We Expect It; Gambia Will Quit ICC

Fatou Bensouda
Fatou Bensouda says Jammeh’s crimes cannot be investigated, let alone prosecuted!

Most people knew the Gambia would be the next African country to distance itself from the International Criminal Court in The Hague after South Africa and Burundi pulled out. While South Africa’s claim that the arrest and hand over of a sitting Sudanese President contradicted its diplomatic laws, leaders of Burundi and the Gambia think the withdrawal would prevent them from possible indictment for atrocities and crimes against humanity. But the question becomes whether the Gambia will benefit from the withdrawal. Will Fatou Bensouda, a Gambian who refuses to acknowledge Yahya Jammeh’s atrocities, remaibs Chief Prosecutor of the ICC after her country’s withdrawal? Like the Commonwealth withdrawal, this too will be decided by Dictator Jammeh.

In this story culled from the BBC, the Gambia argues its reasons for the pullout.

The Gambia says it will pull of the International Criminal Court (ICC) after accusing the tribunal of persecuting and humiliating Africans.

The small West African nation joins South Africa and Burundi in withdrawing from the court.
The ICC was set up to try the world’s worst crimes but has been accused of unfairly targeting African leaders.
Gambian Information Minister Sheriff Bojang said the court had ignored Western war crimes.

He said the ICC, for example, had failed to indict former British Prime Minister Tony Blair over the Iraq war.

Speaking on state television, he said the ICC was “an International Caucasian Court for the persecution and humiliation of people of colour, especially Africans”.

The ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, is a former Gambian justice minister.

The end of the ICC?
President Yahya Jammeh has ruled The Gambia since taking power in a coup in 1994.

Elections are due in December, but opposition leader Ousainou Darboe and 18 others were jailed for three years earlier this year over an unauthorised protest.

The country has been unsuccessfully trying to have the European Union indicted by the court over the deaths of thousands of African migrants trying to reach the continent by boat.
The ICC and global justice:

Came into force in 2002
The Rome Statute that set it up has been ratified by 123 countries, but the US is a notable absence
It aims to prosecute and bring to justice those responsible for the worst crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes

In the court’s 14-year history it has only brought charges against Africans.

What is the International Criminal Court?
South Africa said last week that it had formally begun the process of withdrawing from the ICC because it did not want to execute arrest warrants which would lead to “regime change”.

Last year, a South African court criticised the government for refusing to arrest Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the court.

Burundi has also said it will leave the court, while other Africa countries like Kenya and Namibia have said they might.

All but one of the ICC’s 10 investigations have been Africa-based.



  1. It’s time overdue to have withdrawn from this pawn whiteman’s court aimed at castigating the Black continental personalities alone. The USA has never been a member A ploy to get her citizens’ atrocities immune to international investigation and subsequent punishment.
    Not only former British PM Tony Blair should be indicted. The figures of former USA President George W. Bush and Spain’s eccentric pet former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar sholud all face the ICC. The trio met in the Azores to table, plan and execute Iraq’s illegal invasion based of LIES and UNFOUNDED evidences. The Iraqis and the whole world live to bear the brunt of that cruel and imperialist invasion to date.
    When will justice be administered and to whom? To the poor or the rich, to the feeble or the strong?
    I commend the Gambia, South Africa, Burundi for puilling out of a very PARTIAL, TOTALITARIAN, NEOCOLONIALIST and IMPERIALIST institution. I wish all African states to follow suit.
    We have our African courts to deal with our African matters. From the hamlets, to the villages, to the districts, to the regions, the countries, to the sub-regions and the AU our courts are elegible to muster our African feuds/crimes and vest judgement. That’s enough. The whiteman has illicitly judged us for hundreds of years. Enough is enough. It’s time to adopt an AFRICAN ORDER framed on our fundamental African values, norms, traditions and customs for the continent’s affairs!
    Imperialism and neocolonialism have NEVER redeemed us from bondage!

  2. would you not still support jammeh’s withdrawal from ICC if the victims of these crimes were your parents , imagine your mom was kidnapped for nine months by the regime as it happened to udp executive , dont you think this court would be a right place to go to address that violations . PLEASE ANSWER .

  3. Yaya and his thugs or any pathological oppressors, let them withdraw (unilaterally) from the ICC, let them disrespects ECOWAS court of law and let them continue toying with the country’s law as their toy story books. no matter how they try to evade justice in this world, which some might be lucky to run and hide from their victims in this world BUT, yaya jammeh and your criminals helpers and all the oppressors you CANNOT and WILL NOT evade true justice in the Hereafter. You cannot run or hide from the Almighty, Al-Raqib, Al-Haseeb, Al-Adl. All Seeing, All hearing, All knowing of HIS creations suffering.

  4. What a shameless liar with freaky writing mood!
    Good to know that Slobodan Milosovich, Radovan Karadzic, Vlatko..if I write it well, are Africans too who have committed atrocities in African countries…. Stupid idiot @Babu, how many genocides took place in Europe since the end of the second world war? Tony Blair and Bush will be exonerated from every war crime because equally their victims are the most dangerous criminals one can know of in modern times. Its like blaming someone who save the life of your little brother when you tried to kill him.
    You voice for black people stink like you cancerous mouth. Nothing is more regrettable than black so-called leaders who kill, torture, maim and imprison fellow black citizens only because they see themselves as prophets sent down by God almighty.

  5. Maxs,
    You see I sometimes get very jittery(though I’m patient) with people who don’t read written literature properly to discern the information therein. I have already echoed my regard for our Black African continental jurisprudence at all levels and my total disregard for courts set up by the whiteman. Isn’t that enough of my explicit view? Of course I do believe in judging wrongs/misgivings but within one’s own levelled playground. That’s why The Almighty Allah’s will judge us all His levelled ground in the presence of ALL His Creatures.
    Take heed, the whiteman’s land is NEVER a levelled playground for the Black-skinned, wherever s/he comes from. Our cases should only be heard in Africa and NEVER on the whiteman’s soil. Who are the whitemen to judge us after all the atrocities they committed against the Black-skinned people and their continent?
    I’m very happy that our government has decided to withwdraw from the corrupted and imperialist ICC!

    • Babu Soli…

      You are, or should be, better than such narrow, simplistic and somewhat, racist views…because reducing the problems of the ICC’s operation to a “Whiteman” vs “Blackman” narrative is simply racist, due to its skin colour based nature.

      The ICC is not a “whiteman’s” construct to “humiliate” the “Blackman”, but rather, it emerged from the desire of humanity to build a world where all peoples, regardless of colour, region, religion, sex, etc, will enjoy some basic protection from atrocities, and create an avenue of redress (as well as to hold perpetrators to account) for victims from the impunity, barbarity and sadistic brutality of “leaders” like Yaya Jammeh, whose understanding of the concept of JUSTICE is that of the jungle, where “Might” is “Right”.

      The African countries were amongst the first, if not the very first, to embrace the idea of the ICC and all member states voluntarily accepted the jurisdiction of the ICC over their citizens by signing and ratifying the procotocos and treaties that establish the ICC, and from which it draws its inspiration and legitimacy, such as the Geneva Convention, UN Charter on Human Rights, the Rome Statutes, etc. So, it is absolute nonsense to propagate the notion that the ICC is somehow, a witch hunting body created to humiliate Africans. Those who hold and express such views in public should be ashamed of themselves.

      I do respect your right to your views and freedom to express them, but I do think that you need to be more careful in how you express those views, least you stand accused of insensitivity.

      Furthermore, a person like you, with your education, access to information and the awareness that such access affords you, should be standing up and challenging the disastrous rule of impunity of Yaya Jammeh and his APRC, rather than succumbing to being held “hostage” by whatever prospects of “development” your little village (where ever it may be) may enjoy…

      Your attitude, in as much as I respect your rights to your views, is ver troubling to me, in light of all that has happened and is still happening to Gambians and others in our country.

      I beg you not to barter the lives of any human beings, no matter how insignificant they may be in your eyes, with any anticipated development your village may enjoy, no matter how sophisticated that may be..

      The Gambia belongs to all of us, and the consequences of Jammeh’s criminal and barbaric misrule will be felt by all of us.

      • What some hard facts bro @Bax can put in stucked ears to get in to brains of marble….. Perhaps it depends on when, where, how and why he deems it necessary….. Good!, no disagreements here at all. Hope to seeing this kind of yours in good trend responding to super-authentic nonsenses.

    • Optimistic, young and sound-minded Africans have mastered the ‘white man’ lesson in 2016. The purgatory experiences that this younger generation Africans are going through in the hand of their brutal dictators and misrulers, equally black-skinned, is a much more serious entanglement to be unravelled. Stop the ‘dear Max, dear Max’ thing and stop laughing at your ‘jitter-box’.

  6. Babu Soli , You are indeed a hypocrite because you refused to acknowledge that ICC was set up to address heinous crimes such as crime against humanity and it is not a white man court as you and jammeh’s regime ignorantly implied . It is the same white man land that you foolishly gain your freedom and economic well being as an immigrant. Yaya Asombi Bojang also send his daughter to the same white man land to have education at the expense of Gambian people at a tune of $80,000 per year . It is the same white man land that jammeh bought $3.5 millions mansion at the expense of poor Gambians.
    The court is set up for crime against defenseless citizens such as Ngoi Njie , fatoumata jawara and rest of the entire UDP supporters who exercised their constitutional rights as citizen to demonstrate. Violations of the rights of these women is barbaric , inhumane and is heinous crime which will be addressed in ICC and other courts set up at the international level . I suspect if your mother was raped you wont support jammeh . with regards to your stupid assumption that , you did not witnessed any atrocities committed by jammeh ,therefore people are making allegations without evidence is indeed a very stupid , naive , dishonest and malicious position and lack of intelligence reasoning. You must be too ignorance to state such a stupid and low thinking assumption. Killings and disappearance of your fellow citizens are not mere allegations but they are true crimes committed by heartless beast you foolishly and idiotic support. example killing of solo sanderg which happened in the broad day light as he exercised his constitutional rights during his call for electoral reforms is a crime committed by jammeh . if Your father or mom was killed in similar manner while showing their support to jammeh will be outrageous , so you are a vile and stupid , selfish individual who has no respect for your parents since you do not have any respect , sympathy and empathy for anyone’s parents or human being . Killings and disappearance of your fellow citizens is constitutionally and humanly wrong. Jammeh is sworn to protect lives and properties of Gambians. In year 2000 he killed 16 defenseless students who exercised their rights for peaceful assembly to express grievances. He disappeared ebou lowe , alagie ceesay , kanyiba kanyi , lamin suwareh , marci jammeh , haruna jammeh and countless other victims you stupidly failed to acknowledge. He raped women on daily basis , i guess your sisters are so ugly to be noticed by him otherwise he would send his henchmen to hunt for them.. Stop denying the facts that jammeh killed , raped and corruptly loot our money for his personal gratification at the expense of poor farmers who cannot afford three square meals. You are indeed a stupid racist individual who continue to blame white man for the crimes committed by african leaders like jammeh . ICC is head by a gambian fatoumata bensoda who has also stupidly defended jammeh . Jammmeh is a coward who know that we will take his ass to court when we get him and his cronies.

  7. I said, your voice for black people stinks. What stupid literature are you writing sinuating you have divergent opinions and viewpoints in them. You post your nonsensess after tidiously doing your homework and that could be the only reason why you are a fool of your own lunatic mind thinking your writings with your kind of freak words contain any discernable literature.
    Your mindset explains itself when you used words like ERRADICATE. You see; as you love to start with, democrats don’t talk like that around here. They used such a term for woeful situations like when farms are infested with some kind of parasites and there arise the need for a solution to curb with those parasites. But isn’t this our differences…….that, others think Gambia should restore and nurture a democracy forwards and a few think that is a western trick for the people of the African continent to fall for, therefore, those type wish we go back to the era where a king wakes up in the morning to try what may be the realities in his dream that haunted him badly last night.
    @Soli you have the vicious habit of showing off horrible illiteracy and perhaps this is the only information in your writing that might be amusing Kairo. My shame as an ordinary citizen is, the reality that the most backward-minded and the most naive citizens of the African continent today are Gambians.
    Tell your wife or your boss’s wife to go back to the Gambia and leave the white man democracy alone to them. Real hypocrites are idiots like your. Real gluttonous hyporites;that what you and all around you are. Sloths.

  8. It is rather unfortunate, that it is the likes of Yaya Jammeh and Nkurungziza (Burundi) who have to take the lead and make the long over due decision to withdraw our countries from the ICC, but notwithstanding this fact, the decision is the right one, under current circumstances.

    It would have been more appropriate to see leaders more befitting of this role, taking the bull by the horn and pulling our countries, not only out of the ICC, but also, all other Global Bodies and Agencies that have been established to engender mutual defence, economic, political, religious and social security amongst nations and peoples of the world, by establishing agreed codes of conduct, practices and universally accepted principles and standards in international relations and operations, but which have all been highjacked (mainly) by the imperialist West (US & Europe) to advance their imperialist designs on the world we live in today.

    Whether it is the ICC, the Security Council, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc, every single one of these Global Institutions have been so corrupted and so manipulated by the Imperialist West, that they operate and function in ways far removed from the impartial bodies they were created to be, and this not only affects their abilities to effectively and efficiently perform their designated roles as Impartial Arbiters of Global conflict or concerns, but their credibility is seriously undermined and put into question, and this results to the general loss of trust and confidence that the world community should have in them..

    The numerous crisis we are witnessing today, whether in governance, stalemate at the (UN) Security Council, Proxy wars, collapsed states, economic hardships due to unilateral sanctions (a crime in itself) and this most recent withdrawals, are all a manifestation of the corruption and manipulation that these Global Bodies are subjected to and used, or rather, misused to achieve desired results that do not always promote global cooperation and peace.

    That the US and her allies would pursue the delusional concept of EXCEPTIONALISM as a policy, granting themselves the almighty right to operate outside of international law and the United Nations, is ample testimony to the realisation that nothing can be done through the Global Body, due to the Veto power of their adversaries in China and Russia, who also have ubiquitous interests to protect around the world.

    Also worthy of note, as a factor to this loss of trust and confidence in world bodies, especially with regards to the ICC, is the refusal of the US to accept the jurisdiction of the body over her citizens (including US Armed Forces: most likely candidates for ICC attention), and its pursuit of parallel treaties with other countries, in the form of the Bilateral Immunity Agreements (BIAs), in which these countries renounce the right to refer US citizens to the ICC for crimes against humanity committed on their territories.

    Although it is only the US that has openly pursued this policy of refusal of ICC jurisdiction over her citizens, many of her allies, as well as their adversaries on the opposite side, covertly pursue similar policies and would not refer their citizens to the ICC, thus rendering the body completely redundant except for African countries, who bought into the idea and still believed in it.

    It is perhaps, not an exaggeration to claim that the relevance of the ICC today is completely dependent on African countries, who still view it to be the right global avenue of redress for crimes against humanity, but whether Africa should continue to uphold a global institution that has become effectively redundant, is a genuine topic for debate today.

    My view is that we should not carry a dead horse and there’s no use flogging it either (seeking reform within) because this horse is truly dead. My reservation, apart from the personalities championing this call for withdrawal from the ICC, is the way in which it is being done. I think the ICC issue should be dealt with at the continental level, just like the UN reforms are being dealt with, and the decision to withdraw should be taken at the same level, not by individual countries because that demonstrates weakness and division, but we must demonstrate strength and unison, if we must have an effective voice on the global scene.

    I indulge you to read this article from THE PONT NEWSPAPER, sent in by Dr Salah Hammad, AU Head of Humans Rights Unit. You may not like the truth in his exposition but this is the truth for our claim to withdraw from the ICC.
    I will respond to your nonsensical writing, Bourne. My diatribe hurts and becomes very thorny in the flesh of neocolonialist and imperialist henchmen like you. I hate the whiteman’s puppets and stooges, Bourne!

    ‘It’s collective responsibility for member states to pull out of ICC’
    Africa » Gambia » SHOW MAP

    Monday, October 31, 2016
    The Gambia was not the first to pull out from the International Criminal Court (ICC); Burundi and South Africa had done so recently.

    “We may recall during the AU submit, in Kajali July this year, that there was an intensive debate for a collective pull out from the ICC, simply because the ICC ignored the recommendations made by African countries to reform the court; and to make the court as the last resort to complement the national judicial systems,” said Dr Salah Hammad, head of the Human Rights Unit at the Department of Political Affairs of the African Union.

    Speaking in an interview with The Point newspaper regarding The Gambia’s pulling out of the ICC, Dr Hammand said the ICC and the Security Council of the United Nations totally ignored the recommendations made by the African countries.

    Dr Hammad said further that African countries remain voiceless at the ICC, even though African countries have the largest bloc at the ICC.

    There was an agreement by African states for a pullout, which stated that each member state should pull out individually, since the ratification of the Charter was done by member states individually.

    “This is basically a normal reaction that took place in Kigali, and now it is the responsibility of the member states to take up the responsibility to pull out,” Dr Hammad added.

    He said the question now is whether the ICC is ready to reform itself; to reconsider the recommendation; to implement it, so that the African member states that have pulled out from it would reconsider returning to it.

    He urged the member states to comply with the recommendations of the Kigali Summit.

    “The decision is already made, and there will be more member states to pull out in upcoming weeks or months. The encouragement has already been done at the summit.”

    This decision is in conformity with the resolution of African Union. So The Gambia’s decision was not taken in isolation, he said.

    The leadership of the country has followed up the commitment made at the Kigali Summit, and it is an indication that The Gambia is part of the African Union family, according to Dr Hammad.

    Source: Picture: Dr Salah Hammad, Head of Human Rights Unit, AU

  10. @Babu, you fulminate with a bold tone of hate in almost all your writings, a reason why I deemed it a concern too, engaging your nonsenses every few free minutes I have to myself. The conscious citizens of the Gambia and Africa should start probing into doubts if the whiteman’s underworld tables are not accomodating and guiding the ruthless, citizen-killer rulers of Africa, including Gambia’s Jammeh. Colonialist have lynched, maimed, labored and incarcerated the blackman equal to what the blackman experience in the 21st century in the hands demonious dictators of the continent. You are demonstrating your frustration and confusion in defending sinister opinions trying to refer to folks as puppets and stooges for the whiteman. Didn’t living in the west taught all sound-minded folks the need for better governments at home? Your are superficial and curtailed in contrast to democratic values, the mention of which causes earthquake in your heart of stone. I know you have to take your abondant time to respond to senses made here otherwise we would have called it a day.
    The A.U countries’ withdrawal from the Icc is not a core of these debates in my opinion, if not the point in time of the Gambia’s dictator’s decision to withdraw the Gambia from the Icc. Dramani, Sirleaf and moderate ones alike in the sub-region might have caused little uproar in their countries if they have to take on such decision because, they have very little, or no bad human rights records at all, irrespective of claims of what Bush or Blair did committed outside their countries.
    You lunatic skin-inferiority-complexed type African have helped in just making the people of colour a victim of discrimination and segregation all over the world for giving the impression to the world that we are less intelligent and prosperous when ruthless black misrulers prove to be competent in son, father, mother, sister-killing. Whatever, hope will be alway there for us.

  11. Bourne,
    When I don’t reply immediately, it’s because of the exigencies of my work. Nothing else!
    You are a monster and a sinister diabolical contributor whose only aim is to incriminate on baseless and unfounded stories.
    When an African ruler steers her/his country’s affairs away from Western terminologies of “democracy and human rights”, she/he is immediately branded a dictator. How many patriotic African leaders in the persons of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Patrice Lumumba of DRC were unceremoniously flushed out of power because of their uncompromising stance against the whiteman’s hegemony? Why was Guinea Bissau’s patriotic independence fighter cold-bloodedly murdered by the imperialists because of his call to liberate his country from white domination and subjugation?
    Your definition for the whiteman’s “democracy” and “human rights” do not fit into my conscience, because your “democratic, human rights” terminologies, references and interpretations are anti-African, bogus, imperialist and reactionary.
    Living in the West has already tainted your African-ness, your Gambian-ness. Living so long among the whiteman has diminished your genuine search to conserve and improve the African social and economic orders. Living in the west and among the whiteman has only taught you to discard and neglect your Black-ness. Thus you have turned a “jumped-up” coloured person, not an African. I detest those bleached colours and behaviours, Herr Bourne.
    We are victims of discrimination simply because we have amongst our African/Gambian midst imperialist henchmen like you, Bourne; those who believe in the whiteman’s values and interpretations of the world economc and social orders.
    President Jammeh is a true Pan-Africanist who tacitly believes in the redemption of our people through our collective efforts. He’s right in shaking hands with China and the Arab world, countries that would assist without hypocritically interfering in your domestic affairs. Only Africans MUST decide for Africa, thus Gambians for Gambia.

    • Isn’t it your mouth in the person of Jammeh, the university of brutality, gluttony, lies and sycophancy? Who told you I got sufficient time in my schedules. You are writing out of your guesses evidently marred all over with jealousy and bitterness. If you think what you are writing is true in your defence of the continents dictators, why didn’t you give us genuine reasons why tropical African countries’ dictators families usually reside or spend most time in the ambient of whiteman-democracies, i.e, Jammeh’s. It takes a clean conscience to discern what is wrong from right but unfortunately you are one with a dirty one.
      When African dictators steer their country’s affairs away from western terminologies, the next thing they will try to do is stuff the citizens heads in their pockets, cupboards and wardrobes.
      Frankly speaking what troubles my conscience here is knowing that there are still alphabetised African around who are not set in their minds to innovate or invent. Our agricultural implements remain in their historical forms and shapes as if the whiteman should come back to show us how to advance them. We are not able to evolutionise our farming tools in over a period of 500years but can blame the whiteman even when we shoot our children in their head.
      We should think of when will our universities and institutes be able to revolutionise agriculture with their innovatives and inventions rather alphabetised Gambians blabbering on the ‘white man-won’t let-me-go rhetorics. If we knew what we knew today five hundred years ago, we probably are industrialised nations by now who know how to produce sufficient food for themselves without having to wait on importation of goods whose raw materials were exported by you. Crouching behind anti-colonial and anti-Western rhetorics and not thinking of breaking our way through science and technology are the best stumbling sinking strategy for the continent to the delight of its foes. Myths of the Viking and Saxonites’ can be read or seen in movies and documentaries where you can learn a bit of historical fact that despite them being in bloodbaths, B.c, they were innovative and inventive primitives and savages who had a clear conscience of the need for peaceful administration and prosperity for their generation to come.
      I have vehemently critisised @Suntou on his article, ‘the Educated Illiterates’ but who knows he is talking about your type. I said to him, ‘NO’ in that article, in opposition but they say; Never Say Never.
      God help both of us to see the lights we missed in our awareness toward working for a better country.

    • Seriously…! What planet do you live on Babu Soli…? You earlier claimed that you witnessed the neglect of the colonial and PPP administrations, but you fail to convincingly demonstrate that in some of your writings. On the contrary, you sound like you are a post 1994 child, who is affected and afflicted by GRTS mis-“education”..

      You berate Bourne for being a “jumped-up” coloured person because he lived amongst the “whiteman” for so long; then praised Jammeh for being a true Pan-Africanist, but you seem to be compleletely unaware of the fact that his (Jammeh) family (daughter especially) almost permanently live amongst the “whiteman”…

      In fact, it would seem that your true Pan-Africanist is planning life out of office in the “whiteman’s” land, having forked out and splashed, a cool US $3million on a Potomac mansion in the USA.

      Please, don’t insult the memory of greats like Nkrumah, Lumumba and Cabral, by mentioning them in the same breath as Yaya Jammeh. He is not fit to even wipe their shoes, never mind be mentioned with them.

      I will make you a suggestion: Next time you want to mention Jammeh’s anti-imperialist stance as noteworthy, do so alongside his fellow butchers, and “look-alikes”, like Idi Amin, for example. That would be more appropriate, due to similarities, vis-a-vis, military background, belief in the mystics, endless buffoonry, recklessness, love of titles etc..

      Jammeh, you claimed, is “Right in shaking hands with China and the Arab World”, but what exactly has he got from that quarter..? Apart from the fact that he (AFPRC) foolishly, selfishly and greedily broke off our well established and greatly beneficial relationship with the People’s Republic of China for Taiwan, a close scrutiny of our National Development Budget would show that we rely heavily on the “Whiteman’s” institutions, through cooperation and generosity to function, rather than China or the Arab world.

      History will definitely not allow you people to whitewash the fact that Jammeh literally “crawled on his knees” to beg for the resumption of diplomatic ties with Beijing, after he accused them of wanting to maintain a bygone era of empires, when he turned to Taiwan..

      So please, spare us your Pan-Africanist propaganda for a man who believes in nothing but what guarantees his own survival.

      • Please keep it up bro because must of us don’t have a bit of an idea what the terror regime of Jammeh is weaving together inside or outside the country. Thanks for welcoming @Babu Soli on earth though he could be a confused and jittered alien from some where in the cosmos. Let’s show him how peace works.
        Good to know after all this he (Jammeh) is indeed the national liability in the fact that he buys so many dollars with the devaluated Dalasi to spend it on his family in the whiteman’s country whilst I got there as a beginer and can be nothing more than a beginer liiving there, in ages to come.
        You are right to say that he is insulting the memory of greats like Nkuruma and Lumumba by mentioning them in the same breath as Yaya Jammeh.

      • Come on guys……..! you all have failed to realise this Soli Babu is a professional circus clown on leave. Please let him have his nice time.

  12. @Babu Soli is a joke. @Bourne needs take his time precious!

  13. Bourne,
    It’s fitting that you refered to “educated illiterates” a term that well befits you. Where have you read in history that Africans have never made a headway in ameliorating their lot and improving their technological advance until the selfish white-skinned man encroached into our domain and halted our progress?
    The alphabet, writing and printing on stones and walls the advent of changing metals into viable appliances all started with the African mind and hands.
    You must be so ignorant of historical facts and relics that you still hide behind the white man’s cloak in the shawollest belief that he(the whiteman) is the source of all innovations and inventions of human livelihood. What a sellout.
    You see, how you run into your own illusionary and jealous thoughts in imagining that I am jealous of you. Of course, I’m at times bitter and incensed at your ignorance and reactionary behaviours, but NEVER jealous of an imperialist henchman.
    The only way forward is the revitalisation of our Black continental consciousness to improve our lot. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Taiwanese have achieved it, based on their fundamental roots and values.
    The West have significantly played their role in diminishing and retarding our strides towards sustainable economic and social growth. It’s ENOUGH!

  14. Why are you guys wasting your valuable time, energy and intellect exchanging with Sam Lobster Sarr disguise as Babu Soli.
    Sam Lobster Sarr alias Babu Soli was exposed all over the forum of Hellogambia for the past two years. Knowing that Kaironews forumists are civilized people unlike the brimstones of insults hail on him at hellogambia, he deserted that platform to come to kaironews to play hide and sick, blowing hot and cold all with intent to defend Yaya Jammeh his pay-master. Remember Jammeh himself called him the Biggest Liar of the world live on GRTS. Soli Babu sitting in his office in NY has all the time to engage in his favorite dubious intellectual exercice of trying to play with people’s mind to deviate them from the real issues and the truth about his boss Yaya Jammeh the killerman.
    Please, leave this Babu Soli…. to talk to himself and soon he will disappear from the forum.
    I guess we have better things to do as we approach election day.

  15. Deyda Haidara,
    That’s how you easily tarnish the image/reputation of innocent/distanced people. Who’s told you that I am Sam Sarr? Mr Sam Sarr lives in the USA and I am in Holland, in different continents. If you have any antagonist harbourings for Mr Sarr better address them to him. He’s a man whose coat fits his size. He knows how to take on the opposition. I am not so anointed in the English language as Mr Sarr is, to put my shoes in his place whilst he’s still alive. He can do that himself, no doubt about that. It’s gracious that we share the same ideologies and give support to the same Pan-Africanist leader, President Jammeh Babili Mansa
    On several occasions KAIRO NEWS have deleted my postings. I’m not sure, but perhaps on the grounds of such silly allusions/allegations from figures like you, Deyda. Or perhaps from their own undemocratic nature of not harbouring divergent views. However, I will continue to write on all tabloids to show my own side of the political arena in the Gambia.
    If the tabloids refuse to give the readers the opportunity to read my wordings, then they are doing an immense disservice to the Gambian people. Personally, I believe in the free expression of one’s mind, however bitter to swallow, as we’re doing in the Gambia today.

    • Babu Soli aka Sam lobster Sarr, just go and express your views on GRTS and leave us alone. The day GRTS and the media at home feature the opposition parties on a regular basis or accommodate divergent views without fear and censoring then you can come back to us and enjoy the same democratic right and dispensation on Kaironews and other online media.
      Since 2011 no opposition political figure or civil right activist are shown over GRTS which indeed operates on taxpayers monies. Kaironews however is privately funded and yet we accord you opportunity to express your views freely. Who are the democrats here?
      You and Sarr lobster Sarr should tell your boss Yaya Jammeh and the APRC to do what Kaironews and others are doing i.e accord permanent fair and balance broadcasting.
      Can you do that? Or will you chicken out as you dare not?