Disgraced Sabally In Jammeh’s Net Again

saballyThe disgraced former Presidential Affairs Minister and Secretary General has once again fallen in Yahya Jammeh’s net. Momodou Sabally has been held in detention after he was axed as the Director Director General of the Gambia Radio and Television few days back.

As usual, the Gambia government kept mute over reasons for the firing and subsequent detention. However, news from the grapevine linked the development to the broadcast of opposition candidate of the Gambia Democratic Congress Mama Kandeh. Being the shepherd of the television, Sabally was also blamed for the broadcast of the reported cross carpeting of APRC supporters to the GDC.

It is not clear whether Mr. Sabally was allowed access to his family or lawyer.

This is not the first time that the man who anointed himself the Gambia’s Pen is having a brush with the very system he has helped to entrench. He was held for several months and denied bail some years back. This followed his firing as the Presidential Affairs Minister and Secretary General. Sabally was tried in public before appearing before a judge. He has had his hands and legs shackled in chains and paraded on the business district of Banjul’s Quadrangle.

Sabally later had his charges of abuse of office withdrawn and pardoned by Yahya Jammeh. He was recycled and appointed Director of the Observer Media Company. He later moved to the GRTS.

It remains to be seen whether Momodou Sabally will maintain his blind support for a leader who feeds him with punishment. Despite going through humiliation and punishment, Sabally still identifies himself as a strong APRC loyalist. Jobless and kicked out of his home, Sabally showed strong presence on social media vigorously defending Yahya Jammeh’s policies and programmes.


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  1. This man is a jailbird. He enjoys humiliation. it is no secret that closer you get to Jammeh, the more likely he will disgrace and jail you. It is hard to feel sorry for him.

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