President Jammeh’s Last Words To Disappeared Gambian Journalist

Truth about Chief Manneh peeling off one by one
Truth about Chief Manneh peeling off one by one

President Yahya Jammeh is accused of personally responsible for the disappearance of journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh. Manneh, a sub-editor of Daily Observer newspaper, was arrested in his office on July 7th 2006. The arrest and subsequent detention were in connection to the reproduction of a BBC article on the African Union Summit in Banjul in June 2006. Manneh’s whereabouts have since not been known. Chief Manneh, who had been moved from one security detention center to another, was at one point hospitalised for high blood pressure in July 2007. The government denied holding Chief Manneh, with the current Inspector General of Police saying he had traveled to the United States. No traces of the disappeared journalist have been found, leaving the veracity of the government’s story in doubt.

However, Kairo News has received disturbing news that Chief Ebrima Manneh had not only been murdered but that President Jammeh had spoken to him shortly before his death.

“We have reached a point in which we must tell the story as it is,” said a State House source familiar with the story. “Chief was murdered in 2007 on the orders of President Jammeh. Manneh was gassed and transported to State House where he later regained consciousness. He was asked whether he knew whether he was. His answer was no. Jammeh told him “you are in State House and that your final day on this earth is today.”

Describing him a traitor who must not live, Yahya Jammeh mocked and insulted Manneh’s mother before ordering his assassins to “kill him for the betterment of the Gambia.” Manneh was then thrown into a waiting van and escorted to Casamance for execution,” our source said.

“Let Sana Manjang tell the full story before it is too late. All I am confident is that Chief Manneh was a victim of extrajudicial execution.”


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  1. One of the Noble Female Comrades involved with the Election Reforms Demonstrations also narrated a similar “gassing in a police detention cell” whilst detained at the police intervention unit at Kanifing…???

    Nobody whosoever committed humanity crimes in Gambia will getaway with murder, women rape, torture & any inhuman molestation in the third republic…

    I have watched yaya KILLER DEVIL jammeh declare in a speech on GRTS where it (yaya) claimed (that) “…it’s legal religiously to kill for the betterment of state…” & added “…ablie fatty here is my witness…”; while pointing towards (alh) abdoulie fatty ex state house “imam” who sat amongst the attendants a row behind; these were the falsified lies utilized in recruitments of spineless mercenaries engaged in barbarities being meted out to innocent opinionated citizens & perceived threats & obstacles under MURDEROUS yaya’s orders; whoever is in the know of any atrocities, crimes & criminalities should all please divulge for Godly redress for the shake of truth, God & country; to enable quicker redresses for justice, our reconciliation & healing of wounds, physical & mental scars…

    Whosoever willingly & wilfully engaged, colluded & aid abetted humanity crimes in the Gambia under the MURDEROUS OPPRESSIVE kanilai FIEFDOM will account for the wrongs committed accordingly; Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia…