Politics Won’t Mean A Thing If …

oppositionBy Unbaised Prince

Politics won’t mean a thing or stand for anything if all politicians are hellbent on ignoring tolerance!!!

I’m indeed keen on the impetus of Gambia opposition Political Coalition that would yield on importance for a Government in apparent readiness but available to represent and lead the Gambian people by virtue of national grace with political responsibility while remaining conceptual within an open convention to all citizens.

That’s where the sense has always been for me and that’s why I’m so glad to hear such hard facts being laid at most and being the disturbing scene and waves of news headlines enough to send Yaya Jammeh to go further than wacko.

After all, I still believe there can be more in terms of ‘political giving or contributing try-outs’ to be achieved if negotiations are widened but amicably done to attract the views on common interest rather than walking away from the negotiating table in these testing times without proper consideration. It is silly to focus on minor matters or go zealously mental over the things of less importance or being vehemently misled by mere status.

The GDC might be with a given fact to argue their case to the letter for their refusal to sign a particular document based on their views, but it won’t automatically make them innocent of any opposition coalition failure if tolerance was the slightest thing and should by all means, to give-in for rooting out the Kanilai political bandit and ruthless dictator without giving it a careful, second thought.

Politics won’t mean or stand for anything really, if all politicians are hellbent on ignoring tolerance, or call it compromise and compliance or humility. The coalition negotiation must not be satisfactorily rated by how ‘Hard Headed’ negotiators or opposition party leaders are and only be the outcome of it all without deferring from its nakedness. But to the level of how brainy they can lay moral foundations to prove that they worth the time and efforts of the voters they are seeking to represent.

I overheard Mr Sulayman Jeng of ‘Kibaaro-news’ doing the heartfelt arbitration to Mr Mama Kandeh of which should have been the job of the ‘supposed political listeners’ of already selected from the opposition parties around the coalition negotiating table. But that soon even become more embarrassing to learn that, those we are still pushing to do the coalition negotiation for us or our bidding for a fairer or tolerant society and a peaceful environment to live within are still lacking directive as to what ‘setting our difference aside’ actually means.

Essa Jallow of GDC said; “The document that was circulated to the press bearing the signatures was extracted from another document”, without outlining any other document before that one. “The document was hastily prepared and is not a true representation of all the political parties. We believe we were being lured into a well calculated plan to exclude us,” Essa said. I say, then why allow self-distraction overwhelmed your sense of judgement but giving it a senseless excuse on your own confusion and in order to deter others from the truth and getting pre-occupied therein with self-defence of inaptly necessary yet playing innocent of everything else while constantly contradicting oneself on the utterly?

As Mr Jeng narrowly puts it; ‘Looking it from every sense of acutely, Mr Mama Kandeh’s proposal did actually carry some legitimacy and thoughtful preposition if time and funds were not against such moves. It also, but regrettably had long felt under option ‘TWO’ which is not only unworkable and unattainable but indeed very disturbing to learn that it’s even harder to complete than just proposing it alone without looking at its factors deeper than the harsh political climate and economic backlash of unforgiving situation currently hitting the Gambia and her people to their detriments which are not favourable at all’.

Mr Sulayman Jeng also narrowly said; ‘one can aptly conclude yet confirmed that Mr Mama Kandeh and his political party could be politically deemed as keen on attempting to resuscitate the dead body of our Gambian political system by proposing a nationwide primary (mandatory) that would finally strangle and suffocate all citizens without him even testing or exhausting all the available venues and necessary apparatus within the realisation of not doing the right thing first’.

Well, my 6 year old son said; ‘why try to fry your face under the baking sun by thinking that you can fly upside down without first mastering the art of swerving from the heat of the sun’? That’s why I call him Grand Pa.



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  1. A writer once asked renegade Commissioner Momodou Bojang now living in Wisconsin, USA to retrun to his Sami village and apologise to the villagers for the insults and abuses he vetted on those innocent people when he was appointed governor.
    I would also ask Halifa Sallah whose face appears on this posting to do the same to the people of Faraba Banta where the university of The Gambia is being constructed. I spoke to two Faraba Banta European migrants from that Kombo village, one in France and the other in Holland, both of whom confirmed their anger and rejection at Halifa’s irresponsible remarks about the village as a “BUSH village where President Jammeh is mistakenly going to construct a university”.
    They said their villagers are still very angry about those Halifa Sallah remarks and ask he apologises. In fact they said the Faraba Banta villagers, especially the elders, pray daily for Halifa never to administer the affairs of the Gambia. I hope Halifa goes to that village to apologise, knowing that the Gambia is not only the metropolitan area for all development traits.