No, Jammeh Is Not Blinking

No, he is not blinking. Yaya knows exactly what he wants. He created this chaos to put his demands at such a high level and expected to get easy passage/amnesty in his negotiations. He is so humiliated and wants to feel important because he knows the international community will not accept his madness but yet they will talk to him. He will come out and claim he is giving up his demands for the sake of peace and his brother presidents urging.

All he wants is amnesty for the killings, disappearance without trace, jailing without due process etc. All his crimes from killing his own family members to innocent Gambians are staring at him and he knows, no matter what, he will spend the rest of his life in jail at the least. Thinking of his future dread him as evil that men do lives after them.

Under no circumstances should any compromise be given to a traitor/murderer. The only thing that Ecowas should tell him is that he needs to hand over power immediately or else they will convene emergency meeting in 24 hours and authorize legitimate force to take him out with his criminal militia like Umpa Mendy etc. Who is Yaya to think that he can kill people and thinks that he will not face justice?

Gambians should know that any amnesty to Yaya will mean we are institutionalizing impunity. What that will lead to recurrence of what we went through in the past twenty-two years. With that be rest assured that the new government will not last one year because some idiots will overthrow it and expect amnesty at the end of the day. The Gambia is at a crossroad and we need to set example so that each and every one of us knows that we will account for any illegal actions we take against fellow Gambians.

Who are we to think that when we lose elections we will not transfer power if bigger and more relevant countries like Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria can do that.

Can some one please remind Yaya about Gbagbo recaltrance and his end story?
Sadibu J.




    The Gambia’s electoral commission chief has warned President Yahya Jammeh that his bid to overturn the election result will not change the fact that he lost to property developer Adama Barrow, Reuters news agency reports.

    Alieu Momarr Njai told the agency:

    The election results were correct, nothing will change that. If it goes to court, we can prove every vote cast. The results are there for everyone to see.”
    Mr Jammeh said on Saturday that he he would challenge his defeat in the Supreme Court, alleging that the poll was marred by irregularities.

    Initially, he accepted defeat and said he would go and retire on his farm.

    Mr Barrow won 222,708 votes (43.34%), compared with Mr Jammeh’s 208,487 (39.6%). A third candidate, Mama Kandeh, won 89,768 (17.1%).

    I thank Mr Njie once again

  2. I know just a few words and phrases in french so I heard him in the documentation, ‘C’est fini, c’est fini, c’est fini….’ Guess bloody bitter-hearted will feel like when beaten……..The wise young men and women of the different security departments of the Gambia who might be dirtied by Jammeh can’t do any better than come out to testify. An ECOWAS court, an A.U or U.N is the real heaven of their destinies on earth. Falling for Jammeh’s reckless madness will land you in hell on earth. Be wise therefore my brothers and sisters of the Gambia’s security sectors. Their is a lot that still lies ahead, much more when one is paying for involvement in state atrocities and crimes in an atmosphere of the rule of law, democracy and human rights values. In other words, My plea to brothers and sisters of the Gambia Armed forces is to desist from every order, act, or accomplices in devouring the lifes of a small population of people of peace, one love and harmony. Gambians were always proud of themselves for not being a people of horrible international news headline makers and that identity of ours must be restored in your minds. All those promoted should go home and look deeply into their children’s eyes. Keep away from the use of your hand and hearts for a lunatic Jammeh in this crucial moments of the country’s political fix.

    Whereas the whole world united may not be representing a perfect world justice but they do move mountains.

  3. I agree completely that the rule of law must prevail. Those arguing that prosecution should not be talked about now are simply trying to deceive the law. A strong and unified message must be sent at all times. Simple!

    He must definitely be prosecuted and will be prosecuted for the atrocities and human rights violations committed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. President of the Gambia :
    Yahya Jammeh (JOLA)
    Here is Yaya jammeh’s tribal hegemony and preferential treatment as well as appointments of JOLA people in his government and security services. Yaya is the most dangerous human being who has ever live in our country. 90% of his appointees are not qualified to occupy this positions in the government and security services. This is why these criminals want to hijack of our democratic process and the will of the people. See below the list of tribal appointees at the top leadership positions in our country.

    Chief of Defence Staff of Gambia ArmedForces :
    Lt. General Ousman Badjie (JOLA)

    Head of Republican Guard:
    Lt General Sulayman Badjie (JOLA)

    Chief of Naval Staff
    Rear Admiral Sillah Kujabi (JOLA)

    Head of State’s Guard Battalion:
    Brigadier General Ansumana Tamba (JOLA)

    Head of Fajara Barracks
    Colonel Essa (Jesus)Tamba (JOLA)

    Head of Kanilai Barack (extension of state guard)
    Brigadier General Borra Colley (JOLA)

    Director of Gambia Prisons Services
    David Colley (JOLA)

    Lt Colonel Musa Jammeh
    Finance GAF (JOLA)

    Navy commander
    Colonel Dembo Jarju ( JOLA)

    Colonel Molan Jarju
    HQ Intel & Security.

    Colonel Dembo Jarju principal staff officer Republican National Guard (JOLA)

    Colonel Babucarr Sanyang
    Commander Yundum Baracks (JOLA),

    Captain Nuha Jammeh
    Commander Paramilitary state Guard (JOLA )

    Captain Bereh Jammeh
    Commander Laminkoto camp (JOLA)

    Director of National Intelligence Agency (Gambia’s Secret Service ) Yankuba Badjie (JOLA).

    Head of Central Bank ,Amadou Colley (JOLA )

    Head of Gambia Ports Authority Mr Gibba , A Jola

    Head of Gamtel/Gamcel , Mr Sanyang (JOLA)

    Head of SSHF( social security Housing)
    A Jola

    Minister of Finance
    Abdou Colley (JOLA )

    Head of GRTS ( the only state television station in The Gambia) Lamin Manga a JOLA

    Minister of Agriculture (JOLA )/ Islmaila sanyang

    Minister of Local government / Amulia Nyassi (A JOLA )

    Yaya Jammeh is indeed a tribalist president. Why is Jola people occupying the most sensitive and most important positions in our government and security forces. This is clearly a Jola hegemony and these are criminals who are ready to subvert the verdict of the Gambian people. Jammeh has constituted our national security services with his tribemen .

  5. I agreed with you the author. Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH and his ruthless killers shouldn’t walk free. And I know this African leaders are very quick to come to that type of negotiations instead of telling him that respect the will of Gambian people and step down peaceful, they might trying to convince him by cutting the deals; a deals either he DICTATOR YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH be part of unity government or the coalition to give him impunity of amnesty to go to exile. That’s my prediction of the outcome for this 4 African presidents visit tomorrow. I think that will be a great great horrible deal breaker and sweet deal for Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH and also will encourage any soldier in GNA to overthrow democrat elected president and then do as dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH did for 22 years. We the Gambians needs reform , we don’t want no more coup detat but election to elect our president, ONLY TWO TERMS LIMITED, and no ex president to come and rule us again. Look at Russia, that is the horrible mistake the Russian people made by voted for Vladimir putin to come back and lead them as their president. Now, look at the mess and financial havoc they are in …. sanctions upon sanctions for Russia. Gambia doesn’t need that and we cannot survive even 1 month international sanctions. What did we have in terms of mineral resources except sand at the beach side. TO THE 4 AFRICAN LEADERS GOING TO GAMBIA TOMORROW, NO UNITY GOVERNMENT AND NO AMNESTY FOR DICTATOR YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH AND HIS KILLERS. PERIOD! EARS FOR EARS, EYES FOR EYES, NOSES FOR NOSES, THAT IS IT.

  6. The leaders from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone are out for good in the Gambia. It is all their duty and business to be there right now. There seems to be a lot of hope for the sub-region. They are all from West African countries whose democracies are taking off high.

  7. The coalition won this election fair and square so there will never power sharing.Jammeh will over ride any decision made by the other parties if he is allowed on the new governmen, and this will throw the country into more turmoil, and jammeh should not be allowed to leave.He was a private Gambian citizen until 22years ago when he forced himself onto the gambians.Now that the gambian peoples pushed him away, he is a private citizen again.The same law that govern us will be the same that will govern jammeh.He is not better than any Gambians.Infact he became STUPID when he single handedly annul the election results without consulting the peoples.JAMMEH MUST VACATE THE PRESIDENCY PERIOD.