Jammeh’s Behaviour Is Not Surprising

From the moment I heard that Yaya Jammeh has conceded defeat, I felt a nagging at the back of my mind that something isn’t right. This wasn’t behaviour compatible with the Yaya Jammeh that Gambians have come to know over a period of 22 years…Something wasn’t right.

When I saw the video of Yaya Jammeh conceding defeat, congratulating Mr. Barrow, offering his availability for advice and claiming that he will be farming at Kaninlai, etc, that nagging became a suspicion that he was up to no good. It is surreal that Yaya Jammeh would expect to go back to Kaninlai to farm peacefully; on a land whose acquisition and ownership by him is doubtful and unclear; and in spite of his terrible human rights record. That didn’t sound right to me.

And his concession didn’t sound genuine either, because one who concedes genuinely to defeat, does not moan about the number of registered voters who failed to vote. He had contested and won three consecutive elections and not once did he complain about voter aparthy.

Obviously, his actions of December 9th has shown that those feelings of unease about Yaya Jammeh were genuine.

Curiously though, I think it was imperative and inevitable and somehow, quite appropriate and fitting that Yaya Jammeh behaved in this way, for he would have cheated history and gotten away with deceit, if he had left office honourably as a believing Muslim, who is being praised as a Democrat and a shining example for Africa. By the Grace of Allah (SWT ) this will never happen now. Even if he accepts a smooth power transfer now, it would have been done reluctantly because the alternative is unfavourable to him.

Therefore, I would say that it was Allah’s (SWT) doing that Yaya Jammeh exposed himself as a munafiq (hypocrite) by claiming to accept the Will of Allah (SWT) before the whole world, only to reject it soon after; and also show himself to be antidemocratic by refusing to accept the clearly expressed will of The Gambian People.

Thus, he will be disgracefully kicked out of office, rather than leave honourably, and be forced to live the life of a dishonourable man ever after; either in prison or may be, as a refugee in a foreign land or even a fugitive running from the law: a more fitting send off for such a despicable character, with such a record and reputation.




  1. For the first time , you have very well described jammeh who he is a ” despicable character ” and a hypocrite for that matter . I hope we all see him that way long time ago . Jammeh must be captured and prosecuted. No amnesty for him period . He belongs to prison.

  2. Jammeh is not a civilized person so he wants to drag every one along.

    He is his worst enemy first; he failed the nation.

    It’s time Jammeh whether you like it it not. The People have spoken…