GDC Leader Tells Jammeh To Blink

The leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress has advosed President Yahya Jammeh to blink and graciously accept defeat. Mama Kandeh describes December 1st contest as “the most transparent election in the whole world.” Yahya Jammeh, who had earlier conceded defeat, faulted the Independent Electoral Commission for organising a rigged election. He declared the result “null and void” and called for “fresh election to be held.”

Opposition coalition candidate Adama Barrow was declared the winner of a three-man race. Mr. Kandeh who also contested the election is not challenging the result.

“The Gambia Democratic Congress has learnt with dismay the decision by President Yaya Jammeh to annul the 2016 election results,” Mama Kandeh  who polled 17 percent of the votes said in a statement.

“The move contravenes the constitution of the Gambia. GDC has accepted the outcome of the elections and that position remains unchanged. The Gambian people have elected Adama Barrow in a free, fair and transparent elections which President Jammeh himself initially accepted and GDC has no plans to contest it.”

GDC Leader advised Yahya Jammeh to rescind his televised statement for the sake of peace and stability.

“Your swift decision earlier to concede defeat and your subsequent move to call Adama Barrow to congratulate him was lauded throughout the world. We therefore prevail on you to reconsider your decision.”


One Comment

  1. I met Lawyer Oussainou Mandela Darboe the day after his release, we had a great private discussion and we shared the same feelings.
    As a GDC sympathizer, I hereby commend Mama Kandeh for being magnanimous and steadfast in maintaining the TRUTH and the verdict of the people of our great country.
    My Advice to President elect Adama Barrow and the Coalition is to occupy the Kairaba Beach hotel and make it the headquarters for the incoming government. Rooms, electricity and water should be free but food should be bought by all and sundry.
    Remember this hotel belong to Gambians as such the government in waiting can occupied it temporarily.
    Thank you.