Military Not Needed In A New Gambia

img-20161113-wa0093The photo above is yet another clear manifestation that Gambian military is not loyal to the state. Instead of being proud of being loyal to the country and its people, these military men and women wear T-shirts bearing effigies of President Yahya Jammeh, the man who turned them into slaves. Definitely, this is the type of military we want in a New Gambia. All we want in a Gambia Without Yahya Jammeh is a professional military that does not dabble in politics. In fact, any security that pledges loyalty to the president instead of the country must be disciplined. We can only restore peace and stability when we sanitise Yahya Jammeh’s filthy system. The current military is not needed in the Third Republic



  1. Unbiased Prince GB

    If I can still remember. The military or armed forces are the army that can authorized to use intelligence and deadly force or weapons to encounter any threats against national security and to support the interests of the state and all of its citizens but not the president alone.

    The task of the military or arm forces therefore, is usually but defined as the defense forces of the country and its citizens who can use war as prosecut against another state if their nation’s security is being undermined.

    The military also does have additional sanctioned and non-sanctioned functions within the nation and society they that persist. Of which includes the promotion of national agenda be it political or not. Protecting corporates for national economic interests. Promoting internal orders of the country for the interest all and just for the of state. Construction of mutually between them and the people they have taken oat to protect, carrying out emergency services, promoting social ceremonies, and guarding important areas of the country against any threats.

    The military can also function within its capacity of exceptional as a discrete to subculture within a larger civil society and through the development of all the separate infrastructures, which may include housing, schools, utilities, food production and banking.

    The present Gambia arm-forecs are definitely not needed from the first morning of the new republic as they would need a rehabilitation center and school uniforms to go back to primary education.

    Thanks Musa Saidykhan for the highlights.

  2. The T-shirt is saying, LOYALITY TO THE PRESIDENT……………..? Lord of his mercy! This is the country that claims is going to democratically vote in less than 20 days……. Are there anymore Gambians with a dumb brain like the woman in military pant and T-shirt, bearing that intimidating and menacing slogan that is promoting the privatisation of the Gambia’s constitution and soverignity?

    The Dec.-2016 election in my opinion, is a choice of the Gambian to make a proud Gambia for themselves for a whole future or send the country to civil war that will take more than 150years to heal. It is not a joke! Gambians with the competency, both at home and in diaspora, should do everything to bring the dangerous political scenario in the Gambia to the acknowledgement of competent international organisations before it will be too late. Gambia is a country, in a sub-region, in a continent, in a world. No one should try to hold people like @Jack responsible for war crimes because he went the other way round to do what he can in trying to save the lifes of his beloved ones. It has happened before in African countries but despite the horror of those histories, Africa and the world is watching yet again, another bloodthirsty and ruthless African dictator meticulously igniting an ethnic cleansing war that has the potentials of total human extinction in the Gambia.
    In that case, intelligent Gambians have to guess for themselves what will happen to Gambia next…