Why Jammeh Is Kidnapping Children

Who will protect these innocent Gambian children?
Who will protect these innocent Gambian children from Jammeh’s idol sacrifices?

Amidst various reports of child abductions and kidnapping taken place across the country, I was personally informed by sources that two kids were kidnapped at Bundung Borehole while the third child escaped as he fought to save his dear life. Based on the account of eyewitnesses, this happened as the children were walking on the bridge that connects Bundung Borehole to Sukuta. The said bridge is just located near the compound of former commissioner, retired Captain Alhagie Kanteh who was also a former spokeperson for the Armed Forces Provisional Council (AFPRC) military junta.

Gambians will recall that recently Fatu Radio Network had interviewed president Jammeh’s spiritual adviser who stated that during his last discussion with Dictator Jammeh, president Jammeh has instructed the marabout that his idols had advised him to sacrifice 70 children on November 13th or 15th at Kanilai as part of spiritual efforts to win this coming election and to remain in power. According to Jammeh’s spiritual adviser, the 10 children should be kidnapped from each of seven regions, making a totally of 70 children throughout the country. As we approach these datelines, November 13 and 15th, Gambians are living in worst nightmare out of fear that their children could be Jammeh’s next victims.

There is heightened fear and insecurity in the voices of people I spoke with and the same fear and insecurity are felt by many families throughout the country. While it is not new to hear children being kidnapped in The Gambia due to Dictator Jammeh’s belief in idiols worshipping and his human sacrifice to retain his presidency but now this despicable human sacrifice has taken new turn. It is now done in open in broad day light at the sight of helpless parents and relatives.

As citizens we cannot sit down and let Yaya jammeh and his thugs kidnapped our children without fighting back. Therefore, communities must stand up and defend themselves collectively to prevent this heinous crime. The community Vigilante groups must be set up to protect young people.

Yahya Jammeh knows that he is at the end of his regime and whatever human sacrifices he was advised by his idiols must be stopped as soon as possible. He is desparately doing whatever he can to instill fear and intimidation in order to cling on to power forever. His old tactic of fear mongering is not going to work this time around as Gambians are quite ready to get rid of him in this election.

The Gambia’s security apparatus such as our national army and police force must do their basic constitutional responsibility which is to protect the lives of citizenry. The safety and security of Gambian people is the number one and the most important responsibility of any president. Yahya jammeh has failed Gambian people to protect their lives and safeguard their security especially the most vulnerable members of our society, the children. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every patriotic citizen to be your brother or sister keeper especially those patriotic security servicemen and women who are sworn to Serve and protect our lives.

Politically we must educate Gambian people that Yahya jammeh has lost the legitimacy to lead our country. Yahya Jammeh is a criminal who deserve to be arrested and taken to court for Violations of fundamental human rights of Gambian people. This human sacrifice must be the number one reason why jammeh must not be allowed to live three more weeks at statehouse in Banjul. Jammeh must be removed in this election or he will continue to terrorize Gambian people at his will.

The Abduction of Gambian children for spiritual purposes is not a political matter but it is a national security matter which should concern all Gambians. Innocent Children are the future of our country. The human resources of our country must be safeguarded and jealously protected for future generations. Kidnapping of innocent is an the last straw that break the camel’s back. Yaya jammeh has Finally committed the evil of all crimes he has ever committed. Jammeh must be removed by all means necessary.



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