Sweden Kicks Out Ousman Sonko

Interior minister sonko
Ousman Sonko’s hands are dirty with innocent blood!

The Gambia’s exiled former Interior Minister has had his asylum application rejected by Swedish authorities and kicked him out, Kairo News has confirmed. Ousman Sonko, the Gambia’s longest serving Interior Minister accused of being in cahoot with President Yahya Jammeh to commit atrocities, was deported to Spain. This development comes after Swedish immigration authorities nullified Sonko’s asylum request on grounds that he should have sought protection in Spain. Sonko himself admitted landing in Spain before proceeding to Sweden. Besides, he has Spanish immigration stamp on his passport. He is either ignorant of international immigration laws or he deliberately chooses Sweden where asylees enjoy phenomenal benefits.

Ousman Sonko, a former Inspector General of Police and presidential guard, last month took to his heels before his firing had been announced. Three months before his escape, Sonko personally threatened opposition with hell. Describing himself as the blind discipline (Baye Faal) of Yahya Jammeh, Sonko said he would not hesitate to create hell for what he called “trouble fueling opposition.”

The fleeing of a man who helped in entrenching the brutal Jammeh dictatorship clearly depicts that signs are on the wall that Gambians might be closer to liberating their country. If the system that the likes of Ousman Sonko have been bragging about is worth the salt, none of the fired officials would have fled.


  1. This man is evil. Now teste your bitter pills of your wicked arrogance and thuggery actions. May ALLAH Is all knowing and all seeing of your deeds. Ousman Sonko, You have exceed all bound, you inflicted so much pain on decent innocent Gambians with arrogance. Now it’s your turn, your (nemesis) are catching up with you, a cause of punishment and your defeat that you deserved and you cannot avoided it. Why do you ran away from your children and wife. How diesel it feel Mr Arrogant Sonko? What a coward, enjoy being a fugitive.

  2. What goes around comes around. I hope the man is now reflecting on his actions and how that has been affecting the lives of their victims and their families; particularly children who depend on the victims. It is simply not acceptable, forgivable or comprehensible for any mature and sound minded individual to allow him/her self to be used by Yahya Jammeh for his ridiculous political ends and only to turn against him (Yahya) when he/she has been kicked out or become a victim.

    Whichever country Sonko goes to, the authorities there must ask him about the people who disappeared, were tortured and those killed by the regime and the roles he played in the process (directly or indirectly). Gambia must not rely on the ICC for bringing to account members and former members of Yahya’s regime as the Chief Prosecutor herself is among them.

  3. This is just the beginning, Yaya jammeh and his so called his wife ll also end up like Ousman sonko believe me, I don’t when but they all ll end like this run to someone father land. Why can’t they learn

    • Atrocities he and his errand of sycophants committed against Gambia citizens matters. Where they go to don’t matter one little bit because they may go where dessidents are; in countries where the rule of law is the order of the day. Fascists talk like, FATHER’S LAND and all…………………..a fact unknown to the real Babu Soli, when Gambians in the future should try to desist from using slogans like it.

      What Gambia needs to be in the future is; to be scrupulous with its citizenship and naturalisation processings and registrations. New software should be made available in the post dictatorship that will require very Gambian citizen’s citizenship be verified and citizens above sixteen years to be fingerprinted or even at birth if that will not violate the rights of a newborn.

      I think we’ve got a lot to learn to be helpful with our opinions in making a better Gambia in the future @Babu.

  4. But how could have Fatou Bensouda, the Icc chief prosecutor be an accomplice in any of Jammeh’s masterminded atrocities………… because that will make it difficult for Gambians to legally settle scores at the said international court. I think Ecowas should shape to sharpen itself for such competences. Ecowas court’s efficiency will serve to remind presidents and states of the sub-region in straightening their political, ethnic, religious, cultural and traditional ways and mindsets.
    Charity must begin at home. Any ineffectiveness of the sub-regional courts to deal with it’s misrulers only indicates a lack of those leaders wills in letting off a democratic and prosperous atmosphere in the sub-regional countryies, with the rule of law.