Ignore Distasteful Samsideen Sarr

Dear Editors,

Please do not allow attention seeking despots like Samsideen Sarr and others to use your credible forums as mediums of expressions for their ignorant and stupid illegitimate propaganda of defending an idiot like Yaya Jammeh.

Is it not the same Samsideen Sarr who was trying to play double game on 22 July 1994 in order to fool the soldiers for his own selfish interests?

Is it not the same Samsideen Sarr who Yaya put in mile two for ten months of horror in which he was tortured and cried like a pussy?

Is it not the same Samsideen Sarr who was fired and forcibly retired from the GNA at the rank of Lt Col and ran to America to seek asylum from Yaya Jammeh.

Is it not the same Samsideen Sarr who wrote a book in which he chronicled Yaya Jammeh’s autocratic and cult jungle government and hulled all kinds of insults at Yaya Jammeh?

Yes, this same Samsideen Sarr, who look more like a taxi driver in uniform than a soldier, only attended one worthy military course which is the Infantry Officers Basic Course. For clarity, this course is the first course that all 21 year old Infantry Second Lieutenants in the US Army attends. Yet, this Samsideen Sarr calls himself A RETIRED COLONEL AND AN EXPERT MILITARY MAN WITH DECADES OF MILITARY EXPERIENCE when actually he is nothing but a fired Lt Col from Yaya Jammeh’s rebel army. With his meager military training and experience, Samsideen Sarr would not have even reached the rank of a Major in a modern military.

Samsideen, you are simply what the wollofs called a “fly that lands anywhere that is wet”. You are a disgrace to your family; a simple nonentity with no morals in his blood.

Samsideen, true soldiers are trained to fight other soldiers on the battelfield but not to fight non military and unarmed civilians. You are just like those worthless generals and colonels in the GNA who beat and kill civilians in Gambia in the name of Yaya Jammeh. Few years ago, you will going astray in the streets of New York until you decided you are now tired of all the hard work in America, you had to come back like a slave to beg Yaya the Killer for mercy. He in turn humiliated you on TV in front of all Gambians and then gave you a job. Now you are writing long boring essays of praise songs for a worthless despot who the whole Gambia have despised. There is a lot of freedom in America, Samsideen the asylum seeker who sought asylum in America has now turned 360 and even write shit criticizing American government democratic principles while at the same time praising a ruthless killer dictator who has no place in modern civilized society.

You really think the ragtag Gambian Army will stand to fight for Yaya Jammeh who evacuated his family away against the highly trained and professional Senegalese Army? Didn’t the Gambian soldiers learned in 1981, you think the Senegalese have not trained and modernized since then? You are a fool and an idiot for even imagining so?

Does GNA has any special forces elements, does GNA has airborne troops, are there any jets in Gambia, are there any transport and attack helicopters in the GNA arsenal? Don’t you know there is a difference between fighting against highly trained professional soldiers and fighting against unarmed and non-military civilians?

I know for sure that Senegal can conquer the Gambia within hours when given the green light. They have not done so since because of the restraint and patience of the matured civilain leadership in Dakar.

Go ahead and continue writing all your blunders, you will be dealt with in due course whether in America or Gambia.



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  1. When I read his article in The Gambia Enquirer, professing support for Yaya Jammeh for “annulling” the recently declared Presidential Election, I had to ask myself whether Mr Samsideen Sarr is a serious person whose writings should be viewed with any kind of seriousness.

    I know many have argued that Mr Sarr should be ignored or even barred from the Gambian online media, but I neither subscribe to such actions, nor support such views. I think the principles of the Freedom of Expression should not only be promoted, but must equally be respected and granted to all, without exception. Mr Sarr’s views and positions may be unpalatable to many on our side, but he must be given the right to be heard, and where necessary, responded to.

    My initial reaction on seeing the bold proclamation of support for Yaya Jammeh by Mr Sarr, was curiosity of what he has to say, as he seems to always have a lot to say. I even entertained the thought that Mr Sarr may advance proof that may be interesting to evaluate and assess to determine the justification of his professed support for what is globally viewed as an illegal attempt to subvert the WILL of the Gambian Electorate.

    I must say that I was left feeling bemused at the audacity of Mr Sarr, and with the impression that the illegal, unconstitutional and criminal action of Yaya Jammeh has more to do with the fear of what awaits him and his regime officials outside of office, than the genuine desire to question the credibility of the just concluded election.

    It is quite obvious from his article that Mr Sarr is of the view that the APRC should not handover to a diaspora supported; diaspora partly funded and what he thinks, is a PPP “incarnate” opposition alliance that would soon fall apart; (never mind the fact that some of its mass body of supporters are calling for the arrest and prosecution of Yaya Jammeh), regardless of whether the elections are free, fair and credible. So they should stop being cowards and say what the real issue and fears are.

    Even more baffling and somewhat amusing to read, was the catalogue of things that Mr Sarr alleged to have happened in The Gambia in the past, going as far back as the unfortunate events of Liberia and the alleged refusal of the Jawara Government to repatriate the remains of our fallen soldiers. Whilst the catalogue of things he claimed to have happened under Jawara may be true, including soldiers who died in Liberia and were not brought back until much later, I cannot see how these have got any bearing or connections to the election results of 2016, no matter how long “I stretched my neck.” Totally unrelated except a futile attempt to find a very bad excuse, for a very blatant criminal act.

    Furthermore, isn’t it a bit too expensive for a man like Mr Sarr, who professed total, undiluted and unconditional support for Yaya Jammeh, to fault Sir Dawda Jawara for not repatriating the remains of fallen soldiers for decent burial home, whilst being mute about Jammeh’s refusal for the repartition of the remains of Hon. Bubacarr Baldeh to The Gambia for the same reasons? Isn’t it also hypocritical of Mr Sarr, almost daringly so too, to ignore the fact that many have died at the hands of Jammeh and denied decent burials, even within The Gambia ?

    Mr Sarr mocked Mr Sidi Sanneh for going around with loose screws in his head, but he Mr Sarr doesn’t seem to have any more tighter screws than Hon. Sidi Sanneh. Has he forgotten the victims of 11th November; when were they given decent burials, Mr Sarr ? Where are their graves ? Have you forgotten the Mile 2 prisoners ? When were they given decent burials ? Where are their graves ? And many, many more countless people. You are not suffering loose screws mate; you are walking around with missing screws !

    How else can Mr Sarr repeat the laughable “irregulaties” of the elections, if he is not walking around with missing screws in his head ? 300,000+ absentee voters they claimed ! Yes, but so what ? The validity of our elections is not based on percentage participation of registered voters; so the absentee voters do not affect the validity of results. Since when did you (APRC) start complaining about absentee voters anyway? May be you need to be reminded that a similar number (around 270,000+) did not vote in 2006, but you had no complaints then, did you ? And in spite of mass intimidation and harassment of opposition voters by security men, you still celebrated victory. Also only 59% of the registered voters voted in 2006, as opposed to 60% this year. So give us a break please.

    I think many people kind of suspect why people turn at polling stations with seemingly genuine voter cards but with serial numbers that aren’t on the voter registers. The opposition has always alleged secret registration by APRC, at various residences of party stalwarts, in the dead of the night. The scheme backfired this time, as falsehood does not last forever.

    Finally, whether Mr Sarr likes it or not, Gambians will inaugurate the new president on or about January 19th 2017, and as I advised him on Gambiaenquirer, he should be by Jammeh’s side on that day, if he supports not; not in New York or wherever he may be.

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