Corea Leads Jammeh’s Child Abduction

img-20161108-wa0231Michael Sang Corea, a member of the killer Junglular Squad, has been identified as the leader of a team going around kidnapping children for the purpose of President Yahya Jammeh’s sacrifices. Mr. Jammeh’s idols have signaled the end of his leadership. The man who thinks he is born to rule forever has been told to sacrifice 70 children (10 from each of the 7 administrative regions) to remain on the throne. Even the sacrifices do not guarantee that Jammeh will remain in power.

Most Gambians thought the leakage of the child sacrifices by Jammeh’s marabout would have been food for thought for the President. Gambian parents have been living with fears of their children being kidnapped and disappeared. Dozens of children have been kidnapped in schools, playgrounds and even homes. In some places, Jammeh’s Jungulars led by Michael Sang Corea have forcefully snatched children on the streets. They have however failed in some of their missions after they met stiff resistance.

In the light of this looming terror, Gambian parents have either kept their children at home or escorted them to school. Some communities have closed down schools after news emerged that some children have been kidnapped while teachers looked helplessly.

Ironically, the police remain helpless and clueless. Crying parents who lodged complaint of disappeared or missing children have had their worries, confusion and sadness doubled. The police said they could not help in the searches.



  1. Why the families are not coming out to speak adds doubt to the horror stories. If my child goes missing, then I have no choice but to make it public and seek their help.
    The images of Jungalars men clearly depicts those in the documentaries and Icc trials of Rwanda genocide but we still need to authenticate and responsibly document these criminal’s atrocities against innocent and harmless citizens all the two decades plus.These bandits have done a lot of evil to innocent Gambians and we need not lie about it…..

  2. I am very critical of the child kidnapping in the Gambia. No one can substantiate or corroborate the story since it’s airing by the western media.

    Please guys, Jammeh will go God willing come December but we should also not instigate fear into our own Gambian people. We are disrupting their daily lives by children not going to school or not even playing outside.

    Who are these victims and the burden of proof is on the media to bring facts and not just fear which may lead to violence.

    A team of mine have called far and wide of the Gambia but no one has substantiated the story. Our goal must be for Jammeh to go and not these kinds of propaganda which may lead to confrontation and violence.

    I am just worried about the Gambia. My God guide us all and protect our nation.

  3. JalangBandeh, Your ” A team of mine” is none other the Gambian inspector general of police and his team. Nobody is scare mongering. Even before this latest episodes, abductions and disappearances have been a common method of inflicting terror on Gambian people. Gambians have genuine concerns on these matters. Don’t try to plant any diversionary tactic here.

  4. The story is doubtful…There seems to be panic leading to some parents either accompanying their children to/from school or keeping them at home, but the source of the panic, as usual, is “radiokangkang” (unverifiable rumours)…

    No one on the ground seems to know the identities of any missing children or any communities that have suffered. According to Foroyaa, a report about two alleged cases in the village of Nyangabantang has been found to be unfounded. The village has not experienced or suffered any abductions.

    I think the online media may be a victim of misinformation and should exercise extreme caution with such stories. The regime could be trying to undermine the credibility of the opposition by getting the online media, which it does not distinguish from the opposition, to spread unfounded information, so that they (APRC) could use that to brand the opposition as liars and dishonest people who tarnish the country’s name abroad…and spread false information.