Coalition Candidate Barrow Is Safe

pixlr_20161130023513317Kairo News has received many calls inquiring about the safety of the opposition Coalition Candidate Adama Barrow. This resulted after the wrathing of a high level plot to harm Mr. Barrow whose candidature has revived hope and enthusiasm in opposition politics in a country where more than 20 years of dictatorship became a thorn in people’s flesh. Adama Barrow has drained energy out of President Yahya Jammeh by shattering his fifth term presidential ambitions. This is enough reasons for Gambian leader to react in a brutal manner. Jammeh is not in the habit of accepting defeat – not in public. It’s in this regard that he had purportedly assigned his killer squad to go after Adama Barrow, the man who keeps Yahya Jammeh sleepless and worthless. The hatched plot was wrathed before it had materialised thanks to a scoop by one of the would-be assassins. Disguised in Coalition t-shirts chanting opposition slogans, the assassins trailed Barrow’s convoy on Monday and Tuesday. The team led by one secret agent Almameh Kinteh couldn’t get close to Barrow’s motorcade despite frantic efforts. Kinteh was assigned with gathering intelligence on Barrow and pass it to assassins, Nfansu Nyabally and Musa Badjie. Another team of assassins headed by Nuha Badjie laid ambush near Barrow’s home. Mr. Barrow’s campaign security was privy to the plot and acted fast. As we piece together this report, we can confidently write that Adama Barrow and the entire coalition leadership are safe and secure. In its final campaign rallies at the Buffer Zone and Bakau on Tuesday, the opposition coalition continued pulling out record crowd. Barrow asked Gambians to turn out in their large numbers and vote out Yahya Jammeh so that Gambians shape a new path for their besieged nation. Barrow, the chosen candidate of the opposition United Democratic Party, was elected the flag bearer of the Coalition 2016 at a convention some weeks back. Barrow, who can’t run for another term, is expected to head a coalition government for three years. Gambians are anxiously waiting for a New Gambia to be born on Friday. A Gambia Without tyrannical killer Yahya Jammeh is just at the corner.


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  1. Cant believed my classmate musa Badjie from gunjur will be associated with such hineous deeds.Dude you need to wake up before it is too late as this punk is only using you guys to do his dirty jobs. He is not going to remain in power for life
    Am sure your dad Sainey will disown you if he ever find out you did this evil

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