Constitution Disqualifies Mama Kandeh

First of all, I believe the Gambian constitution disqualifies Mr. Mama Kandeh to be president. This is based on the simple reason that he failed to fulfill the requirements of being a high school graduate. According to 1997 constitution part 1:

(1)d. A person shall be qualified for election as president if : he or she has completed senior secondary school education; and

1c. He or she is qualified to be elected as a member of the National Assembly.

Part (3) went further to state disqualifying factors ; A person, while holding public office in The Gambia has been:
3a. Compulsorily retired, terminated or dismissed from such office or
3b, has been found guilty of any criminal offence by any court or tribunal established by law ; or

3c. Has been found liable for misconduct, negligence, corruption or improper behavior by any commission or committee of inquiry established by law shall not be qualified for election as president.

As far as education requirement is concerned Mama Kandeh has never attended high school, therefore he is not qualified to run for office of presidency. When Mama Kandeh was in National Assembly, he was dismissed and expelled by president Jammeh from the APRC which result to his lost of Public office. The question which is very essential to ask “why mama kandeh was dismissed from his former party? Was it because of improper behavior, corruption or misconduct? These are the most important questions which must be answered by president Jammeh and APRC. If Mama Kandeh was dismissed from public office because of corruption, improper behavior or misconduct from the result of established APRC committee then It is violations of our constitution to let mama kandeh contest for the office of presidency. I believe the mama kandeh is not qualified to contest presidential election if our constitutional provisions are strictly and truly adhered to for the common interest of the Gambian people. The office of presidency is the highest political office in the Gambia. The office of presidency should be occupied by someone with exceptional moral leadership values, skills and responsibility. He or she must be someone with highest moral standing with strong sense of conviction to pursue the common interest of Gambian people. Mama has failed to show moral leadership when he was in the National Assembly. He has given blind eye to atrocities committed by Jammeh’s regime. Mr Kandeh has supported and advocated for all the repressive laws which oppress the constitutional rights of Gambian people. Therefore, he is no different from Dictator Jammeh. In open and democratic society, Mama Kandeh is not even qualified to be elected in local city council because he lacks basic leadership qualities such as empathy, humility, reliability, visionary and problem solving skills. Mr Kandeh spent ten years in the National Assembly without advocating and supporting any laws which advance our democracy or economic wellbeing. Why would Gambians even listen to Mama kandeh when he never truly cares about their economic development and constitutional rights. Mama Kandeh is simply a political opportunist and agent of dictatorship. He and Dictator Jammeh continue to be in bed for the exploitation of Gambian resources so the oppression of ordinary citizens can continue. Both Jammeh and Kandeh do not care about corruption and the rule of law. Mama Kandeh has questionable qualifications and leadership skills which truly disqualified him as a leader of a political party much more to be president of the Gambia. In essence, Mama Kandeh is the most disqualified presidential candidate in the history of The Gambia.




  1. Mama… still have a large base of support. I think we still need him to join us. It will help.

  2. Marx can you post Mama Kandeh’s educational certificates on this website for everyone to see and judge?
    Failing which, you will be considered a sheer Mama Kandeh hater engage in propagating lies.
    Is Yaya Jammeh paying taxes on all his business activities? I will spare Adama Barrow because him and Mama Kandeh are part of us and deserve to be protected for the sake of regime change.
    Marx you really let me down for having a small heart and a childish attitude.
    Have a nice weekend free of hate.

    • Deyda Hydara, I am surprised that you are supporting mama who didn’t care about human rights and rule of law or democracy for our country. Clearly you know mama Kandeh did not attend any high school in The Gambia but instead of producing his high school certificate, you are challenging me ? What an irony ? So you are also a former jammeh’s enabler who has been masquerading as UDP supporter in the past ? This is why you have disappeared from this forum and you went to freedomnewpaper to continue your smear campaign. All patriotic and decent citizens who care for regime change are behind Mr Barrow . Yaya is a criminal who was supported by mama Kandeh for ten years . You are disappointed because you think I am a hypocrite like you . I am not a hypocrite. What a political opportunist and prostitute you are . I am consistent since day one . I do not associate myself with criminal activities. You once indicated that you advised Yaya Jammeh and now you are supporting a man who helped Jammeh to oppress Gambians, you are indeed a hypocrite and a coward because you failed to show your true position. Please tell us which high school or college mama Kandeh attended.

      • Marx I am born a free man and my freedom of choice is non revocable or bought or forcefully directed. So please hold your arrogance because you have no monopoly of it. Insulting people will not attract free men on your side. Halifa Sallah clearly told you at the convention that the political language should change to diplomacy if you want to attract voters on your side.
        Having said the above and going by the convention if only the quality of leadership and experience was the ultimate criteria of flag bearer selection, Honorable Halifa should have been elected the flag bearer. I am in the Gambia and know exactly what took place. GDC and Mama Kandeh saw this coming, reason why he insisted on an open primary whiles others knew doing so would not qualify their desired flag bearer. So they preferred 590 chosen delegates to do the job for them. I do not condone injustice and manipulations and conspiracies. Since the convention I chose not to take sides within the opposition and concentrate my energies in making sure APRC looses the election.
        In my own house we are six voters, two say they will vote for the Coalition and four said they would vote for GDC. None will vote for APRC. As the head of the household I will not force anyone and I respect their freedom of choice.
        Marx no matter how much bad you treat Mama Kandeh it will not affect him or his voters.
        Marx what I did for UDP in 2011 elections will go in the annals of history and one day we will know what each of us did for the opposition. The rest of your accusations on Mama Kandeh and me do not deserve my energies to reply, all we know is that we are working very hard to vote Yaya Jammeh out of office and Inshallah Jammeh will be history by December 2nd 2016.
        Cool down and have a nice weekend.

        • My former ally Hydara, you are very inconsistent and you are a political opportunist. Here you are defending Mr Sallah at the expense of Mama Kandeh when you spend significant amount of time to castigate Mr Sallah in the past. What type of human being you are ? So you are now supporting GDC who advocated for primary election when you have previously condemned and said all kind of nasty things about pdois and Mr Sallah about their position on primary election. Why are you inconsistent and hypocritical? You are the very person who was against primary election suggested by pdois. Let me tell you that honesty, decency and integrity are essential pillars of politics. Try to be consistent in your belief or at least be pragmatic. Mr Sallah and rest of opposition parties acted well on behalf of Gambian people. I want unity and now Mr Sallah and other leaders are united, I am happy for that.
          Mama Kandeh has no political structure or base which has proven that he has the necessary requirements to win the coalition. I am not going to criticize Mr Sallah anymore because he acted in patriotic manner to follow the majority. Why are you bring Mr Sallah in this discussion when spend your valuable time to criticize him in the past? We are asking for simple high school graduation certificate for Mr Kandeh ? Please produce that and tell us which high school graduated From. That is all I am asking. Mr Kandeh was in the National Assembly when he supported the dictatorship which oppressed Gambian people. He never advocated for human rights and democracy. In fact most of his supporters are former officials who in way or the other participated in entrenchment of dictatorship or even committed economic crimes and human rights violations. I can understand your shift towards him but you must remember, we are not stupid people anymore. We Gambian have identified those who are genuinely interested in democracy and rule of law, and those who just want a regime change for the sake of it without considering democracy and rule of law. Mama Kandeh is campaigning to continue the status quo which is why he never care about constitutionalism, human rights and corruption. People like you who will say and do anything to get what you want are the very problems why we still have dictatorship. Few months ago, you are here consistently pretending to be UDP supporter while you attacked pdois, and now you shift to GDC as if you are a political prostitute looking forward to deceive the population. If you care about democracy and rule of law, support coalition leadership who have spend their entire life fighting for democracy and rule of law. That is what democrats are doing. Mama is an agent of dictatorship. I hope dictator Jammeh release his sex tape to get rid of him but he won’t because Jammeh want to use him.

          • Marx, four months ago you and I were TOTALLY against elections. Therefore you are now a political prostitute by advocating for election.
            The rest of your bla-bla is absolute non sense which I will not respond to.
            We have better things to do and are very busy cracking the APRC nut. No time for sentimental politics.

          • My position has always been that we must use ” all options on the table ” to get rid of Jammeh. I have always maintain that Jammeh is going to rig the election and there is no level playing field. This is why I emphasized that every party should have joined UDP for peaceful protest at the time . Please show me an evidence where I stated I do not want election. Even this election coming , my position is that there is no level playing field and Jammeh will rig the election despite the fact that if it is done in free and fair manner he has no chance to win which is why when we have United opposition coalition they can challenge the result through popular uprising. I 100% believe that Jammeh will not give up without challenging him . So it is left opposition coalition to go for that option after the election. Your party need to join coalition because unity will give strength and we can all come together to successfully challenge Jammeh . Please do not disgrace yourself here . Even today I support any option to get rid of him , I hope someone put a bullet in his ass before the election or put a road side bomb while he campaign .

        • @DEYDA, we can all claim to be in Gambia. We can all claim to have done so much or so little. This is cyber space. To go into hibernation and suddenly pop up with a different political colour, thinking kairo participants will be fooled by claims of “am on the ground” is self deception.
          Our focus is Jammeh, and anybody standing on the way is considered part of Jammeh. Go ahead and support Mama for ever, but know that you are swimming against the tide of history. And it will be shame, considering what your earlier (if it the same DH) contributions were.

          • Politics is not a static process, I am the same DH working very hard to win APRC this coming elections. Respect my freedom of choice as I respect yours.

          • Hydara , you have betrayed your own conscience. I can’t believe that a man who has been advocating for unity all of sudden change position to support a man who is not qualified to be president and who has helped Yaya Jammeh to oppress Gambians . I bet you have committed crimes whether it is economic or human rights violations. All those who committed serious atrocities or crimes are supporting Kandeh because he want to give you guys amnesty. You are in the same boat with Lt Gano and many dishonest former officials. With all your false propaganda, you switched to freedomnewspaper to continue your hypocrisy. I have declared a war on you till the Election Day. You are exactly like Sam sarr who has no Shame at all . I bet all those who has been following the debate here knows that you are consistently calling for opposition unity and now that we have unity , you selfishly want to derail that by supporting an evil man who has supported a killer for ten years . You even pledged to give one million dalasis If opposition put a single candidate. What a liar you are . You are among the worst hypocrite and liar I have ever seen in our politics. What a unprincipled and corrupt human being you are . You need therapy . Come and join us before it is too late .

          • Modou#2, this hydara guy is not in The Gambia. I 100% believe that he is lying to his teeth . I can’t believe that he has prostituted his previous position after pretending that he was UDP supporter. Mama Kandeh is a fraud candidate who is not qualified to be president if we Strickly follow our constitution. Thank God this guy has exposed himself. In this forum , I will never let deception or hypocrisy to go on here without challenging anyone . What has some of our people become ? A pure hypocrite pretending to be fighting for democracy. The reason why we did not succeed in the past 22 years is people like hydara who are looking for slightest opportunity to fill their damn pockets and shamelessly lie to everybody . Some of these unprincipled people are worst than Jammeh . Falai Baldeh , Sam sarr , and other ungrateful and deceptive Gambians all did this dishonesty at the expense of Gambian people. Majority of GDC supporters are former officials or tribalist political ignorant people who careless about democracy. hydara has disappointed me big time . I expect Bax to behave like this but he is on fence right now . Please join the coalition so that you return from Senegal where you are hiding . I know you are good in French . Hydara and mama meet in Senegal where they formulated the idea of GDC through the initiation of jammmeh .
            I despise Yaya Bojang since he was born in our country as ” anchor Baby “.

  3. Max…

    Let’s embrace Mama Kandeh with openness…He can only add to the woes of the APRC. I can’t see him taking votes from the alliance in any significant numbers, nor do I think he can out perform the alliance amongst the “undecided voters”, though nothing is certain in politics, and anything is possible.

  4. @Haidara, I am also very much confused and worried by your hide-and-SICK game. I’ll bet Dr. Isatou Touray is a more a exposed-and-WELL.
    If @Max doubts in the guy’s academic qualifications, then why then won’t the man himself post the certificates online for critics on the basis that he is a politician aspiring for presidency.

    • Bourne , Hydara is funny. Mama Kandeh needs to produce his high school certificate to prove us wrong. Besides, Mama Kandeh is a fraud candidate because I did not know what he actually stand for. This is because he has never supported human rights or democracy. Gambians are desperately trying to change this regime but mama is no better than Jammeh. Jammeh has the power which is why he is evil but Mama has no power and he supported the evil. I would conclude that they are same .

    • Adama Barrow is less academically qualified than Mama Kandeh. Moreover the IEC is the only institution mandated to scrutinize candidates and we have gone past that stage now.

    • Critics who do even have voting cards are not of interest to us.
      Voters on the ground are not questioning Mama’s academic qualifications in other to vote for him and more over we have gone past that stage.
      Now we are in the serious business of canvassing for votes on the ground and that is what matters.

      • It is silly idea to suggest we shouldn’t scrutinize Mr Kandeh education qualifications because we are not in The Gambia. That is a very ignorance statement. Then why diaspora is advocating for democracy and rule of law if we shouldn’t criticize any opposition leader . Mr barrow has passed the basic constitutional requirements of being high school graduate and he has been to college for real estate diplomas. Stop disgracing yourself here . Mama Kandeh and you are all Jammeh’s enablers because all of you supported laws which oppress our people. Mama Kandeh was in National Assembly for ten year when he supported all the bad policies Jammeh signed into law. Who has ever heard him talking about human rights?

  5. Bax said ” let’s embrace mama Kandeh with openness ” .
    You are not serious . You do not want any regime change because Mama Kandeh is against unity and he is there to help Jammeh to win . I think it is better to make your position clear. thanks

    • @Max: “…..he is there to help Jammeh to win .”

      Question: How ?

      Of course, I am serious about change and I believe DH is also serious about change.

      We all wanted to see a single candidate opposing Jammeh, but that hasn’t happened. It is hugely disappointing but nonetheless, we have to respect the choices that other citizens make, and we also must approach this situation with maturity and common sense.

      At the end of the day, Yaya Jammeh and his APRC are the opponents that we want to see gone for good, despite there being competition for votes, as a result of Mr Kandeh’s candidature.

      Personally, I cannot see how Mama Kandeh “is there to help Jammeh win”. May be, you should show me how. As far as I can see, his candidature (as I always indicate) is a Win-Win situation for the opposition:-

      He would have brought the votes that he can prise from the APRC to the opposition, if he had agreed to the alliance, but since he hasn’t, he would keep them for himself. What is important, however, is that he would split their votes and weaken the APRC.

      And any “tool” that weakens your opponent in a fight, should be utilised and that is why I suggested that Mr Kandeh should be embraced or at least, accommodated by the opposition.

      I agree that a third candidate would impact on the other two (Jammeh & Barrow) but I think the impact of Kandeh would be far more significant on Jammeh than Barrow, due to his (Kandeh’s ) past association with the APRC.

      Obviously, you have a different view on that and I would like to know how your view on Mama Kandeh’s candidature can come about; ie, how he could help Jammeh to win the elections.

      Lastly, yourself and brother Deyda Hydara (DH) need to be reminded that, at this crucial point in time, our “guns” should all be pointed at Jammeh and his team; not against each other. Don’t let his “jujus catch” you (lol).

      • Come on @Bax…………., Mr. Kandeh never made a propound press release that highlights reason of his dismissal from the Aprc party, and what actually motivates and makes him a genuine opposition in his own ‘dining room’ of exotic flavors, shouldn’t remain unravelled. If he were a matured politician as we should expect, he would not have shied away from clearing doubts and responding to critiques of many doubtful citizens in the forums.
        @Bax. please relay to Mr. Kandeh that he should be ready for terse press conferences and interviews if he is aspiring for leadership of a democray and civil society with the rule of law.

        • Mama will not respond to negative criticism but he is happily ready to respond to national issues with RESPECT.

      • Since it is a numbers game, the coalition should devise an elaborate strategy that will ensure that all the votes are cast. The coalition campaign should be run as conventional as any campaign in a mature democracy.

        We know the number of voters that are registered in each constituency. The first thing that the coalition should do is established a “WAR ROOM”. This room will be the central place that will monitor all the voting that is taking place in all the constituencies in the country.

        The second thing to do is to dispatch a group of volunteers to all the constituencies in the country. These volunteers should be people who live in these constituencies and are familiar with the area and the people.

        The volunteers may also be people who live in the urban area but are willing to go back to their respective constituencies for the purposes of this election. They will live and stay in their respective constituencies for the duration of the campaign and the election.

        Whilst in their respective constituencies the volunteer groups can also enlist the help and support of the local residents to get out the vote and monitor the voting process.

        Armed with the voter register in their respective constituencies, the volunteer groups and their local resident support groups should be able to know where each voter is located and on election day ensure that each voter is able to access his or her voting precinct or designated voting area.

        The strategic objective of the volunteer groups and their local resident support groups, is to ensure that there is a liaison between the “War Room”, the volunteer groups and the personnel who are at the voting sites to monitor the election on behalf of the coalition.

        For the first time in Gambian elections the coalition should conduct exit polls through their agents at the voting sites. These exit polls should be relayed over to the “War Room” who will keep a record of the exit polls and later compare them with the actual votes counted for the coalition on each precinct and on every respective constituency.

        The “War Room” could be centered at the People’s Center for the simple reason that there is space availability and resources like computers and probably land telephones.

        In addition cell phones should be made available to all the people who are designated to work in the “War Room’. All volunteer groups and all local resident support groups should also be availed with cell phones. Campaign resources should be allocated to support these endeavors.

        Whilst the coalition candidate and other party leaders are in the campaign trail they can keep in touch with the “War Room” constantly and consistently to monitor the election and voting campaign in all the constituencies.

        It is a numbers game. The coalition should ensure that all the registered voters get to the polling stations. And at the end of the day that all the votes are counted.

        • Hey kamalo , welcome back . You have stated an excellent idea . Thank you for such a brilliant idea . I hope the coalition leadership quickly implement this idea . This will be called “Kamalo strategy to end dictatorship “. Please kaironews , publish such a brilliant idea so that coalition leadership can quickly implement this now . Once again I thank you .

      • Bax, don’t worry I know only PERSUASION can win us hearts and votes.
        I say NO to insults and cheap accusations. I stand for truth always.
        We are on the ground doing a fantastic job to crack the APRC.

        • What were the cheap accusations if at all this exists in a democracy? What is an insult to you in these forums @Haidara?
          No accusations can be cheap if they are not satisfactorily responded to or engaged by the accused who is within the public space of the Gambia. Hearts got to be WON not BOUGHT I also believe.

          Accusations c’est pas les objectifs Monsieur @Haidara.
          Hah! I have just started french classes because we may need to converse with in the future.

          • Bourne, let us pray that one of the opposition candidates wins. C’est ce qui est important. N’est ce pas?

      • Bax , divided oppositions is not helpful despite the fact that coalition has a lot of support. If Kandeh join the coalition is much better than contesting as another party candidate. Unity is strength. Mr Kandeh is not a credible politician and he did not care about human rights and rule of law . Mama Kandeh will get votes from both Jammeh and the opposition coalition thus it will have more effects on coalition than Jammeh. This is because Jammeh is incumbent and has more resources plus he can rig the election. Even when he rig the election if the opposition come together they can put up more challenge than when they are divided. Therefore divided opposition does not help the coalition. Please your view on this issue is dead wrong just like your view on primary election. I don’t believe that Mama Kandeh’s candidacy is a blessing but rather it is a distraction and division tactics for the interest of Yaya Jammeh’s regime.

        • Marx Mama Kandeh is a candidate and the Coalition should also consider asking the Coalition to create a Mama Kandeh/ Coalition ticket.

      • Bax our guns are always pointed at Jammeh and the APRC. You can rest assured of that. Am back to defend my position.

  6. Borne…

    The questions about Mr Mama Kandeh’s qualifications are legitimate and I hope he sees the need to convene a press conference to address those issues…

    Those who aspire to lead a nation should not be scared of scrutiny; nor should they ignore public queries about their persons..

    My contribution here is whether we in the opposition should accommodate or antagonise Mr Mama Kandeh…and whether he is out to help Jammeh to win…

    Once again, I hold a different view from Max…I don’t know about you, but I cannot see Mama Kandeh taking votes in significant numbers from hard core UDP, PDOIS & NRP Voters. Anything is possible in politics but I just cannot see this happening.

    Obviously, a number of people who would probably have voted for the alliance, if GDC didn’t emerge, will be drawn to vote for Mama Kandeh, due to any number of reasons, but this number will be quite insignificant, in my view…I think the bulk of his support will be from the APRC and that’s just common sense…

    • Bax, you are so right and this is what exactly motivates me not to castigate Mama Kandeh as he also can emerge a winner. That’s politics and the recent US elections is a lesson to all politicians.

      • @ Deyda, “Politics is not a static process” That is your mantra. You have written it in Kairo and in freedomnewspaper under another pseudo-name. Next we expect you to move to Jammeh, and we will not be surprised. Your opinion is acknowledged and accepted, but also noted that your types are Gambia’s tragedy.

        • Modou#2. It is very sad to see hydara lying and destroying his own credibility. This man lack moral conscience and he is unprincipled. It is tragedy to see people like him given platform to propagate lies and deception in our country. This is one of the main reason I began to write about Gambian issues. I realized that Gambian predicament is caused by unprincipled people who lack moral values and sense of decency. Many of the people who called themselves an insider to the regime are such people with despicable political beliefs and lack of moral values . They are only interested in their short term selfish interest while they continue to lie to everyone that they have the interest of Gambian people at heart . Hydara’s case is classic example. He is a guy who pretentiously offered one million dalasis if opposition parties come together to chose a single candidate but today he can shamelessly support another candidate who has contributed to our current predicament. Hydara is a hypocrite and pathological liar who will say and do anything for his personal selfish interest. I can’t believe that he will suddenly change to be exposing his own lies , deception, hypocrisy and lack of moral compass.

    • Kandeh joining the coalition with good faith to me augments the opposition numbers in the game and relax sceptisms. There are no genuine intentions in Mr. Kandeh’s behaviour in the political space of the country in my opinion. He should be talked to now instead of we saying at the end of the day, ‘what a traitor Mama Kandeh is!’. Hope not…

      • Bourne Kandeh will win, even Yaya Jammeh knows it. There are always surprises in politics and the Thrump victory is a lesson to learn.
        Since you want to improve your french, je peux te dire que les Peuls disent que leur moment est arrive.

        • Hah!, @Haidara, I have missed this heartattacker. NO!, I have changed the idea to improve my french because, my french professor in our first lessons taught me; PEUPLE in french is PEOPLE in english and in our second lessons, he taught me again, PEUPLE in french, can be spelt also PEUL.

  7. @Kamalo.. I don’t think I have seen a better idea to monitor, encourage and motivate genuine card holders to go out and vote, whilst discouraging foreign voters from attempting to vote…

    The idea of local, indigenous volunteers playing this crucial dual supervisory and motivational roles within their own areas, where everyone knows everybody, is the best mechanism to defeat fraudulent electoral practices on elections day…I hope the opposition alliance adopts this strategy.

    Thanks for such a great idea..

    • Bax, the end game here is a strategic and robust groundwork towards the campaign period and election day. More so, when the coalition is facing a short campaign period.

      A very important factor in this election is to destroy the belief that the incumbent cannot be defeated. This plays into the psychology of the voter and the voting process. And contributes to the tendency of voter apathy and the misinformed notion that the election is already won or stolen.

      The voter needs to be assured that his or her vote counts. That his or her vote matters.

      The image of invincibility that is projected by an incumbent through the power apparatus of the state need to be challenged. It can be challenged through a strong grassroots organization that empowers the people. That emboldens the people.

      The people need to be assured that they have the power to change their government. And they can do so through their votes.

      And, come to think of it the incumbent is most vulnerable during the campaign period and election day.

      During this period the political entity that has the best organization and ground game could end up winning the elections. This is the period when voters are persuaded and convinced to vote one way or the other.

      Forget about the crowds. Most of the people in those crowds are not voting. What is most important are the voters who are in the voter register. How to get these voters to not only vote for the coalition candidate but also get them to the voting booth is the paramount concern.

      The coalition have an edge here due to the number of opposition political parties that form the coalition. And a visible organizational strategy that gives confidence to the voter that the coalition can win this election can change the whole dynamics of the elections.

      Unlike previous elections where the opposition is divided and weak and erodes the confidence of the voter that it can win, this time around the possibilities are very real. And the organization and ground game can make all the difference.

      To this end, the coalition “War Room” can play a pivotal role. There should be much more than the traditional campaigning of organizing rallies and meetings in villages, towns and cities. The coalition candidate and party leaders can do this.

      The coalition should select a campaign manager for the “War Room”. This will be the nerve center for the whole election. And for this matter contingency plans should be made for a standby generator in case of a power outage.

      The coalition should work on the voter register. The focus should be on the voter register.

      I am not sure if telephone numbers are included in the register of voters, but if they are this is another area the “War Room” can work on.

  8. I would like to see Mr Mama Kandeh come on board, but if he decided not to, we should not be too hard on him.There must be an opposition of any kind.The coalition is a major opposition to APRC, but Mama Kandeh too is a major opposition to the coalition.We must come to this understanding that not everyone will support the coalition due to our nature as humans.Let us please move on and plan strategically.There is a lot at stake here and we all know that.The Gambia right now is like a little child drowning in an ocean whilst the opposition is the rescue team.Should we throw her a rope right away to save her or should we keep arguing amongst ourselves whether to throw the rope or jump in with her? The decision is ours.

  9. Marx, you will soon have a ‘heart attack’ and we don’t wanna loose you.
    Take the pain from your heart and put it in your mind if you want to survive. We need you brother.

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