Election Must Send Jammeh Packing

Baba Jaiteh The beginning of the end of Dictator Jammeh’s brutal regime Election 2016 must see Jammeh go…

Mr Editor, please allow me space in your newspaper once again to add my voice and contribute to the opinions of many Gambians for the upcoming December election in the Gambia.

It has been two long decades of brutal rule of the Gambian people in the Hands of a selfish, coward and an ignorant Dictator who virtually will not miss any chance to get innocent, patriotic, and intellectual Gambian Citizens in his firing line. It is always a painful, sucking and heartbroken feeling to reflect on these unprecedented events that lead to the exodus of nearly two third of the intellectual cream of the country abroad due to his brutal rule, but it has to be said. If we want the younger generation of Gambians both at home and in the diaspora to know and understand how backward and dilapidated the country became under this selfish dictator. Then we need to educate them about this brutal regime and the suffering they inflict on Gambian people as a nation. The reason why this is important is that we are in an election year and most of these young Gambians are eligible to vote to decide how the future of our beloved motherland is managed and who should lead the process. It’s important we educate the young generation of Gambians where we were before Jammeh, where we are and what we have gone through as a nation with him in power and where we want to be after him.

There is and will be no amount of words that we can say here that will heal the wounds to many Gambians inflicted by this brutal dictator and no amount of money to replace the Good people we lost. If I am right, I don’t think there is a family unit in the whole of the Gambia who in one way or the other, are not victims of Dictator Jammeh’s Barbarism. If this is so which I strongly believe is the case; then, why is it that after all these brutal killings, and inhumane treatment of our own people, we (Gambian People) still give our votes to the same person to continue to Kill and suffocate us as a people??? No!! I don’t believe patriotic citizens who have the Gambia and the Gambian people at heart will vote for this selfish and ignorant Dictator. I have a strong feeling that from day one, elections in the Gambia have never been fair. Fair in the sense that there was never a level playing ground in the election process from start to finish.
All the election results announced from day one of his regime were always in favour of the brutal Dictator to keep him in power in order for him to continue his journey of killing the Mandinkas and their associates, being it Fullas, Jolas, wollofs and other tribes’ men. I want every Gambian to know that Jammeh came to power with a mission to eliminate the mandinkas from government so that he can carry on with his mischievous activities. He knows very well that Mandinkas and their associates will not allow that to happen:

• Since these are the people who introduced democracy in the country and always stand to protect the rights and freedom of Gambian people.
• Since these are the people who are educated, capable and well-mannered to lead the Gambian people.
• Since these are the people who honour and respect all sets of Gambian society.
• Since these are the people who are sincere and protective of the Gambian people and their interests both home and away.
• Since these are the people who are decent, and tolerant to all the Gambian people.

Fellow Gambians, these people I have just mentioned are the ones dictator Jammeh did not want to see from day one and he starts it with Ousman Koro Ceesay, the then finance minister. With Dictator Jammeh, the devil is always in the details. The more you look in to his activities, the better you understand who he is and what he want to achieve. Jammeh is an angry bystander who jumps in to a situation without any clue what was happening and decided to take matters in to his own hands. This is Dictator Jammeh the person, let alone his personality. So why did the Gambian people even think of nominating him as a presidential candidate let alone voting for him. He should be automatically disqualified by his own standards.
Fellow citizens, it is evident to all of us that Dictator Jammeh never had a clear mandate to rule the people of the Gambia. Let’s remind ourselves how he came to power in the first place. He imposes himself on to the people of the Gambia by overthrowing a democratically elected Government of the people of the Gambia. He hides himself behind Islam covering himself in big gowns as he deceives some of the learned but not recognised scholars of the country to help him deceive the people of the Gambia. But little did they know that people are watching him and his actions, that a day will come all those people will be exposed and he will be shamed in front of the people he thinks he is deceiving. I see Dictator Jammeh and all those people who in one way or the other helped him to do his mischievous acts towards the Gambian people as criminals and traitors and therefore should be prosecuted and sentence to death by hanging. That day is coming and it is fast approaching.

Let’s reflect on the so-called developments of this brutal regime. What did Dictator Jammeh do in the Gambia since coming to power on a faithful Friday of July 22nd 1994?? What did he add to the livelihoods of Gambians and what improvements did he do to the various sectors of our crumbling economy? The answer is not difficult to say, I believe that he has not improved the lives of average Gambians who are struggling to survive on £1 a day. In fact what he did is to use the taxes that the Gambian people pay to the national treasury to finance his lavish and extravagant life style. What Dictator Jammeh is claiming he has done for the Gambian people is bullshit or in other words completely inaccurate. Whatever he does are only in his own interest not the Gambian people. Jammeh is not interested any Gambian and he does not have Gambia at heart.

Fellow citizens, no one person on his own can develop a nation to the desire of its people. All that Dictator Jammeh is shouting around and about his development projects is actually funded by the Gambian tax payers. Other projects that are funded by donations from foreign countries are all done in the name of the Gambian people and not him as a person. He thinks so low that he believes he is the one sponsoring all those projects. He does not understand that any Gambian who is given the mandate to govern us will use the tax payer’s money to run the country. The difference is the next President will use the tax payer’s money wisely unlike Jammeh. Dictator Jammeh did not realise all these years that he is rather a servant of the Gambian people not a master. Since he is so ignorant, he cannot realise in 22years of governance that he is actually serving the Gambian people not the contrary. This is how low this selfish and ignorant Dictator thinks. So why should we as a nation let ourselves down and allow this brutal regime to continue. I am reminding you again fellow citizens that Dictator Jammeh has been a failure from start to end, believe me or not; that is the fact. So whoever is helping him in his barbaric acts towards; inflicting pain and suffering on decent and innocent Gambians, here is a very strong warning to all of you. We are watching and the world is watching. We know all of you by your names, where you work and where you live. You should not be fooled by what he is telling you since his days are numbering and he will use you to get what he want which is not going to happen by the power of the Almighty Allah. A day will come; you will stand to answer questions asked by the Gambian people. That day Dictator Jammeh will be helpless and you will have to say nothing but the truth.

Fellow citizens, I did wrote few articles for publication in various online newspapers to highlight some very important issues that we should be mindful of as a nation and others that we should come together to achieve. I am writing once again to remind every Gambian citizen, young and old that the faith of our beloved nation called The Gambia lies in our own hands. God is not going to come down to tell us what to do but he gave us the brain to choose between wright and wrong, to understand what is good for us and what is not good for us, to know what we can achieve together and what we can fail to do otherwise. So once again Fellow citizens, I am appealing to each and every one of you whether at home or abroad to be vigilant to all the issues affecting our beloved country and come together as a nation to fix it. It is not very difficult I guess. In my opinion if we all come together as one people and have one thing on our mind as we all proclaim on the media, press, online radios and newspapers, that we want to remove Dictator Jammeh; then it will be easy even without an election. The simple reason is that power belongs to the people if we are going to play by the fair rules of democracy and the rule of law.

First scenario is: if we all come together and form one party as it is called now as (a coalition), we might not even get to the polls by the end of the day. Do you know why? The guy will give up because the consequences of him remaining in power will outweigh his chances. So it will be like the revolution we saw in Ukraine and other countries some years ago.

Second scenario is: that we all come out together to support the national flag of the Gambia. Sing the national anthem and demand that the brutal Dictator step down or we will not give up the demonstration. Eventually fellow citizens the brutal dictatorial regime of Jammeh will slowly but surely come to an abrupt end.

Fellow Gambians we are all in this together but the good thing is, we have a choice. We definitely have a choice to either stick with the brutal and dictatorial regime of Jammeh or to vote for a change to a progressive Gambia, a Gambia that will work for everyone and not for the corrupted few. May Allah bless the people of the Gambia and alleviate the suffering on us all.

Baba Jaiteh
Birmingham, UK


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  1. By any measure the Barrow government should not forget about the struggle of the people. The replication of tyrant Aprc government should be a reminder to the government the Gambian people are ready to dictate their future . We as Gambian chose democracy so our government should honor democratic principles and robust economic agenda that will bring our beloved nation to the 21 century challenges. I concluded with warning to Barrow government is no longer enough for us as Gambian mere explanation and promises about the conditions of our people and our country and when Gambians should expect stable electricity system in Gambia. If the present government is continuing on this path, I am making a pledge to you Mr. President we would take our country back. We will form a formidable leader who really cares about people and Gambia and adhere to government principle of democracy: government by the people for the people and of the people. There is no one that can do this job better than Gambia own beloved son y. Dumbuya. The people future candidate .

    Written by :
    The Democratic Party
    Voice of the people
    Y. Dumbuya