What Trump’s Election Teaches Gambians

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s victory is both stunning and unprecedented. Mr Trump defied almost all the political forces, especially the established leadership of both democratic and Republican parties. It is the biggest disappointment and political upset in the history of the United States in the view those who favor immigration and globalization. I and many millions of Hillary’s supporters were dead wrong and stunned about the desire of vast majority of Americans who wanted total political transformation. Mr Trump’s election is simply a repudiation of President Barack Obama’s policy in the last eight years. Mr Trump is totally against everything Obama did: healthcare, financial regulation, foreign, domestic and international policies.

We Gambians have a fundamental lesson to learn fro the Trump victory. We should learn that vast majority of indigenous American citizens have voted for Mr Trump’s policies against immigration, banning of Muslims, trade policy and foreign interventions. As I watched the election results, I paused and reflected on the current political situation in the Gambia. I believe indigenous Gambians from all the tribes must come together to take back their country. We cannot allow people who do not have strong connection to our country to continue ruling our country. We must fundamentally change the direction of our country in this election. Americans have done exactly that in this election. The American people have always ensure that democracy and rule of law prevail in their country which is why immigrants all over the world come to USA in search of freedom and economic opportunities. While most of the immigrants came from countries where there is no democracy or rule of law, American people felt the message of Mr Trump that their way of life and economic opportunities have been threatened by these immigrants. This is number one why Mr Trump became successful in this election. Gambian immigrants in the USA must also realize that indigenous American citizens have spoken in this election and they wanted to take back their country as demonstrated by the election verdict. We must also remember that Mr Trump started his political career with questioning the legitimacy of President Obama’s presidency and citizenship. Many white Americans who bought his rhetoric of fear and hatred voted for him.

British people have voted for similar nationalistic politics during the last election on Briexist. In both elections in U.K. and USA, citizens wanted policies that favors their citizens. We are in the era of nationalistic politics. This is why indigenous Gambian people must show nationalistic politics in this election to end 22 years of terror and foreign born domination in our politics and government. I urge indigenous Mandinkas, Wolof, Fula, jolas and other tribes to vote massively against Dictatorship which has destroyed our country. If We want to be successful in this election, we must call on our indigenous citizens to love themselves and consider their future so that the era of terror must come to an end. I am especially appealing to all Mandingoes in the Gambia not to vote for Jammeh because of his threat to exterminate the Mandinkas ethnicity. I also call on our indigenous jola brothers and sisters to vote against Jammeh in this election. We must take back our country just like British and American people have demonstrated in their respective elections to take back their countries. This is the lesson of this election.



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  1. I totally agree with you Max,Mr Trump’s campaign was purely based on hatred. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN means revisiting the old days when racism was at its best, coupled with the fact that 98% of the time that Americans likes to turn the pillow over every 8 years no matter what.I have tweeted that Mr Trump will win this election, and I even double down on that.So many of us don’t like living here in the west because of the aforementioned point. We will pack and go back home in a heart provided that the situations are conducive. The west is equally brute to us the immigrants.Please let us encourage our love ones to get out and vote..They could be our silent majorities.

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