Sheriff Declares “Jammeh’s Is Over”

jammehThe exiled Caliph General of Wasadung Sheriff Caliphate has declared that President Yahya Jammeh’s presidency has come to an end.

“Yahya Jammeh has ceased to be the President of the Gambia,” Sheriff Dino Hydara said in a circulated audio. Hydara was himself a victim of Yahya Jammeh’s tyranny, forcing him to flee the country.

Hydara swore to the Holy Quran that Gambian Dictator will soon pack up. He didn’t think Jammeh would contest in the forthcoming election. “Even if he takes part, which I doubt, Yahya Jammeh will lose the election in a hiliating manner,” he said, adding that the Sheriff Caliphates are praying for the United Democratic Party’s candidate Adama Barrow.

Hydara warned marabouts and other spiritualists to desist from helping the fast sinking leader. He advised Gambians to remain calm and see what will happen in the next two weeks. Hydara said Jammeh had declared war on all Gambians, including the Sheriff clan. “It was Yahya Jammeh who killed our two sons – Saddibbou and Deyda Hydara, former Junta Interior Minister and leading newspaper Editor, respectively. He is also pained by Mr. Jammeh’s insults on Mandinka ethnicity.

“I can confidently say the Jammeh dictatorship is over. If it doesn’t end, then Sheriffs are not true descendants of Prophet Muhammad [Peace Be Upon Him],” said Dino Hydara who escaped Jammeh’s death trap some years back “We must not allow an idol worshipping leader like Yahya Jammeh to insult, torture and kill people at will.”



  1. in love with Gambia

    Inshaa Allah your prayers will be answered. Gambian people deserve better than what is happening to them by this PIG ( YAHYA JAMMEH ). Thank you very much Hydara.

  2. I only believe in one God. I am tired of these big talks because I have had them for the past 22 years. How many times did you hear Jammeh will not be there in few months. How many times did you hear that the Jammeh government is broken and cannot pay the civil servants. I am tired.

    Look Gambians. If the opposition comes together under one and not leaving behind their hearts, Jammeh will be history. Otherwise, please don’t be fooled by any talk. I am tired.

    It maybe little but I am doing everything I can to ensure the opposition Unite under one flag.

  3. First of all, allow me to let all the readers that I am not Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH’S supporter and I will never become one. But the audio that is going around that Samseeding Dino Hydara of wasadung speech is not TRUE. Dino Hydara is not into politic but he is a victim of politic witch hunting among leaders of supreme islamic council members in the Gambia including some of his fellow Sheriffs who don’t like him at all. So please let leave Dino Hydara out of this politic. That’s not his voice at all. I knew Dino Hydara very well and I have pay visit to him while in Hamburg, Germany before his recent moved to senegal. Dino Hydara will never go to audio or whatsapp to prophecy about Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH ending. DINO HYDARA WILL NEVER EVER DO THAT because he never like talking about politic but rather always devoted in his deen ISLAM. Yes, he is in exiled because of some Gambians including his own fellow SHERIFFS and GAMBIAN SUPREME ISLAMIC COUNCIL MEMBERS LIKE FORMER STATE HOUSE IMAM ABDULLAH FATTY and the rest. But he never like politic or engage on politics discussion. Dino Hydara is very highly well respected, down to earth, and very devoted Muslim man. He is not boastful because he is a Sheriff and he never go out to gamo or islamic gathering praising his sheriff’s tribe, his grandparents or his father but only attended some gamos or islamic gathering to preach authentic hadith and Quran that is it.

  4. Dino Hydara of wasadung will never speech like this and I can swear by Allah that that audio is not DINO HYDARA from Gambia Wasadung in FONI.

  5. Edit boy…be very careful not to idolized human. That’s all to say.

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