Dear Mr ex-president,

I wish to inform you Mr Ex-President that the Gambian people have given you the opportunity to govern them for the past 22years which in itself is remarkable looking at the activities and programmes that you engage yourself and your government in. I believe that you have done your best to take the country forward but unfortunately your best is not enough for the Gambia and the Gambian people to realise their potential dreams of being what they aspire to be and most if not all their endeavours and or achievements are rendered fruitless in the face of your dictatorial ideology towards every patriotic citizen.

You believe that you own the Gambia and the Gambian people which is insane to say the least. It will be irresponsible on my side if I don’t remind you that the Gambia belongs to all Gambians. No one person owns the Gambia and no one person own the wealth and resources of the Gambia. It belongs to all Gambians regardless of your tribe or political affiliation. I just wanted to let you know that no one person is bigger than the Gambia.

Mr Ex-President, I don’t want to reflect on the past to see what you do and what you don’t. Since reflecting on your 22years in office only brings painful memories and sorrow in the minds of patriotic Gambians. The reason I say this is the way you govern us and the brutalisation that innocent Gambians suffer under your pathetic rule is apparent for all to see.

Furthermore Mr Ex-President, I would like to remind you once again that all your deeds are been recorded and waiting for you on judgement day. The Gambian people have done enough for you to get yourself to where you are today but you betray yourself, betray the national flag, betray the Gambian people and choose the wrong path. We have been very patient with you for 22years and always give you the opportunity to carry the country forward but you have not taken the opportunity to deliver what is best for the Gambian people. Instead you were busy enriching yourself with the wealth of the Gambian people. If you can reflect on the past 22years you spend in office Mr Ex-president, you will see and understand for yourself how much pain and suffering you inflict on decent, innocent, honourable and patriotic citizens of the Gambia. If you can also reflect on the speeches you gave to the Gambian people and the world at large during this period, you will find out for yourself the way you talk and the way you conduct yourself while carrying out your official duties on behalf of the Gambian people was very irresponsible, arrogant and unprofessional to say the least. I don’t want to mention any of those your behaviours here since it is out there for everyone to see. Your manners were lacking as a head of state and the way you connect to the public is way out of order and out of touch. For the many Gambians who are aware, the feeling and thinking they have is as if we living in the 17th century not in the 21st century.

We (Gambians) have been watching and monitoring very closely the way you running the affairs of the nation with huge interest and patience. However, we have had a lot of sympathy for our people with total commitment and endless endeavour to protect them from your selfish brutality. Patriotic Gambians have never back down or shy away from their responsibilities to say the truth and fight for freedom, equal right and justice for all Gambians. After giving a thorough assessment of the way you and your government were running the affairs of the country, we realised that the Gambia face a serious meltdown of the economy, the social infrastructure, Health, Education, Agriculture and tourism to mention but a few. Every Gambian came to understand that this is a serious time for the Gambian. I wanted to enlighten you that; “a serious time needs serious leaders” and at the moment the country need a serious leaders like President elect Barrow and it team to carry the country forward and alleviate the suffering on the Gambian people.

What you don’t realise all these while is that; no one Gambian fears you or your pathetic authority. We just ignore you and try to give you chance to correct yourself and put the interest of the Gambia and the Gambian people first before anything else since for us you are just a servant of the people and not our master as you always think of yourself. Gambians have rallied behind you; give you our utmost support never mind your arrogant and selfish behaviour towards us. So if we are to say and accept the truth, you had your chance but you never appreciate it and you never do well to take the Gambia forward as expected of you; you never respect the Gambians or even take their interest at heart. We then realise that you are not the one to take the Gambia forward and decided to choose Mr Adama Barrow as our new president on the 1st of December 2016. The reason we choose President Elect Barrow is that we believe in him and his ideas to take the country forward. If you want to tell the Gambian people you are the only one who have a problem with that and that you alone want the Gambian people to go back to the polls for another election; am sorry Mr Ex-president but you have it very wrong and you need to take a good look at yourself, respect yourself and safe your face from humiliation. You are on the wrong side of history Mr Ex-President and history will judge you for who you are and what you did to the Gambian people for the past 22years of your brutal rule.

As a concern citizen of the Gambia, I want to take this opportunity to advice you voluntarily and help you at the same time. My advice to you Mr Ex-president is please keep your mouth shut and hand over power smoothly to President elect Adama Barrow.

In addition to that Mr Jammeh, I want to remind you that ‘talking is for those who have Knowledge’ meaning that you should not be talking if you don’t know what you talking about. Talking is for those who understand human existence. Talking is for sensible and confident people. Talking is very difficult and involves quite a lot of brain storming. Talking is not meant for arrogant, ignorant and coward people. So to help you out of your predicament, I am advising you to keep quiet with what whatever you think you know since the Gambians are not interested to hear any shit you want to utter at all. The fact that your legacy is out there for everyone to see, we don’t want anything from you any more please. The Gambia has a population of nearly 1.9million; so I guess without you and your pathetic ideas or contributions, we will be able to take our country forward with the help of Allah the Almighty. Please do yourself a favour Mr Ex-President and keep quiet for now. The Gambians have enough of your senseless talks and brutality against a good people. Perhaps you still don’t want to do yourself a favour and accept the realities but I will advise you to wake up and get the message and follow the path of the Gambians.

Meanwhile, I wanted to remind you that the Gambian people went to the polls on 1st of December 2016 to choose who they want to govern them. We don’t care how many people vote or how many people did not vote. We care about the outcome of the polls and as far as Gambians are concern, they choose Mr Adama Barrow to be the next President. It is apparent that not every registered voter is going to the polls to vote due to various reasons. So please do yourself a favour and give the next president a smooth transition of power and leave the state house in peace. You can go to anywhere you want to go as the Gambian people are not interested in that and we don’t want to know what you will be doing since we are going to be busy at the state house cleaning the mess you left behind.

Gambian People have enough Mr Ex-president!!!

Written by: A concerned citizen

Baba Jaiteh

United Kingdom


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