  1. Yaya is very dirty and the new Gambia will not allow him to be around he will only bring bad luck as we have seen now.
    The earlier Adams Barro and his administration get rid of him the faster Gambians move.
    This means all his dirt must go with him,including the mother of all hypocrites (Isatou njie saidy)
    I wish them all burn in hell.
    God guide us all through this fragile time.
    May the words of our mouths and the mediation of our hearts be acceptable eyes of God The Almighty.
    Yaya must go,there is no doubt