Jammeh Kneeling Down Before Elders

JammehPresident Yahya Jammeh has once again become the source of speculation and controversy. Gambian leader is on a campaign tour, ahead of December 1st presidential elections. Mr. Jammeh’s this year’s tour is unique in the sense that he has held very few rallies in the North Bank Region. Instead of crisscrossing the Niumis, Jammeh had reportedly held a single poorly turnout rally in Essau in Lower Niumi. He then proceeded to Farafenni in Baddibou. Some media reports that Jammeh has suspended his campaign mainly due to sickness. But all our sources on the ground said the idol worshipping leader is still on campaign trail. “Yahya Jammeh is employing an unusual campaign style. His sickness is not physical but mental. His only worry is seeing his once solid support waning fast. Jammeh is worried about his fate after an opposition coalition victory.” But Jammeh doesn’t sit down on his laurels and accept defeat. “His new campaign strategy is to sneak to the homes of prominent Mandinka elders in Farafenni and the neighboring areas and offer his personal apologies for hauling insults on their tribe. Desperate Jammeh is kneeling down before them, asking them to forgive him and give him the chance to complete his mission once and for all. Jammeh tells them he has gone through a rebirth,” our sources said. “It’s Jammeh’s own agents who are spreading mixed signals to throw the public into confusion. It’s all part of Jammeh’s tactics to divert public attention,” one source added. “Clearly, Jammeh is very unhappy as we speak. Let’s expose him because that’s what brings him down. He is trying to recover from the widespread leakage of his deep secrets.”



  1. Can someone please help me with correct email address of freedomnewspaper . I send many articles there but I always get delivery failure notifications. please provide me with correct email so that I can counter the nonsensical articles written by Haidara aka Baboucarr Bojang. Thanks

  2. Better to kneel before Gambian elders who are black Africans and Muslims than to kneel before the vestiges of the western white, supremacist and aethist imperialists.
    There is NOTHING wrong to ask for forgiveness when one wrongs. It’s submission and humility. That’s the cream of Islam! But not to appease those who enslaved, colonized and contributed to our dehumanization. President Jammeh is a Pan-Africanist HERO. He will undoubtedly win on 1st December. We’ll read his winning results on 2nd December. In Shaa Allah

    • Pan-Africanist ZERO instead.

    • Come on now Buba Soli? Jammeh pan-whaticanish? The most idiotic and brute tyrant pan-whaticanish? Now give us a frigging break dude, however brown-nosed you are. You can kiss junkung’s you know what all you want but you can never make him into what he can never be.

  3. @Babu Soli, you have a alot of trash strewn around. The binmen however, are willing and able. For your information.

  4. I would say, from SPERO to ZERO. Come on man..You mad guy Babu thinks someone can kneel down…..Looks like something very narcotic creep in the boys marrow?
    Who taught you can kneel before other men. True men reason with each other even after a war. You can be made to kneel because you are a prisoner of war or a victim of your own state of a ruthless monster of a dictator. You get use to democracy in Kairo. This is how they do democracy betta lern from Kairo. Keep the shit coming….We won’t be bored!

  5. Babu, Yaya is far from been Pan Africanist but he is simply a punk who is seeking attention. The man is a fake and he knows it.

  6. Bourne/Janjanbureh,
    It’s exactly 23:45pm here in Holland. I’m watching the GRTS reports of the campaigns. Right now it’s the APRC rally at Janjanburay where the people are confriming their unflinching support for President Jammeh. The first speaker, the Seyfo Kebba Jang Jawo has repeated that his village will never betray President Jammeh. He will win! In Shaa Allah!
    Call me any names from your foolhardy heads. What matters is the announcement of President Jammeh’s winning on 2nd December.

  7. From which Coffee Shop are you firing your feeble shots?

    Your boss did rigged all HIS elections in the past but rigging the GAMBIA’s elections this time won’t save his day. Laugh ‘high’!

  8. Bourne,
    Where were you while he was rigging? You didn’t get the guts to rig as well, did you? if not you will NEVER get the guts to stand against our rigging, even this time round I boldly bet you. We’ll test who the macho is, let’s see? MOUTHY AND VERBOUS TALKS ARE USELESS, The final results will be read on 2nd December to tell the world that President Jammeh has come victorious with a larger percentage of votes. IN SHAA ALLAH.. Then your crumpling head will go down the ditch!

  9. @Soli, MOUTHY AND VERBOUS TALKS pays more to the country’s political resolve than your SH.MACHO boss’s innocent bloodshedding desires. He wants lethal MOUTHY AND VERBOUS TALKS.
    It is a fact that you and I were absent all the years as he rigs elections but Gambia is always there and that’s what’s prevailing in you and I’s MOUTHY AND VERBOUS TALKS.
    Babu thanks for your evil wishes on my head as God watch over us all. On the contrary I wish for the good health and strenght of the Gambians’ heads in persons..

  10. Babu Soli…

    I honestly think that you misunderstand the idea of Pan-Africanism and that is why you continue to regard Yaya Jammeh as a Pan-Africanist.

    Please don’t insult Pan-Africanism and reduce it to an anti-West; anti-imperialist rhetoric…

    Pan-Africanism is much more than anti-imperialist posturing: a speciality of Yaya Jammeh and the many other crooks that Africa has hosted in power over the years, to her detriment.

    Real Pan-Africanism must lead to real and tangible fruits of development, democracy and visible and genuine solidarity between African nations..

    Where is the solidarity that Jammeh is fostering between African nations..? He is at odds with both the Continental body (AU) and the Regional one (ECOWAS)..He is at odds with his closest neighbour Senegal; has had mixed relations with Bissau, with one of its presidents even once threatening to invade Gambia and has literally declared “war” on his own people (Mandinkas)..

    Policy wise, one does not know what system of enomics he is pursuing, but it is certainly one that the imperialist global money lenders are happy with, as they still continue to lend him more, despite his poor human rights and governance record. One can only conclude that he is a good servant of the imperialist system, as he continues to fulfill his role as one of the many INTERNATIONAL TAX COLLECTORS of the Global Imperialist System.

    How can you call such a man, a Pan-Africanist, if you really understand Pan-Africanism…Yaya Jammeh is not a Pan-Africanist, but he is cunningly using Pan-Africanism to build, maintain and sanitise one of the most repressive and disastrous autocratic regimes ever seen in recent history.

    Stop calling this criminal a Pan-Africanist because the founders of the ideal will be turning in their graves, every time you do so.

  11. Hah! I told you @Soli Babu, The Gambia is always there. Can’t you see it for yourself? You have to have an idea of what you are saying. But no, you don’t say…..you are just a gifted mime.
    Thanks bro @Bax. Gambians did show they have pride. Our divergent opinions and ideals of our contemporary civism, and a spirit of tolerance in its discourse, I would admit, is quite impressive.