The Only Language Jammeh Understands

The language we should all be speaking is that “Yahya Jammeh is wanted dead or alive”. Any negotiation or going to a stupid court is a waste of time and resources. Jammeh going to court to contest the election results is a form of legitimizing him because he has machinery Nigerian judges who are willing to do his bidding. Yahya Jammeh has committed a constitutional coup when he declared that he no longer accepted the election results which he has initially indicated that it was free and fair results. Yahya Jammeh is now a rebel who has committed a treasonable crime against Gambian state. Hallifa or any member of the coalition who is advocating for their belief in the constitution or diplomacy to work out this constitutional crisis in this case is tantamount to committing a political suicide and handing over victory to Jammeh. It will be foolish if Gambian people cannot learn a thing about jammeh after 22 years. We are dealing with an evil human being who has mastered the art of criminality. Yahya Jammeh has already evacuated his family from the country and he has already activated his rebel forces who are ready to defend him at any cost. He has been undermining the president-elect since day one and he will continue to play criminal tactics until he is force out from power. Gambian judiciary is in the hand of Yahya Jammeh and hs cronies. The more time the coalition leadership has given Jammeh, the more he has time to consolidate power and plan more drastic measures to stay in power. As we speak he has a plan in place to go after the prominent members of coalition supporters across the country in order to demoralize and instill fear in the population. This wil lead to total subdue of the population as he has previously done in last peaceful demonstration for electoral reform.
The coalition leadership has nothing to fear about except fear itself. They should accept this simple truth that Jammeh has already set a plan to kill as many leaders as possible. Waiting for any international military intervention is a form of handing over our national responsibility to someone else. Senegal is not going to do our job for us despite the fact that we The Gambian people falsely believe that Senegal is coming to rescue us from this mess. The coalition leadership must mobilize the population as soon as possible for popular uprising. This is way forward since we have international support at this hour. Time is very crucial for our success. The coalition leadership must announce their government as soon as possible. Yahya Jammeh will leave power when he is seriously threatened or is forced out . This is the verdict of Gambian situation.



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