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scottAt Kairo News/Radio Financial Empowerment Center, our mission includes providing our readers with financial tips and solutions that will help them improve their financial positions.

Today, we cover one of the ways to earn extra income to pay bills, pay down your debts and or save to invest in your future. To do that, we have the privilege to introduce Scott J. Beals, Founder of 5050Fifty. Mr. Beals is an Expert in the field of Home-based Businesses and we wish we had him in our network of business expertise some years back. If you are looking to add an extra source of income – you don’t want to miss out this opportunity with Mr. Beals. It is once again our pleasure to welcome Scott to Kairo Radio Financial Empowerment Center.

It is all yours Mr. Beals.

Thank you Kemo Barrow and I appreciated the space Kairo News/Radio Financial Empowerment Center has given me to share with your community the turn-key, money making opportunity with my company called 5050Fifty.

The base of this business was started in 2007 when I was seeking a natural solution to a growing heartburn problem. A friend turned me on to a special “tea” of all things. It worked so well, I was driven to tracking down the source, establish a relationship and eventually becoming an authorized reseller with my own label to share with family and friends. This detox tea, formulated by Dr. Miller in Jackson, Tennessee, is a blend of seven organic herbs designed to improve digestion, elimination, and liver function. Basically, it is formulated as a safe and proven way to eliminate the toxins we accumulate on a daily basis. I have been successfully selling it online since 2010. Over the years, many customers have asked me if they could get the product at wholesale. 5050fifty was born out of these requests and was launched in early 2016. In essence, we are a wholesale buying club for our product called Move 2 Pure. We reward our members who find new members and build a group.

We have made the program “turn-key” and simple that can be duplicated from member to member. While members enjoy a deep discount on our product; let’s be honest Kemo, this is about financial empowerment and getting eyeballs in front of our opportunity is what will grow your income. Most members mail a simple postcard, others will do more. Anyone can succeed as long as attitude and action are in gear!

Now let’s dig into the two biggest questions: how much does it cost to join and how do I make money? Our program has two stages. I like to say our program is like a two-stage rocket. Stage one will get you off the ground and stage two will get you into space!
Stage one is a one-time payment of $25 and stage two is a one-time payment of $199.95. You can come into stage one and upgrade later or come in directly at stage two. Stage one comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s like this – coming in at stage one is like dipping your toes in the pool of our program – you want to make sure the water is not freezing before diving in at stage two. Then again, your sponsor might say “the water’s fine, come on in!” and you do a cannonball into the pool.

When you work the program at stage one you make $10 off your personally sponsored stage one members and $25 off all stage two members for three levels deep. We pay once a week by paper check in the mail.

Now, as a stage two member, you make $10 off all personally sponsored stage one members and $50 off all stage two members down three levels. You also can receive overrides of $25 from stage one members in your downline who find stage 2 members. Once a stage one member realizes they just passed up $25, they seriously consider upgrading themselves to prevent loss of future commissions.
Stage two members can also participate in our monthly bonus pool. A percentage of all sales company-wide goes into this pool and gets paid out completely each month to qualifying stage two members. It’s like getting paid from everyone in the company whether they are in your group or not!

Before I go, I want to give you a quick example of the income potential. You, a stage 2 member, get 5 stage two members on your first level and this repeats for two more levels. So, 25 on level 2 and 125 on level three. That’s 155 members total times $50 or $7,750 in income to you! This can be repeated with an active group and does not even include overrides and bonus pool money.

As you can see, this is a great opportunity for those who are looking to make some extra income and beyond. I invite you to take a serious look at what we have to offer. For more insight on the business, visit us at and watch some short videos.

To sign up, visit: and enter code B5128. The company phone number is 559-825-6755.

To conclude, I want to thank Kairo Financial Empowerment Center for introducing me and my company called 5050fifty. We look forward to working with many of you soon.
Blessings to your health, wealth, and wellness!
Scott J. Beals


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  1. Is this a ponzi scheme? Kairo !!!