Jammeh Sacrifices Mariama Ceesay

Lamin Jankey Drammeh, young man endowed with miracles!

My name is Lamin Jankey Drammeh, a native of Jifarong in Kiang West. I am a spiritualist who had fallen apart with President Yahya Jammeh. I knew how Jammeh was able to acquire the magic book he carries everywhere. The purpose of the magic book is to destroy highly competent Gambians particularly the military officers. The late Malian spiritualist Sekou Diarra of Sekou inserted Mariama Jammeh’s name in the book. This backfired badly when Jammeh’s family members started dying one after the other. He became so worried that he had invited a witch doctor Tamba Dierro (Jerro) to hunt suspected witches.  

Truthfully, I have in the past worked with Jammeh but I  never helped him destroy or kill anyone. My sole goal now is to team up with Gambians to uproot his leadership, which is why I have been talking and acting. Most people see him holding the book they assume is holy Quran. It’s not. It’s a magic book prepared by a Sekou in Malian. The book helps protect Jammeh as well as destroy his enemies. But with Allah’s help the first book (Barahoot) loses its essence. Yahya Jammeh must now feel the pains of Gambian knowledge. There are still exceptional spiritualists in that small country. When we destroyed the magic book, Jammeh soon acquired another one. While the previous one is connected to devils, the current one is idol related. I became concerned and alarmed. I contacted all the marabouts and spiritualists I suspected in the Gambia, Guinea, Mali and Tanzania. The only one who confessed to have provided the book was El-Hadj Darra (Jarra) whose father made the old one.

I spoke to him and he confirmed that he had indeed made the book. He also told me a very shocking story that Yahya Jammeh had brought him a 9-year-old girl for sacrifice. The girl’s name is Mariama Ceesay. I don’t know her Gambian parents. All I know is that she is supposed to be killed today Monday but after an intense appeal, Diarra assured me that Mariama’s life would be spared. But the young girl will be a sub human because something has been removed from her body.

I want Gambians to know that Yahya Jammeh’s child kidnapping is real. Let people stop doubting it. Guard your children until after the election. Anyone who loses a child in the Gambia must apportion blame on Yahya Jammeh.

The onus now lies on all of us to knock out Yahya Jammeh, the man who survives on innocent blood to lead. We will do our utmost best but we expect Gambians to complement our efforts.



  1. Incredible story . This criminal leader is masquerading like a Muslim man holding the holy Quran but he is in fact carrying a book made of cardboard for spiritual evil purposes. Jammeh knows that his book is not the holy Quran but he is a hypocrite who will continue to lie and deceive Gambian people. May God disappear him from the statehouse soon .

  2. Modou Lamin

    Yaya and his helpers have their hands covered with Innocent blood of (Muslims and Christians and others) Gambian and non Gambians. To say yaya is evil, is an understatement, I always have a belief that, the book he’s carrying is not Quran. I find it incredibly hard to understand WHY our spiritual leaders, particularly Muslim leaders are following and legitimising Yaya jammeh’s UNGODLY satanic practice. Allah is watching and seeing. To GDC please join forces with the coalition to end human sacrifice in Gambia. In the name of ALLAH I’m begging GDC, please let’s joint the coalition to unseat the DEVIL for a better Gambia, please.

  3. Mystic!…………… Isn’t it. How can a generation of a country make a breakthrough in solid science and technology with such mystic mindsets. I do believe miracles do exist without a doubt and I would like to plead to all of them with mysterious knowledges to focus on sectors like agriculturte, healthcare, communication, infrastructure etc., of the Gambia.
    I watched a street magician many times here performing miracles and maybe those are the real scientist out here who invent the latest flying technologies, the cultivators, the corn reapers, vending machines etc., When such powers are bestowed upon people, they are still mystically accountable to them.

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