Musa Saidykhan And Ebrima Manneh: Justice Subverted By The State

In 2006, Gambian journalists Musa Saidykhan and Ebrima Manneh were separately arrested and detained by state agents in Banjul, Gambia. Saidykhan was subjected to brutal torture, while Manneh disappeared with little trace. Read more:


  1. Thanks guys for being there for us. Without you the civil society might have not reached the level of consciousness in their state of affairs. May Allah bless chief Manneh at wherever to the bogus intelligence criminals got him.
    Your victimisations are among reasons why citizens of our likes should admit to the fact that, we rely and depend on the sacrifices of statesmen and women in their different walks of life, in the pursuit to end brutal dictatorship and restoring the rule of law, democracy and a civil society in the Gambia.
    Hats off all around!

    Allah bless you and all other victims of the criminal state, and your families.

  2. The fate of Manneh is haunting us all and until the truth come to light and this regime is removed, we can’t rest. We owe it to his ageing father and all his wider family.

    We are all the more thankful that Mr. Saidykhan survived the Terror. His energy and determination not be cowed, silenced , is a testimony to our enduring Social epics and the stamina of the very best among us. His continuing resilience and endeavour is exemplary.

    We shall not forget.

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