Gambia Coalition’s Post Election Strategy

img-20161116-wa0152 img-20161117-wa0130As European Union election observers are banned from the country to monitor this December election, Gambian opposition coalition leadership must have contingency plan for post election challenges in place to ensure that the voices of vast majority of citizenry are respected and implemented. Anywhere in the world, Dictators never hand over power freely and voluntarily. Based on historical evidence of unwillingness of dictators to hand over power, there is no indication that Dictator Yaya Jammeh will be an exception to this rule. Our country and her citizens must be prepared for the worst case scenario; they must not rule out anything, including post election popular uprising which will result to Jammeh’s ultimate defeat and end of 22 years of military dictatorship. Gambian opposition coalition must first prepare itself for this possible scenario as well as continue to be united as a formidable force ready at all cost to represent the common interest and political voice of vast majority of citizenry.

As we speak, efforts must be made to contact international development partners such as ECOWAS, AU and United Nations agencies who are interested in democracy and rule of law so that they would be in better position to give immediate denunciation of rig election and support to opposition coalition if the opposition coalition becomes victorious.

Within each administrative region of the country, opposition coalition leaders must sensitize their local leaderships to prepare for any possible eventuality which might result to mass uprising of citizens against election irregularities or rigging of election results. The regime’s local authorities – chiefs , alkalos , district representatives and governors – must all be warned against efforts on their part to suppress the voices of the people.

Within the country, civil society organizations, trade unions and student organizations must all be prepared to take necessary actions to defend their constitutional responsibility and rights to prevent any rigging of election results or irregularities. Even ordinary Gambians have a stake here. We must all be prepared to give full support to ensure that our constitutional rights are respected and implemented.

We must engage our security service men and women of the Gambia Armed Forces , National Intelligence Agency agency, Gambia Police Force and other security services so that those patriotic citizens among them will be ready to protect and defend the rights of ordinary citizens. In order words, our national security apparatus must recognize that the voices of the majority must be respected at all cost and they shouldn’t allow themselves to be used against their fellow citizens to defend the personal interest of a dictator who has unleashed untold human rights atrocities in armless, defenseless citizens. The leadership of the armed forces must be warned before hand that they would face the wrath for committing any atrocities during post election uprising. The constitutional responsibility of our security services is to protect the lives and properties of citizenry – a message each of us should remind our security service men and women.

In preparation for any possible post election uprising and participatory democracy, the use of social media, mobile phones and other technological innovations must be encouraged to showcase the plight of citizens in their quest get back their lost democracy. All messages of relevance must be communicated across the world using various international media and social media channels available.

The role of the Gambian Diaspora is also crucial in all these. They must actively be involved in spreading the message of any human rights violations and election irregularities to the international community. Diaspora civil society organizations must also be prepared to contact international organizations, foreign powers, United Nations agencies, ECOWAS, European Union, state department of USA and African Union for any human rights violations, falsification of election results and identify key officials who oppress or help oppress Gambian citizens.

The chairman of independent electoral commission and his team must be warned by coalition leadership, civil society organizations and ordinary citizens that peace and security of the Gambia lies in their hands. Any corrupt practices in favor of the Jammeh military dictatorship will never be accepted.

The opposition coalition leadership must consult geniune and patriotic Gambian lawyers who are willing and ready to challenge the results in the Supreme Court of the Gambia in case of any irregularities and falsification of election results. The recruitment of highly seasoned lawyers and journalists must be done so that aspirations of Gambians and the common interest of the Gambian people are represented at national level. We need a robust and vibrant media to serve as a vehicle that carries voices of the people.

Every sector of the Gambian society must be prepared and ready for any eventuality in this election. The media, the Gambia Bar association, security services apparatus, religious leaders and civil society organizations must all be prepared and ready to give full support and allegiance to opposition coalition and its leadership. Removal of dictatorship is an insurmountable task that requires collective and partipatory efforts of all major forces. Gambians with financial muscles must also support the opposition coalition. T-Shirts symbolizing national unity such as national flag must be printed, distributed and worn across the country during the post election uprising. I believe this contingency plan will help salvage our country from 22 years of military dictatorship. If Jammeh decides to steal the election, we must prove him wrong that the Gambian belongs to her citizens and not a selfish, brutal and greedy dictator who looted our resources.




  1. Deyda Haidara

    Marx, I fully remember, during the April events, I suggested to stage a Taharir style stand down at the IEC headquarters, but no one wanted to follow the idea. Few people preferred to go to the Court House and make noise and go home.
    Marx, Gambians are generally COWARDS and Jammeh has tested us again and again and again and all we do is talk talk talk and then pssscht.. silence. Marxs let us not fool our selves, Mali, Burikina, Cote d’ivoire, Senegal had to shed blood and loose lives for change to take place. Gambia will not be a exception if we want to retain our victory come Dec 2nd.
    The diaspora must be prepared to come home and fight just like the Lybians, Egyptians and Tunisians did alongside some of the brave people on the ground.
    Yaya Jammeh is ready to kill as many people as he can and remember everything bad thing he said, he has done. So don’t take it lightly. We must equally be prepared to DIE if we want to free our country from slavery. Let the diaspora come home and FIGHT, let those trained soldiers in western armies come join the fight. It take SACRIFICES, and it is worth it.
    Talk talk talk will NEVER salvage us, it will be actions, actions, teeth for teeth, eye for eye life for life that will finally show Jammeh we mean business and ready to die to recover our country.
    Are you ready to come home and fight?

    • Haidara, Gambians on the ground must first be prepared and ready, we in diaspora will come to national fight when we know that those we want to liberate are truly interested to change their own condition. You must remember that diaspora has already made big sacrifice when our gallant and patriotic sons left diaspora to liberate our country in December 2014 but unfortunately those on the ground sold them out to the tyrant. The lesson has been leaned from that tragedy and diaspora will continue all efforts to ensure that democracy is restored in The Gambia. As far as Libyan situation was concerned, it was Libyans themselves on the ground who started the uprising then you have Libyan diaspora joined them on the ground. Libyan intellectuals, expatriates, ex soldiers, ordinary citizens left USA and other places to join the fight. If you could remember, the leadership of transition government such as finance minister, information minister or spokesman and many others were all expatriates who joined the fight. I am confident that Gambian diaspora are equally ready to join the fight .
      I 100 % believe that jammeh will not go voluntarily without a fight unless he dies naturally. Dictators never give up power willing, especially someone like Jammeh who is bloodthirsty.
      With all your useless talk, please join the coalition if you want to be taken seriously. We need unity in whatever we want to do before and after election.

      • Deyda Haidara

        Fass Njagga Choy, no diaspora civilian came. April 14 and 16 no diaspora civilian came. Only diaspora soldiers have tried their best but as far diaspora civilians are concerned ZERO,ZERO,ZERO.
        Bow bow bow is all you can do!
        Please join Mama Kandeh if you want to salvage the Gambia and depend on the ground security forces to force Jammeh to GO.
        No coalition can do that.
        Where is your mind Marsx, can’t you decode my message? hein! “mbakoko”

    • You don’t have shit idea of what Gambians are feeling man. You suck man. This is a Gambia thing man. They are trying work it with their brains to give peace chance man. How many Senegalese died in riot against Wade to step down? Senegalese army is not a tool for Senegalese govenment that is a good thing man. Bad for Gambians is because many personnel of military are like tools in Jammeh’s pockets. I appreciate democratic citizens and statsmen sacrifice they are doing right now man. I think them man.
      Gambians and Gambia stand tall even in rough times man. Lots of Gambians are brave. They don’t guy up. We can come and start war and Gambia gets beaten up. Two weeks of Civil war gonna baren the beautiful land and others can wanna grip the land.
      This sick thinks he can get logic info from you intelligent Gambians here in Kairo to pass ahead. No doubt you are all head up Gambians. It’s time to be brave but it’s time to use heads, dont use heart! Watch the idiot caus he didn get shit about kids inside Gambia.

  2. Are you suggesting that Mama Kandeh and Jammeh already had agreement ? Mama is working for Jammeh as reported by many sources just like you are a double agent who lied to everyone. I cant trust you.

  3. He (@Haidara) once claimed Deyda Hydara (R.I.P), a good friend of his but I doubt if he was not stabbing the great Deyda Hydara on the back, alive. Good to note that your english and mine took to the rise, being followers of the Kairo news forums. Thanks to smart citizens of the Gambia, of different walks of lifes.

    You bloody nights will be haunted by the man’s real ghost. Yaya Jammeh’s brains will be rattled by it….. Isn’t it…? InshAllah.

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