Mr. Squatter, You Can’t Annul Elections Results

Firstly Mr Squatter, you have every right to challenge the results of the Presidential Elections 2016, if you think you have reasons to do so, but this must follow due process set by our laws on how to challenge elections results.

You have no rights or powers under our laws, to declare the results null and void and call for fresh elections, as you did in your dishonourable, dishonest and disgraceful address to the nation. Only the courts have that power…

Nor is it your business which card holder actually goes out to vote on election day, and hence your excuse of wanting to ensure that all Gambians vote in any fresh election is foolish, without any legal bases and totally nonsensical.

You and your tiny group of cohorts will be making a serious mistake if you think you can subvert the will of the voters and cling onto power illegitimately. So be warned in advance.

In my view, the President-elect and his team should convene a press conference immediately and address their concerns to the Gambian People, and through them, to the International Community. They should make it crystal clear to Yaya Jammeh and his cohorts, that whilst they respect his rights to challenge the results of the Presidential Elections in the appropriate manner, they categorically and emphatically reject his nullification attempts and he should be cautioned to desist from undertaking any acts or actions that could breach the peace and security of the country. There should be no ambiguity in their position and no compromise on their legitimately earned mandate and well deserved victory.

The security forces, especially the security chiefs, should also be left in no doubt that they will be held individually or collectively responsible for implementing any orders or directives emanating from Yaya Jammeh that seek to subvert the wishes of the Gambian electorate and hinder the process of power transfer. Perhaps, the President-elect should even issue his own directive requiring the security forces to only obey orders and implement directives from Yaya Jammeh that advance the process for the transfer of power and to ignore any that contradicts this process.

The whole world is watching Yaya Jammeh as he begins the process of digging his own grave.



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