Abduction of Former Gambian Ambassador to the AU (H.E. Momodou Sajo Jalllow

Abduction of Former Gambian Ambassador to the AU (H.E. Momodou Sajo Jalllow

Dear Editor!

This is an Urgent Message informing you that Former Gambian Ambassador to the African Union (AU), H.E. Mr. Momodou Sajo Jallow has been abducted on Friday morning September 2nd by the Gambian National Intelligence Agency(NIA) following the directives of The President Yahya Jammeh and his Vice President Madame Isatou Njie Saidy. This abduction took place less than 24 hrs after Yahya Jammeh rescinded Mr. Jallow’s appointment as Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister.

Mr. Jallow was appointed on August 23rd. We believe his arrest has to do with the online Freedomnewspaper anchor’s political analysis questioning former Ambassador Jallow’s loyalty to the Jammeh government since Mr. Jallow’s wife (Jainaba Bah) is a staunch militant of the opposition United Democratic Party  (UDP). No one knows where they have taken Mr. Jallow as all attempts to reach him on his fone by his family, relatives and concerned well-wishers have failed. We appeal for you to share this story with the hope that we can have some prompt support in soliciting for the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Jallow to help save his life as we believe he is in great danger at the moment. Thanking you in advance for your help in this very difficult period for us, his family!

Yours Sincerely,

Sajo Jallow’s Family


  1. I totally disagree with this family press statement in which they linked the disappearance of mr Jallow to freedomnewspaper political analysis . I think that is baseless and unfounded allegation. Jammeh’s regime is well aware of Mr Jallow’s wife as strong militant of UDP well before his appointment . Therefore, it is a complete dishonest statement to associate his disappearance to freedomnewspaper political analysis. Mr Mbai has every right to question any one much more someone who has been a supporter of tyrannical government for the past 22 years . Why do people have to lie or accuse others for their own predicament?
    I do sympathize with his family but their press release is misleading and malicious to say the least . Keeping them honest is my ultimate goal to refute their allegation and defend the rights freedomnewspaper anchorman who made political analysis on mr Jallow’s loyalty. The family would have been better off if they simply indicate that they did not know why he was abducted by his boss. If mr Jallow was not abducted he might be spinning lies aganist innocent citizens just like his boss foreign minister Neneh and sheriff Bojang is doing right now . I hope he learn his lesson when he is release from hell.
    Such a press statement with significant allegation shouldn’t have been published . It is a complete garbage .

    • Max….You sound very certain about two things here :

      (1)…That the story of the Jallow family, linking the disappearance of Mr Jallow to the Freedom Radio analysis, is completely false;

      (2)…That the regime was well aware of the relationship of Mrs Jallow with the UDP before Mr Jallow’s appointment.

      How did you know so much about his disappearance that you can make such bold claims, given that you live abroad.?

      Was Mrs Jallow openly advertising her relationship with the UDP..?

      I know you claimed to have sources, but someone also hinted to the possibility of you being an NIA operative…What is the truth Max.?

      You are beginning to sound very suspicious, with all this “inside knowledge”, none of which compromise Yaya Jammeh,anyway, because such information is already known, or at least, suspected by many…

      “Revealing” such information is how “double agents” operate..They pretend to give you something valuable to win your trust, but what they give you will have no effect on their master or whatever effect it has can be managed..

      • Bax , oh oh Bax , I can’t stop laughing at you with your implication that I might be Nia operative . Stop joking . You can’t be serious . What I said about Mrs Jalow is true and is open knowledge to most people who are udp supporters . You are part of indocrinated organization which is why you are not aware of Mrs Jallow being a UDP strong supporter . One thing I know I am not an agent of dictatorship.

        • I’ll be “watching” you from now on. All this “insider stuff” is suspicious.

          • Bax , one thing I know about pdois disciples is that you guys have tried everything to attach to me but you were not successful . Remember your fellow confused indoctrinated disciples have accused me of being an asylum seeker using pdois organization though I wonder why I would use the name of organization which is not in power and now you are making another claim . Also Remember , I write extensively about Jammeh’s regime and jammeh himself and his family . You came to defend his family and you offered your sympathy to him and all his officials ( let me not start the fight again ) . I can tell you , you and your fellow confused indocrinated disciples are close to Jammeh than I am . I despise him more than anyone.
            By the way , I missed my ally and fellow patriot Haidara’s , I hope he is doing well .

          • You know that is false (defending & sympathising with Jammeh & officials) but carry on…That’s your prerogative.
            Deyda and Lafia too, have gone awol. I hope they are fine. They are definitely missed..

          • Bax, please keep vigil on him. This is the man who makes it his point of duty to put a wedge between the PDOIS and THE udp, the two most visible opposition in the Gambia so as to make it impossible for them to see eye to eye.
            Hmm, I will also become vigilant from now on.
            I will describe him as “The Mr Sly
            Fox’,ha ha ha!

  2. I once again reiterate, I concur with the Jallow family for what they are caught up in; alongside many, many people before, & us all, as ALL persons Gambian or affiliated, in a way & another continue to suffer TYRANT yaya KILLER DEVIL BARBARITIES DIRECT & INDIRECTLY…

    Knowing the SADISTIC DEVIL that Sarjo dines & wine with, hands in glove in participatory complicity, why haven’t he (Sarjo) inform or sensitize his parent country of residence before he departed for Gambia which is a “bottomless-pit” for everyone, including & especially for the MURDEROUS kanilai ALLIGATOR’s own accomplices too…

    This is the reason, & MORAL Conscience lesson why NO one should ascribe, contribute towards, facilitate &/ direct &/ indirectly participate in the molest persecution & murder of fellow human beings in anyways, shapes or forms WHATSOEVER…

    I hope & pray all under the kanilai KILLER DEVIL captivity can get free alive & in good health; Ameen…