UDP Should Lead The Coalition But…

Adama Barrow The main purpose of any electoral coalition is to merge the resources of two or more parties to improve electoral outcomes for the members of the coalition. This may involve uniting behind common candidates or, in plurality-majority systems, agreeing not to compete against each other in particular electoral districts. Often, the ultimate goal is to achieve the vote share required to win an election, achieve majority in the elections. In the Gambia and as the country is heading to the elections in December 2016 fragmented opposition parties are competing to win the elections. However as the electoral laws require simple majority to win the elections, Gambians at home and abroad are exerting efforts to form a sturdy coalition in a bid to defeat the seating regime of Yahya Jammeh. Nonetheless, the debate remains revolved around the party which should lead this proposed coalition.

In reacting to this, and in reflecting to political theories and practice, I am with conviction that task of leading the coalition should be entrusted to the UDP. Nonetheless, given the peculiar nature of the political landscape in the Gambia- which is fraught with lack of trust among the opposition and dominance of personal interests over national interests amid the high need for change, UDP can consign its legitimate right of leading the coalition to an independent party as a pragmatic strategy in realizing the common objectives of putting an end to over 20 years of dictatorship.

The right of UDP to lead the coalition is proved by both political theories and practices. Theoretically, and in pre and post electoral alliance or coalition the agreement or memorandum of understanding between parties are mainly centered around the sharing of power in the prospect government, i.e. sharing of key posts and ministerial portfolio. Thus, the leadership of a pre-electoral alliance is the inherited right of the party with a formidable strength to pull more vote. Overall the factors used to determine each party’s strength will vary depending on the specific context and data available; however political scientists normally refer to the following as indications of a party’s power. These include:

Previous election results;
• The historic strongholds of each party (as defined by geography, ethnicity or other
demographic factors);
• The size of each party’s membership;
• Independent polling results; or
• Financial strength/fundraising potential

Applying this to the state of political parties in the Gambia suffices that UDP should have the leverage to the lead the coalition. This is vindicated by the strength of the party as demonstrated in the previous presidential and legislative elections in which UDP not only outvoted other oppositions, but also challenged the incumbent in many constituencies. As it stands today, there is not accurate statistics that will indicate that the popularity of UDP is declining so much so that its elections result will regress behind any standing opposition parties which are claiming the leadership role in the prospect coalition. Instead, the popularity of UDP seems to be on rise since the arrest and the killing of UDP members. For example, despite the incarceration of their executive, UDP was able to convene unprecedented rallies in Brikama and Bundung respectively. These turnouts not only overshadowed the turnouts of sisterly opposition parties, but it also confirm the acceleration of UDP popularity across the country.

In addition to the previous election results, the strength of UDP is represented also in widespread of their stronghold due to demographic factors. Unlike PDOIS and the newly emerging party GDC whose support bases are concentrated in one particular region, UDP strongholds comprise most of the constituencies and local councils. These include Banjul, KMC, Brikama, Mansakonko, Basse, Bansang, Badibu etc. In each of these councils, UDP generally pulled more votes than any other existing opposition parties. And there is no indication that the infant party in the person of GDC can outnumber UDP in any of these councils. Added to this, the tendency of political parties to appeal to their ethnic groups amid the polarization of politics along the tribal line also gives UDP extra strength given the fact that UDP has strong identification with Mandinkas who are the major tribal group in the country.

Moreover, and although there is no accurate number in the possession of the author that confirms that UDP has more party membership or financial strength than other parties, this unconformity matches with semi-confirmation that it has an edge over GDC and PDOIS in these aspects. This could be observed in the reality which reflects the consistent existence of UDP activism throughout 22 years of its existence. Should there be any financial deficit; UDP’s political activism will see a setback during the past years of existence in a hostile political environment.

The outlined factors that should qualify UDP to lead the coalition in the Gambia are not odd with political practices across the world. From Africa to Europe and across the American continent, the strength of parties – as manifested by its popularity or previous electoral results – place it to lead a coalition in pre and post-electoral coalition. In fac, this has been the practice in the political history of the Gambia. For example, PPP led a coalition with small parties like United Party (UP) and Muslim Congress Party (MCP) to form a coalition government in 1963. In Nigeria and Senegal, small opposition parties rallied behind big opposition parties to win the recent elections in these countries. Similarly in Kenya and in 2002 one group of 14 parties coalesced into the National Alliance Party of Kenya (NAK) and would eventually reach agreement to form a coalition with main party the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), resulting in an even bigger coalition: the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) to win the presidential elections. In a similar example, Sweden KD party joined the Central Party to win the elections in 1970s and 80s. Therefore, in pre-electoral coalition, the discussion and agreements are tailed to the distribution of power between the parties should they win the elections. Thus, the leadership of the coalition is assigned to a party identified to pull more votes based on previous elections results or demographic factors. In post-electoral coalition, political practices across the globe indicate that minority parties, as reflected in previous elections results, join the majority parties to form a coalition governments. This is the political Norms in UK, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Despite the conviction that UDP should lead the coalition based on political theories and practices, political landscape of the Gambia presents a peculiar scenario in which oppositions are in denial of facts drawn from past and the present. Competing parties with UDP deny the predominance of the UDP and its nationwide influence. This has been a stumbling block for the formation of the coalition despite the threat that threatens the existence of the Gambians. It in this context of denial PODIS calls for ambiguous preliminaries, while GDC call others to rally behind them. Based on what seems to be driven by their personal interests, not national one, these propositions have been a challenge for the unification of oppositions behind UDP which has been formidable in breaking the fear of challenging Yahya Jammeh regime on the street, and which has been bearing the cost of Yahya Jammeh’s brutality than any political parties.

On the backdrop of this standoff, the emergence of an independent candidate in the person of Dr. Isatou Touray seems to be cooler for the situation. While UDP still have privilege by virtue of their support base and the sacrifice as well as the lost they incur in the course of the struggles, the UDP is expected by the Gambians to apply their rationale, rather than emotion, to kindly relinquish their privilege and right to Dr. Isatou for the unity of the opposition and for the desired change. This should not be seen as the incapability of the UDP neither should it be interpreted as the strength of Dr. Isatou Touray. Rather it sis should be interpreted as unfortunate reality in which oppositions lack trusts for each other which necessitates that we have a neutral person with not party affiliation to lead the coalition. Thus, as it strongly assumed that GDC and PDOIS would stand alone should UDP claim its right to lead the coalition, UDP consider the plights of the Gambians and the dare need for change to take a pragmatic approach to salvage the country from another five years of brutal killings, economic hardship, mysterious disappearance and self-imposed exiling by delegating its role to Dr. Isatou. Should UDP opt for this approach, they will remain vividly respected by the honest people of this country as the party that not only defied Yahya Jammeh in polls and on the street, but also that rescued the country from the hell. In this regard, the surrogates Dr. Isatou should recognize and acknowledge the narration of UDP as the party that has been targeted and brutalized by Yahya Jammeh; and the supporters should act will humility to convince the UDP surrogates that they are here to work together with them in achieving the common goal.

Ba Moro Sanneh



  1. UDP militants still insisting of “Party-led” led? Well GDC militants are also propagating it and demanding leadership of Coalition (especially between UDP and GDC forming alliance)?

  2. interesting subliminal tribalism and normal discrimination message noted from quoted statement below;

    “Added to this, the tendency of political parties to appeal to their ethnic groups amid the polarization of politics along the tribal line also gives UDP extra strength given the fact that UDP has strong identification with Mandinkas who are the major tribal group in the country.”


    • Note “…the fact that UDP has strong identification with Mandinkas who are the major tribal group in the country.”; is valid demographics FACT but UDP is not thriving on tribalism because of its diversity!

  3. Mr Sanneh , thank you very much for well written and Brilliant article which highlights our political dilemma. It is lack of honesty and acceptance of the truth and facts by the other small opposition parties which is why they refuse to allow udp to lead . Pdois in particular has never been honest about their political strategy. Their proposal of primary process is all part of their dishonest political strategy to deny udp the chance to lead any coalition.

  4. Mr Sanneh is still promoting UDP agenda with its “Party-Led” but politics is a dynamic process. Let him come back and tell us whether Macky Sallah would had the chance of becoming The current President of Senegal based on his commentary and arguments for a valid UDP case to lead any Coalition.

    Macky Sallah became leader of a newly formed political party that never contested elections within 3 years towards a General Election, when Edrissa secka was considered leader of “largest” opposition party, followed by Tanor Jeng and Mustapha Niasse; among those with the slogan of “BENNO SEEGIL SENEGAL” Coalition but because Senegal have a 1st and 2nd round of voting system he got popular support to override all of them to lead and others rally behind him.

    In UK there was no Coalition prior towards election but compelled by hung parliament results demanding forming a government to settle its political crises, ushering in a Tory and Liberal Democrat Coalition (with David Cameron as Tory Prime Minister). Nick Clegg with Liberal Democrats could have tilted the balance to Gordon Brown and formed a Coalition government with Labour leaving out David Camron but they considered best strategy for them, against Labour and Gordon Brown loosing popularity (on Immigration Issues and The Economy with a huge deficit).

    Every election cycle it’s same impasse with repeated debates ad finitum, so it’s better it’s better to end this partisan pitching for liberation of the nation and freeing of all political prisoners to revert back to NADD MOU format of Grande Coalition (as equal partners); in the interests of national unity, compatriotism and solidarity to achieve main common goal of ending this tyrannical and brutal system.

    Lets understand that nation is under existential threat and the way forward in uniting opposition front should not bother on power and leadership struggle but DIALOGUE AND ADVOCATING FOR SPIRIT OF NATIONAL UNITY, COMPATRIOTISM, SOLIDARITY, ESPRIT DE CORPS, FRATERNITY (FOR COMMON GOAL), EMPOWERMENT AND MASS MOBILISATION!



    • Nobody is promoting the abandonment of their parties. This makes sense. Because building a sustainable party takes long and the state has interest in having sustainable parties that stood the test of time. If you know history, here is food for thought: Hitler’s Nazi regime envisaged a 1000 year rule. The SPD was the prominent party fighting against monarchy, helped established the Weimar republic only to be overrun by the Nazi in 1933 polls. Hitler changed everything and instituted dictatorship. He persecuted, killed or exiled members of SPD. But Hitler was not to live forever just like Mussolini or apartheid ideology for that matter. However, SPD and ANC are still here and actively administering or co-administering their respective countries years after their planned extinction.

      Back to you. NADD is not an option this time because bringing the resources of all these parties together to function harmoniously, will be an unsurmountable task. If parties would agree on a coalition, they can just establish a binding MOU and throw their support behind a personality among them who has the character, track record, wisdom and impartiality to honour the MOU to the letter. In that case, parties can campaign on their own or coordinate their activities and at the end of the day, the designated person submit his/her candidature. That means the candidature of the remaining party flagbearers becomes dormant.

    • Dawda , throughout the world coalition are led by the biggest party with logistics and structural capabilities. Even in the war footing , coalition are led by country with best logistics and weaponry . Example USA led coalition in Iraq . Democracy is simply about the majority where a party which consistently win the majority votes among the opposition parties should led any coalition. Do you want to tell me that pdois should lead any coalition based on their horrible and worst performance for the past 40 years in politics? The problem we have in The Gambia is that people like you are very dishonest and untruthful individual who will never accept the facts and truth even when it is put to you on your face. How could you compare a party with 4% pdois support to 36% udp support. Senegal you quoted in your dishonest posting have galvanized its citizens irrespective of political affiliations and fought together to get rid of president Wada . About 13 people died as a result of protest . In The Gambia when we have peaceful protest, Halifa and other leaders failed to join peaceful protest for election reforms. Electoral reforms is a national issue . In Senegal, Macky Sall was in the same political party with president Wada but when he saw that their national security and democracy were threatened by president Wada , he and his colleagues left mr Wada’s political party and formed a new political party which worked with other opposition parties to help elect mr Sall as president.
      Pdois do not have influence and support in The Gambia as far as winning the election is concerned. Where do you see the dumbest idea of primary election In Africa or anywhere you have dictatorship?
      Your obsession with Nadd is beyond belief. Don’t you understand that creation of Nadd was a mistake in my view because no one can have membership of two political parties. This is why all the opposition parties should have ceased the membership of their respective political parties and concentrate on Nadd as the only registered political party during that time but that did not happened. What was the court case when Nadd was taken to court in violation of the constitution? I hope those with sound understanding of this process at the time will come forward to explain.
      Dawda , dishonesty and selfishness are the main problems of opposition leaderships who refused to allow udp to lead . You must be honest in order to allow compromise and cooperation to take place . If you are not honest and you keep repeating the same things then we can’t agree to solve problems. Pdois is the least honest political party in The Gambia.

      • @ Kinteh What are you referring to on my comments against “Party-led” position and

        Point 1: I cannot reconcile or relate your first paragraph to any of the points I have pointed out against “Party-led” (typically with UK and Senegal cited)!

        Point 2: On your opening statement “Nobody is promoting the abandonment of their parties. This makes sense. Because building a sustainable party takes long and the state has interest in having sustainable parties that stood the test of time. If you know history, here is food for thought: “; with Hitlers Nazi…, SPD and ANC…?

        How does it makes sense when I have not stated or alleged that somebody (be it party position, party leaders, party militants or whosoever you are referring to) “is promoting the abandonment of their parties.”? Waste of time and comments space!

        Point 3: Please revisit these extracted notes from Home of the Mandinmories blog for NADD Press Releases (among other relevant notes and updates) with courtesy of blogger Ousman Ceesay to clearly understand what NADD represented?

        “The history of NADD began with the signing of a remarkably clear and concise document which embodies in totality the fundamental objectives of NADD, commonly referred to as the Memorandum of Understanding. On 17th January 2005, twelve leaders appended their signatures to this historic document. Two signatures came from each of the five parties which gave birth to NADD. The two other signatories are the Chairperson and the Coordinator of NADD who were elected by the party representatives. The leaders did not only append their signatures, they made solemn declaration before an expectant and electrified crowd of their profound faith and commitment to the principles and objectives of NADD. This invitation for the people and posterity to be the witnesses of the exercise sealed the integrity of the Alliance. The stormy enthusiasm of the crowd gave the signatories of the Memorandum extraordinary power of conviction.

        An Alliance Of Principle Not An Alliance Of Convenience Contrary to the arguments of NADD’s critics that it is an alliance of convenience, the Memorandum of Understanding has impressed on the people with a remarkable force of logic that the alliance is a by-product of historic necessity. It addresses the demands of our times and circumstances. Those who are conscious of the history of the liberation movements, are fully aware that the failure to carry out the democratic revolution after the birth of Independent states had been a fetter to the empowerment of the people and the stifling of their creative powers to build united countries endowed with liberty and prosperity.

        The Memorandum of Understanding made it abundantly clear that the coup d’etat of 1994 did not address the demands of post Independent Africa for Democracy and Development. It insists that the 1994 to 1996 transition did not yield a society based on transparency and accountability that the people envisaged nor had it given rise to democratic and constitutional existence that gives the people full authority to determine their manner of government at the Village and District levels and exercise checks over their representatives at the national level. The Memorandum therefore calls for a five year democratic transition to a genuinely democratic and constitutional order that will enable political parties to exist and seek the mandate of the people based on principles and institutions that safeguard best practices of governance in the world. This is why the Memorandum states categorically that the Alliance is rooted in the consciousness of the imperative and the urgent need to consolidate the aspirations of the Gambian people for greater national unity, transcending tribe, religion, gender, place of origin, birth, disability or other status and the conviction that an alliance transcending ideological and other differences in principles, policies and programmes could augur well for the country by ensuring the adherence to a common code of conduct and thus consolidate a culture of respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, democratic participation, tolerance of diversity that can serve as a launching pad for genuine multiparty electoral contest based on diverse principles, policies, programmes and practices.

        NADD is not designed to negate a multiparty system; on the contrary it creates the basis for a level ground after a five year democratic transition for each party or presidential aspirant to seek the mandate of the people without any obstacles. This is precisely why the NADD presidential candidate is to serve only one five year term of office and would neither seek a second term nor promote the candidature of any person in the next following election. During the five years, a collective leadership of the representatives of parties shall put in place a cabinet and government that will pursue the following strategic objectives:

        A. put in place constitutional and legal instruments as well as democratic institutions and practices covering all areas of state administration and management so as to put a definitive end to self-perpetuating rule and ensure the empowerment of the people;

        B Pull together resources within the framework of the alliance to contest the forthcoming presidential, National Assembly and Local Government elections;

        C. Launch a five year transitional rectification programme in order to ensure an open democratic society based on the promotion of national unity, freedom, peace, prosperity and justice for all;

        D. create an economic environment that ensures the development of the productive base, maximize economic growth, employment and general welfare as well as foster African regional integration;

        E. promote the ideals, policies and programmes of ECOWAS and other sub-regional groupings in particular and the African Union in general;

        F. promote the fullest participation of the people, especially the Gambian women, in development and maximize the benefits derived therefrom;

        G. promote the prestige and image of the country internationally by ensuring full respect for the human rights of the citizenry and their democratic participation in running the country in accordance with the ideals enshrined in international human rights law and norms of best practice;

        H. develop partnership with civil society organizations to enable them to participate and guide the governance and development priorities of the country;

        I. encourage the freedom of information through the creation of laws and practices that would safeguard the independence and impartiality of the public media and the freedom of the non-governmental media to disseminate information without censorship;

        J. establish a code of conduct that will put an end to the politics of slander, character assassination, patronage and intimidation and replace it with the politics based on enlightenment, principles, policies and programmes.

        The Alliance formulated a Code of Conduct to promote political decency in the country. The Alliance engaged in consultation with the regime through the auspices of the commonwealth. This culminated in the formulation of a Code of Conduct to guide relations between opposition and government. A former Head of State of Nigeria, General Abdusalami Abubacarr, was appointed as the moral guarantor of the implementation of the provisions of the Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct was signed on behalf of all parties on the 6th of February 2006 through the mediation of President Obasanjo. The Alliance further authorized visits by the Coordinator to introduce the consultative environment it aims to promote in its relation with other political parties, government and public servants. In this way, the Alliance sought to eliminate any misunderstanding or ill will between political opponents.

        On 29th May 2005, the Alliance launched its sensitization and mobilization campaign to broaden its support base among the masses. The simplicity and clarity of explanation regarding the origin and objectives of NADD enabled it to win popular appeal. By the end of May 2005, NADD was set to become a major political force that the ruling APRC could no longer ignore.”

    • Janjanbureh

      Dawda, what you failed to explained why Macky Sall came to lead the coalition because he reached out to the other oppositions and offer them something they cannot refuse. Secondly, the other opposition candidates agreed that Macky Sall can handle the role of the president of Senegal. He has the experience as a prime minister, minister, speaker of the house and mayor of a town couple with his educational experience. Why did Senegal not choose Yousou Ndure as president? He had the money, well known throughout the world, can sing his heart to pieces and gets big crowds in all his meeting but he lacks the education and no experience after all. Senegalese people knows that they need somebody who can move the country forward not make it worst for them. Gambians, we have to set aside our differences and support somebody who can get us out of the mess but also he/she have the education and experience to move us forward. The party with the majority support should lead and compromise with the smaller parties for other positions.

      • Janjanbureh UDP “Party-led” position is claiming to led PRE-ELECTION as “largest” and Edrissa Secka was leader of “largest” Senegal opposition party before Macky Sallah formed a new party (which never contested any elections) and within 3 years led all them in 1st round of voting!

        Macky Sallah (and compared to Mama Kandeh) would not have any chance in The Gambia on the intransigence of UDP with its “Party-led” advocacy. Mind you Edrissa Secka who was then leader of “largest” opposition party claimed to led “BENNO SEEGILSENEGAL” with his party records on previous elections and his slogan was “Edi4President” but he came out 4th position in 1st round, turning the tables around.

        Politics is a dynamic process!

  5. Brothers, Macky Sall has been in politics for more then 30 years. Unlike Dr Touray who has never been and is not known. There are a lot of people who are after Dr Touray, some of them don’t even know her nor can they point her. She is educated. Yes I agree but Gambian politics is not about education, it is about who your know. Secondly, Macky Sall was the nearest candidate in vote to Wada so they join him and win. why can’t Gambian do the same and join UDP rather than Dr touray who is not known?

    • Janjanbureh

      Modou, I do agree with you. Any meaningful coalition is centered around the larger party working with the smaller parties. In the case of The Gambia, small parties like PDOIS wants to lead but they have very few knuckleheads followers who don’t even have votes to cast. Don’t mind them.

    • If UDP cannot join other parties why should other parties join them under multiparty system?

      Also who has suggested that Gambians should support Dr. touray and not join UDP in thread?

    • In 2016, we want highly educated citizens for presidency, first and foremost. After that criteria, they can be compared in other required human qualties for the job.
      We should fight illitereacy in the 21st century. A predominantly illiterate population is literally a politically backward country in 2016.
      My regrets in life is being a drop out; because I could have been a much more resourceful citizen in my opinion..

    • Janjanbureh

      Modou, I do agree with you. Any meaning coalition is center around the larger party working with the smaller parties. In the case of The Gambia, small parties like PDOIS wants to lead but they have very few knuckleheads followers who don’t even votes to cast. Don’t mind them.

  6. Dawda, please do not waste your valuable time with people who see sun but prefer to call it moon. In all democracies, the people must be given choice of candidates within parties and outside of parties. It is the sole role of the people to select their leaders. So to pretend that all leaders can meet and agree that one of them has the character, track record, wisdom and impartiality is a day dream of the highest type. Only the people can decide those character traits. Kinteh and co are just searching for flimsy reasons to empower our people to decide their fate. And it is sickening to hear people who bombard the net with insults of all sorts calling Jammeh dictator and all that but still refuse to accord our people their fundamental right of participating in true democracy.

    • Indeed, it is the sole role of citizens to choose their leaders. That’s why we have presidential and parliamentary election. There is also what is called representative democracy. The parties are not bound to elections or primaries (pdois or udp didn’t do any to choose Sallah and Barrow respectively) as sole means to select a candidate. Equally there is no requirement to go for inter-party primaries to choose a flagbearer of a coalition. If the choosen leaders, on behalf of their respective parties, struck a deal for coalition, they are fulfilling their REPRESENTATIVE OBLIGATIONS.
      Just like you have national assembly members elected to fulfil their representative functions. Logic is simple: the whole district cannot sit in parliament to reject or pass every law or bilateral agreements presented.

    • Yero Ba , you are back with your dishonest political view and misinformation. Who in his right mind will choose a candidate From a party which has never gotten 5% of votes in the entire life of the candidate political life in all the elections . Pdois has never got 5 % of votes. Tell me where on this earth have you seen the dumbest idea of primary election in any country where there is dictatorship? Since you and your party refuse to follow the biggest opposition party udp , I bet you will have no respect for the voices of the majority when you are in power . No doubt such a dictatorial mindset of your leadership has resulted to abandonment of your party by so many people who used to support your cause. I do not even think your party leadership are intelligent political strategists because they believe in dumbest strategy which has been never tested anywhere in the world. pdois is an agent of dictatorship. For your information, your party has zero chance to govern the country because Gambians have repudiated your party long time ago . You guys called yourself educated or most aware political party but I think your party continue to propose dumb ideas and continue on its rigidity. Politics is all about compromise but when you refuse to compromise and accept the facts then you are a liability to the voters or country and in the process you held the country hostage. This is what happens even in the most advanced democracy like USA where the republicans at the house and senate shut down the government few years ago because of lack of compromise. People are dying every day and you guys are playing stupid political maneuver just to prolong jammeh’s stay in power . Why can’t you leave your outdated and rigid political strategy to Join the majority. I am sick and tired of the same stupid rhetoric for 22 years. I am sure if Halifa is kidnapped and disappeared in thin air , you won’t be making the same silly arguments over and over again . Why can’t we get along and get rid of the tyrant who is killing our fathers , mothers , uncles and brothers .

  7. Janjanbureh

    Yerro Bah, why not tell that to PDIOS who only have selective democracy. Only three people decide the faith of the party. Some of you folks think the rest of Gambians are sleeping. Individual parties have primaries within not with other parties. Unless fairness is done with strength of each party determine the outcome of the coalition. Nobody will allow that foolishness and short-sighted approach to get tiny parties ganging on larger parties 50 times their size. Selfishness is one of PDOIS trademarks.

    • Udp supporters should tell the readership of this forum why the little known Amadou Barrow should be given the opportunity to lead any coalition than throwing invectives at other political parties.

      • Your suggestion? Can you contribute any meaningful approach to the unbreakable deadlock?

      • Fatoumata Baldeh

        Bamba, his name is not Amadou but Adama. You don’t even bother to know his right name. Adama has all the characteristics of a leader. He is honest, trustworthy, considerate and compromising when the need arises. He is one person who has wider likeability. A real Gambian who sees himself as a Gambian first. His diversity, wealth of business experience and success all qualify Adama to lead a coalition. Unlike other candidates, Adama is an easy sale.

    • Focus on the issues and forward valid points than direct personal attacks, malicious vile slanders, smearing campaign and false propaganda.

      Halifa Sallah is a dynamic politician, PDOIS a dynamic major political party, with dynamic leaders, good manifesto, programmes and visions for country!

  8. https://www.foroyaa.gm/archives/11928.
    Yero Ba , going by the above headline about the woman who is desperately looking for her husband since he was kidnapped without trace by jammeh’s regime , don’t you think it is time now to put aside a silly political maneuvering and focus on the real plights of Gambians who are suffering and daily are living in pain . It breaks my heart to read such stories daily in our country. It is people’s lives that are being destroyed on daily basis . Why can’t we put aside selfish interests and look for welfare and rights of all citizens. Majority of us have no damn interest to look for any position in The Gambia and all we care about is to see our families, neighbors and fellow citizens living in peace , freedom and their God given rights are respected. So we need to stop this selfish political bickering and self destruction. Anywhere in the world , democracy is about the majority but if you refuse to allow the majority to lead then dictatorship comes to play . The mere fact pdois continue to behave like an obstacle to unity then the party has its nefarious agenda which is different from liberation of Gambian people. I hope you read my posting with an open mind .

    • It takes real patience to endure @Dawda, @Yerro, @Bax and the rest of the Doy roll call’s relentless efforts in blinding off the realities of feasible and true democratic practices in the world of democracy from the Gambians, especially its younger generations.
      What is such an outlining of political of political systems that includes, ‘military dictatorships’, means to any honest political figure or affiliates sense of reasoning? To me, I want military dictatorships be considered mishaps and tragedies that brings doom on countries. One like me, do wander if you guys are not the disguised warloads with coldblooded intellect faces going out in traditional civilian clothes.
      ‘Ad Hominem’, that’s you guys preferred latin phrase any time now that you are referred back to your lies and hypocrisies. Be rest assured that most of us here gonna remain taxpayers and perhaps employers. It will amase you guys to see that back home, many won’t need to be paid a per diem.
      You wake up from your snoring is a better advice for to folks like you.

    • Isn’t it interesting, Max, that you have to go to Foroyaa, the organ of PDOIS, to find the story of yet another disappeared husband, father and citizen…?

      Isn’t that enough proof that they genuinely and sincerely care about the plight of the people; not just their votes.

      Tell us which other political organs carry such stories..?

      Do you blame PDOIS for the excesses of the Executive…?

      Who is playing politics and wanting to benefit from the unfortunate situation we find ourselves in…?

      The writer of this distorted piece (which I will react to) had to acknowledge the importance of a Memorandum for power sharing in any prospective coalition government.

      Can you or anyone tell us what UDP was offering (in the past) that could constitute Memorandum of understanding, apart from entitlement to lead..?

      • Bax, I think you failed to understand that in any dictatorship there has to be some forms or means of legitimization which is why foroyaa is operating freely while other newspapers were banned or fired bombed . You need to go back to my previous article titled ” pdois as an agent of dictatorship ” then you will understand why foroyaa is the only newspaper which write such stories in The Gambia .
        Bax , udp is offering three choices in this coming elections , a party led , an independent candidate and go alone . Each of two choices are all pragmatic approach to our problems. I hope kaironews publish them soon so that you can see it .

      • That was what happened to me; I use to rely on the paper for professionalism, untill they did their reporting and narrations on Ousman Koro Ceesay’s killing, was when I came to understanding the fact that indeed the ‘paper’ is a Pdois political party organ and not a paper that endeavours towards civil society democracy prospects and the freedom of expression in the Gambia.
        I hereby by urge you Baxso to reason with what you are calling, a ‘distorted piece’. Please think twice in reacting to this ‘piece’, because it might not worth it. That you are about to do is start the mudslinging and that’s always messy as you know. Mud smears and distorts the image of everything to our sight and understandings.

      • Janjanbureh

        PDOIS is all about profiteering from the misery of the Gambian people. Foroyaa newspaper is the mouthpiece of PDOIS and the money machine for the 3 comrades.

  9. If we go back to the election during Ppp ,Ncp, and Pdois, in which Halifa wins it was not because people like Halifa he wins because of Ncp and Udp support, and after he lost that seat he never and will never get it again, because if we go back again during the Yaya jammeh time Halifa tried many times even Presidential election. Hamat Bah beat him every corner of Gambia. To me Halifa is one of the biggest problems in the Gambia, he has not the interest of Gambia in heart but himself. Even Hamat Bah sometimes gives rooms but Halifa closed all the doors to progress. Gambians are tired of him. I asked if he is the only member of Pdois because every thing you hear from that party is all about him nothing else. It is like he is the head of everything, and has the final say on everything.

    • Modou, you are absolutely right that Halifa is the problem as far as opposition unity is concerned. In all his rhetoric, he care for himself and he will never join udp because he look down on them . I have been saying the same thing here for long time . If Halifa was not in The Gambians politics , the opposition leaders would have been united long time , he is the biggest problem. Halifa is not even a smart politician . People of serekunda will never elect again , last time they did it was because of udp supporters.

      • Maxs and Modou, such comments are very inflammatory and barely serve any purpose. UDP has issued a 3-point approach, which I think is very promising. Let us use the forum to speak to the conscience of our respective party leaders and refrain from statements that is offensive to other party leaders.

        Let us tone down the rhetoric at this material hour and engage everyone constructively.

        • – And @Bax applauds you here @Kinteh. That’s for sure!
          Nonetheless, he thinks a Gambian’s corpse can be fodder. People failed to even realise the offensiveness and dangerousness of such comments in the national discourse by keeping quiet. Isn’t it.
          Come on Kinteh…..Are you too young to see the facts?
          Udp is Gambia’s new pipeline of flowing awareness in democratic practises and attitude,

          • of course, I applaud Kinteh because he represents the voice of sanity here; not emotions, falsehood and false narratives.

          • One can be banned for life from politics in any sane state of political affairs for making a comment of your likes like the type I made reference to.
            However, you preferred to keep quiet about it. Some one should say,’oops, I am sorry, a citizen/human body can’t be fodder’. An apology for such a comment would have demonstrated maturity in the unfolding national debates.
            Do that or think.

    • Your statements and allegations are not true!

      Focus on the issues and forward valid points than direct personal attacks, malicious vile slanders, smearing campaign and false propaganda.

      Halifa Sallah is a dynamic politician, PDOIS a dynamic major political party, with dynamic leaders, good manifesto, programmes and visions for country!

      • Ha ha ha! thank you coach. I will NOT do so!
        Haven’t you seen for yourself all this while what you ought to do? That is exactly what you ought to do; Stop telling lies and face people’s queries and question with regards to Pdois’s credibility in the struggle to uproot the Jammeh regime.
        I haven’t seen freak intellectuals in my whole life like those at the Doy dungeon.

  10. Fellow compatriots (including my Kaabuka-Ba Moro Nyancho Sanbeh), we’ve all been here before over & over again; any political party in majority on a coalition of forces democratically wins the moral argument to lead the coalition logically; be it, PDOIS, GDC, NCP or UDP etc….

    “BUT…” every situational approach to liberate & salvage a people besieged by a MURDEROUS DEVIL like yaya jammeh MUST be strategized pivotally for maximal effects & results which at this material time for us is LIBERATION first & freeing all kidnaped & illegitimately incarcerated including the captured UDP leadership & comrades & other innocent human beings…

    Then beyond liberation, all political parties have their equal say in a levelled political playing field; then we can all continue to debate, whilst the politicians challenge each other on “who is who” politically while the peasantry population are at own will & liberty to entrust responsibilities to those mandated to collectively manage our affairs of State; where the Gambia people ALONE reserve the power to hold the politicians accountable for whatsoever crimes & criminalities committed individually & in opposition of trusts…

    Please let’s ALL bury our political difference at this material time; approach the task with the greater & broader inclusive picture of the greater Gambia in mind…

    Together, the country will be delivered by December; Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia…

    • arsenal fan

      A quick reply to Fatou Baldeh above,
      You ve had ago at Bamba for saying what he said and for not getting Mr Barrow’s name right -but why.
      Doesn’t that point to the fact that the guy is not well known to most of us.
      Do you think this gentleman Mr Barrow will be able to get the UDP, the 100,000 votes Mr Darboe got the party last election if the UDP supporters are busy throwing stones at the others.
      You ve said that Mr Barrow has;
      1. The characteristics of a leader-in which government or public office?,
      2. He is honest to which people,country or community doing what-to justify that etc.
      3.Trustworthy looking after whos community affairs or business interest,
      4.Considerate to whom and for what and why,
      5.Compromising in what, for what and with whom,
      Finally likeable in what way-is he the most handsome, the most well dress, most well spoken of the lot?
      Am dying for Mr Barrow/the Udp to convince me of the above.
      Rather than mere good referencing, the Guy has been giving the platform to sell himself and all the UDP team should focus on selling their candidate.
      I for one-never supported Lawyer Darboe-but in the end became a big fan of him-for showing himself to be an exceptional person in coming out to fight for his own.
      And I for one,honestly feels that every single day that Mr Darboe and others sleep in that prison-we as a people have let them down.
      Every single day that has past and coming to pass, whilst in prison-we are letting them down.
      We should not be even talking about elections.
      Their families are missing them, their lives are being wasted- Lets get the man out first man.
      Or Do
      Whatever is best to help win the election and save the Gambia,Darboe and the executive.
      we ve let them down-
      Am not into politics- I just enjoy following the banter here-but since darboe was locked up-i felt as if i have lost my own dad and get very bitter,everytime I see people going back and forward about very irrelevant matters.
      They need us,their families are missing them,we need their guidance in this crucial period of our country’s history.
      The two great worriors in The Solo’s have lots their lives,The executives are all locked up and we cannot even bother to even raise a finger-That’s sad and very sick. VERY SICK.

      • It is a very big bad deceitful lie that Lawyer Ousainou Darboe went to fight just for ‘his own’. That is what creepy hypocrites want to make it look like. You keep thinking that their lives are being wasted in jail. No doubt people keep insinuating a presence of rule of law and democracy in the Gambia. What is happening to Ousainou Darboe and his executives is happening to each and every sound minded Gambian if their mindsets as sophisticated citizens will allow them to see that fact. I am sure a day will come in the near future when all hypocrites will try to get in thin air because the ECOWAS will issue their arrest warrants. Don’t laugh! because they ECOWAS themselves, are fed up with thuggish military misrules in the sub-region as most of them end up tearing countries apart into civil wars, ethnic cleansing, looting and destruction of infrastructures. This is where as far the irrelevancy can get to.

  11. I applaud Mr Ba Morro Sanneh for his well presented and well argued viewpoints because it adds to the richness of the online community. I agree with him that whatever entitlements one may claim, the facts of the political landscape today, necessitates compromise to increase the chances of the opposition to defeat the incumbent.

    The issue I have with Mr Sanneh is the way he has used information to advance his arguments in support of his view that the UDP has a legitimate claim to leadership of any alliance arrangement, which in my view, constitutes distortion of information, and the claims he made that are unsupported by evidence we have on The Gambian political impasse.

    First, the evidentially unsupported claims :

    (1)…”….the debate remains revolved around the party which should lead this proposed coalition.”

    This is not true. The difficulty in The Gambia is not on which party should lead, but rather, what form of alliance should be formed : Party led or Non party led. Whilst the PDOIS camp supports a non partisan alliance, the UDP camp was insisting on a UDP Party-led alliance, until now. It should, however, be noted that Mr Adama Barrow, newly selected UDP Presidential candidate, has so far not reiterated that same old position and hopefully, this may be a sign for compromise.

    (2)…”Competing parties with UDP deny the predominance of the UDP and its nationwide influence. This has been a stumbling block for the formation of the coalition…..”

    I do not know what information Mr Sanneh has in his possession in relation to this alleged “denial” ( he should produce it to back his claims), but attributing coalition difficulties to this denial is not supported by evidence in the public domain. The evidence we have shows that the stumbling block is in the type of alliance (party-led or Non-party led) and the selection process of leader (primary or convention or entitlement).

    In fact, the convention that selected Mr Hamat Bah in 2011 would have granted the UDP more voting delegates than any other parties, in recognition of their electoral achievements and influence, thus rubbishing this denial claim.

    (3)…”It is in this context of denial PDOIS calls for ambiguous preliminaries…..”

    What is ambiguous about PDOIS’ primary proposal..? One has the right and the choice to disagree with that proposal, but does disagreement equate ambiguity..? There is no need to reproduce the PDOIS primary proposal here, but it is very clear and reasonable and the number of voters to be provided by any aspiring candidate would have to be provided by presidential candidates anyway, because that is a constitutional requirement. So why the fuss and objection..?

    (4)…”Based on what seems to be driven by their personal interests, not national one, these propositions have been a challenge for the unification of oppositions behind UDP…”

    Really, Mr Sanneh..! How does the proposal to put himself up in a voting contest, where every contestant has equal number of voters, constitute pursuit of personal interest for Mr Halifa Sallah…? How does pledging commitment to a transitional governance programme that does not put overall control and domination of the government under his control, constitute pursuit of personal interest for Mr Sallah..? These are claims that are not supported by any evidence, and are either motivated by ignorance or pure prejudice against PDOIS, in particular.

    Distorted information…

    It is very important that when we cite or make references to politics or political developments of other countries, we do not lose sight of certain facts : The historical context; the political systems, practices and traditions; and the laws of the land.

    My suspicion, in the cases of pre/post election alliances provided by Mr Sanneh, where main parties lead as a norm, was aroused by the inclusion of the Nigerian opposition success, which I know was absolutely false. We have had this discussion before and it was shown quite clearly that there was no main party, leading smaller parties in Nigeria.

    What happened in Nigeria was the dissolution and subsequent merger of a number of parties (some big; some small) to create a NEW PARTY, and though current president, Mr Buhari was the strongest potential leader, he had to go through a convention against other contenders, on EQUAL TERMS, to emerge as the chosen flag bearer. One may be fooled in thinking that the Nigerian opposition convention was a waste of time and resources, because Buhari’s victory was a done deal, until you consider the credibility of the selection process. And the convention was perhaps the reason the political pendulum swung massively in favour of Mr Buhari.

    I looked at the alliance formations in Kenya, since Mr Sanneh mentioned that country and I was stunned at why any anyone, with The Gambian experience, would even use that country’s political manoeuvrings to make a case for his/her idea of Gambian politics. The English Idiom: “Politics makes strange bedfellows” cannot be more aptly demonstrated than in Kenya. This is a country where supposed opposition parties can form an alliance with the ruling party, to deny the main opposition party from defeating the ruling party, not to mention the tribal violence that is used by Kenyan politicians to achieve their goals, and Mr Sanneh cites this as an example we should look up to..

    For example, Uhuru Kenyatta, current president, lost to Mwai Kibaki in 2002 presidential elections, but together with other smaller parties, formed an alliance with Mr Kibaki to prevent Raila Odinga of the main opposition alliance (ODM) from defeating Mr Kibaki, the then incumbent in 2007. Really…? Where are the principles…? Did Kibaki change so much that Kenyatta should back him in 2007, after opposing him in the 2002 elections..?

    What actually caught my attention is the mention of the 1962/63 alliance government of former president Jawara. The question I want to ask is: what happened to the parties that helped then Mr David Jawara to from his coalition government…? Were they still around by 1994…? Was the all conquering PPP ever truly politically challenged during their 20-25years of domination….? That coalition government may have succeeded in helping Mr Jawara to lead the country to internal self government, but that arrangement effectively nailed the coffins of those parties, because they were simply outmuscled by the PPP, and had to be either to “swallowed up” by the PPP or die out..

    A party led alliance, under the current circumstances and realities, if not transitional (and I mean completely transitional, where no coalition partner is in charge of governance programme or any subsequent elections), may defeat Yaya Jammeh, but could very easily lead to another ruling party dominated era…We need an honest break with the past and ONLY a non partisan alliance can achieve that objective.

    • Bax, there is no doubt you will argue and falsely try to discredit international recognize Norms and standard of biggest party led coalition strategy which mr Sanneh highlighted . No body can convince you despite the fact that all the evidence are presented in front of you but you will still argue by citing context, laws , culture and what have you . You failed to remind yourself about the simple idea that majority should lead which is the basis for democracy . It is well established fact that udp is the biggest political party in The Gambia by every measure and standard as evidence by all the previous elections results , party’s logistic and structure.
      Mr Sanneh made evidentially argument why udp should lead any coalition. The whole argument of pdois is based on why udp should lead any coalition which is why they have proposed primary election but if you want to deny that is not preposition of their argument then you are either untruthful , dishonest or you are confused indoctrinated disciple who didn’t understand pdois stand. The biggest party lead coalition is a format which pdois is aganist and they want non party lead format , therefore you are being dishonest to indicate that mr Sanneh was wrong about the proposed biggest party led format which is the main obstacle in our politics .
      In this forum , you and many of your fellow ignorant and indoctrinated disciples continue to propagate the falsehood that udp is not a predominance opposition party since there was a decline in udp support in the past elections and also pdois is gaining more support . That fabrication and blatant dishonesty is the worst misrepresentation and misinformation of the curent political situation.
      Lack of coalition is due to selfish personal interest of these small opposition leaders and there is no nice way I can put it . Halifa is simply a selfish and dishonest politician who care for himself. If he is not interested in leadership then why did he nominate himself as the leader of pdois . He is dictator of pdois because his ideas is the only one which matters to him. Why is pdois always about him ?


    Foroyaa: September 7, 2016




    Foroyaa is aware of five opposition presidential candidates who have made their candidature public. The PDOIS held a convention on 19 March 2016 to declare Halifa Sallah its presidential candidate. The NCP followed and declared Dr Lamin Bojang as its presidential candidate on 18 June 2016. The GDC also declared Mama Kandeh as its presidential candidate on 25 May 2016. The UDP also declared Adama Barrow as its presidential candidate on 1 September 2016. Dr Isatou Touray was also declared a presidential candidate on 2 September 2016. If the NRP declares its presidential candidate the opposition would have six presidential candidates.

    The electorates who want change are calling for discussion among the opposition to come up with one candidate. So far PDOIS has proposed a primary where the five thousand nominators required by the constitution for a presidential candidate would be combined and asked to vote for one presidential candidate to stand as flag bearer. The UDP has as its first option the endorsement of its candidate on the basis that it is the major opposition party. The NCP has not proposed a method of selecting one candidate but would want a transition of three months for any flag bearer. The GDC has not proposed how to select a presidential candidate. Dr Isatou Touray proposes for opposition parties to endorse her candidature. No party has announced that there is any shift in their position at the moment.

    The electorate expects that negotiation will unfold between the different presidential candidates and parties which selected them in due course. This is how matters stand.

  13. Janjangbureh and Max, you are just interested to concentrate on your interest and not the national interest. This is why you will never see the wisdom in cross party primaries. In the 2011 Convention, NRP, GPDP and Independent Candidate participated and NRPs Hamat Bah won the primaries. He was nominated under an Independent ticket to neutrally represent every group within the United Front. He obtained 11 percent of the votes cast. The Front campaigned for only a short period. At the end of the exercise, no one accuse anyone of anything because they were united for a purpose. They each told the people that theyhave one and the same object and that whoever was selected would be accepted by all parties. PDOIS endorsed the winner of the primaries and invested it’s meagre funds in it to the best of it’s capacity, likewise others.
    Look, Venezuela opposition went through cross party primaries in both presidential and parliamentary. They have taken over the National Assembly. They are now working to impeach Maduro through the collective strength in parliament.
    Nigeria held a Convention and delegates voted and and Buhari won. The next man to him became his Runningmate. He led the coalition and won the election. Nigeria is now classified as a democratic state.
    There is no single method of holding primaries or caucuses. Any method acceptable to the players can be applied. The two of you are just concentrating on your perceived party interest to the extend that you cannot see the national interest.This is why suggesting something which no party wants is just a waste of time.
    Let’s go to the Primaries and whoever wins will be considered the candidate who can best serve to unify the opposition and their supporters, and win people from the ruling party and eventually win those undecided voters and usher our dear country into Freedom and democracy.
    Halifa Sallah is not opposed to this process. He is ready to support wholeheartedly anyone, man or woman who wins a simple majority through primaries. His party is ready to play its part in funding and participate fully in all other activities as to make us win the election. It was done in 2011, it can be done in 2016 if the will is there. This is the only way we can be sure that the person we choose is a popular character who is likely to be acceptable to a strata of Gambian populace and even win elements from the APRC. Any candidate who cannot attract people from all camps cannot make us win this election even if all the parties support him/her. WHO IS THIS PERSON? ONLY A PRIMARY CAN HELP US LOCATE HIM/HER. Why are you adamantly opposed to providing opportunity for our supporters across the country to witness and play part in this all important process of making History that should have been embraced by all and sundry?
    I am not sure if anyone can make you conceptualise this national democratic process that aims to involve everyone and not isolate anyone.

    • Janjanbureh

      Nonsense Yero. Stop twisting the facts. I can assure you one thing PDOIS will never make it in Gambian politics because of pride and arrogance. Don’t waste your time.

      • Pride and arrogance is with UDP on its “Party-led” and arrogant militants like you.

        There isn’t any twisting of facts by Yerro. He has clarifieddynamic process of politics, PDOIS position, resolutions, its manifesto develop and sensitise widely through Agendas 2011 and 2016. Why should UDP installed its preferred candidate (both Adama Barrow and Dr. Isatou Touray) outright?

  14. arsenal fan

    Jack-arse-blazer-probably best to give yourself a better name.
    Re: your point above,
    Whichever way you want to reframe it.
    All those people languishing in jail,lives is being wasted-either Ecowas are going to do something about it or they are their for a cause.
    All those people in jail are a million times better off outside with their families and love ones like you and me.
    Mr Darboe had to come out-to seek solo Sandeng dead or alive and that was a fact
    Who is a bigger ( his own ), than solo today.
    Try understanding people’s point of view/arguments before wasting this space.
    Nobody is trying to make me see anything differently or otherwise.
    I read, analyse and make my own judgement.
    i enjoy the banter-but only take it as such.
    So please before you go firing indescriminately-please find a reason for it.

    • Better you just shut up about names and keep focus on your apolitism. If I were one of Ousainou Darboe’s children, I will be proud of him for the fact that all great men who endeavoured towards restoring the rule of law and democracy in countries have gone through the same experience in the hands of ruthless dictators and misrulers. It is not a suprise that some Gambian will come out to talk like you right now. Great men like him sacrifice their lives for their children and children of others as well to be their priorities. A nation is bigger than a family and therefore moves to make changes in those in the grips of power hungered dictators are not as easy and instant as you might take it to be.
      Stop looking like a mentally backward Gambian. We seem not to even know how to respect people who suffer for others. This is a Gambian ill of their minds. I love arsenal and hope they do away with arse.

      • arsenal fan

        Any sensible Gambian and a polite one for that matter will understand that-in making my comments above, i was not being disrepectful to anybody.
        Am very happy to be proud of Mr Darboe,even though he is not my Dad.
        But him or any person going to jail doesnt making them great or special whatever the case.
        Am sure his family or The whole of Gambia would have loved to see him/them be great without having to suffer this way.
        A nation is greater than a person-even a dog like you knows that.
        Well why dont you go and get your ass locked up for our beautiful nation.
        You wont do that, but you would rather be sitting on your on your ass trying to negate any opinions people are making on here, to dictate the narrative.
        If you passionately believe on what you saying-why didnt you go put yourself out there for his locking up-that way you will also be great.-but you wont-cus you love your family and work better than Darboe and the rest.
        I can assure you that-if we were to come face to face-everyone can tell who the mental idiot is.
        Why cant you just focus on selling yourself and allow people to their opinions.
        By the way-I seniored one of Darboe’s Daughter at school and in her heart of hearts,she would not have wanted to see her dad suffer for idiots like you.
        You are not worth darboe going to jail for.
        Do you have a family,Do you have kids,etc.
        A nation may be bigger than a family to the people who deserve it,not assholes like you.
        What was wrong in saying that;
        Helping darboe and the rest from jail should have been the priority for UDP than the election.
        What was wrong in saying-that he went to seek for his own.
        Understands people context than wanting to dictate what people say and how they make their points.

        • But who said something against helping Darboe and the rest from Jail you loose arse denfender? Right about now, we should be looking at, and paying respect to each other’s statuses as equal citizens in a country without a rule of law and democracy. People in families, those of broken families, those without one, the poor, the illiterate, the semi-illiterate, the residents, the petty robbers in the hoods, the drug addicts, the highly educated Gambian, the sophisticated, the farmers, grocers, shoemakers, fishermen etc.., are all inclusive in the new day Gambia of my contemplations and hopefully many’s as well. Dogs reason a bit more than you because atleast they do pour their heart’s contents out in the light for you to see it clearly, i.e, they show you they love you for giving them food. Try taming a warthog and see how it’ll crush you down then tread on you if don’t use your brains quick. However, dogs and warthogs are part of the Gambia’s domestic and wildlife respectively, who need protection too of the appropriate state institutions in the near future as some citizens have already suggested.You could be Hon. Darboe’s son yourself but Darboe himself and the democratically moderate people across the world, will know that my writings are doing the least violations of professional journalistic standards though I don’t have a bit of an idea what those standards categorically might be. What I’ll do when I see Darboe’s daughter you seniored in school will be having the same argument or perhaps a debate with her for her case, different from the type we are having now.
          Who is the real dog Big Arse Fan for thinking someone wants to dictate something to you here? ‘Ousainou Darboe and his executive are in jail’, needs not be mourned. I didn’t go to jail in his place for the simple fact that I am an idiot as you guessed but, that is in the midst highly sophisticated and democratically aware people like Hon. Darboe who gladly enough have idiot citizens equally on his national priorities like his daughter. Your skycraping writing wastes more space here because my disagreement with you or what i object to is quite clear with regards to your comment earlier that makes Ousainou Darboe and co.’s imprisonment to look like a case of regret and a repented loss, expressed with tactful hypocrisy and contempt. I will be here to respond to any emotional comments that denotes a regret or repent in the illegal imprisonment of Ousainou Darboe and co. by a state of mishap that Gambians are trying to rectify.
          I know you are not the sensible type at all with that sense of ability to note the equanimity and democracy that undertones my comments remarks etc..,. People with an allergy to free speak and lack of exposure to democratic values are quick to react with a whole page of ASS to a minor little query like, having arse.ne with you.
          Your concept of what is polite and sensible can only materialise in your noble family that you think its members could be better than those Gambians without a family, but not in the public environ. We get a bit too arrogant any time we feel offended for the slightest thing you can imagine. I know what you are saying to me can cause a rain of jabs when we are face to face so I hope you are not representing me any where in the public offices as you are not likely to make equal opportunities available to people but likely on a criteria of yours. Understand is what we do of every trick. Keep writing and see how much we can waste this space.

          • Wake me up when you finish dickhead.
            I have written my piece and am sticking to it.
            You cant win this argument trying to prove or make me believe anything.
            Dickheads like you love to take out of people’s opinions to make a meal out of it.
            Say what you like;
            1. Everyday Darboe and the Executive stay in that prison-we ve let them down.
            2.UDP going to election-only proves to Jammeh he has won the fight.
            3.Everyday they stay in prison-and anybody for that matter-their lives are wasting-be that they are fighting a course.
            Be it that they are there unjustly-everybody knows that.
            Darboe and UDP have been going to elections for 22 years with this dictator,enduring all kinds of bad treatments and lossing some of their own members-yet Darboe has alway preach patience and rule of law.
            And when he decide enough is enough and went out, yet still in good faith and peacefully-they were manhandled in front of the whole world-and where were all the over 100,000 supporters.
            The people maltreating our own people live among us, some of whom’s pictures were on kairo newspapers-still roaming about in the Gambia-laughing at us and yet nobody-nobody is and will do anything about it-is very sad and sick.
            Darboe and all those people in jail dont deserve to be in jail-and all of us as Gambians not doing anything about it-is letting them down big time.
            They heros-yes.
            But that will not take them out of those jails. Emagine what they are going through right now -while you are sat there writing a book on here.
            Everyday they stay in there-their families are missing them-
            And if anythings happens to them,while in there – is also partly ours to blame-
            So understand this in your stupid head-and stop rambling about with your stupid old dictionary english.
            Which school did you go to by the way- you stupid ass cunt.

  15. Quote @Max: “In this forum , you and many of your fellow ignorant and indoctrinated disciples continue to propagate the falsehood that udp is not a predominance opposition party since there was a decline in udp support in the past elections and also pdois is gaining more support .”

    Comment: Where did I say any such things : that UDP was not predominant; that it was declining; that PDOIS is gaining more support..? Provide the proof, otherwise, you will be the dishonest one and should seen so..

    By the way, I am Not responsible for what others may say or may have said on the issue of party influence or support, and you should not attribute their views to me, because doing so would be dishonest and malicious..

    @Max: “The whole argument of pdois is based on why udp should lead any coalition which is why they have proposed primary election……”

    Comment : The structure of the above sentence does seem to suggest that PDOIS is in favour of a UDP led coalition, though I know that is not what you meant. So, I can say that your statement above is AMBIGUOUS..

    “…..but if you want to deny that is not preposition of their argument then you are either untruthful , dishonest or you are confused…..”

    Comment: Are you suggesting that I want to deny the well known fact that PDOIS does not agree with a UDP ( or any other party) lead alliance/coalition..? You can’t be that dumb, surely…

    Or are you suggesting that I am denying that PDOIS proposed a Primary to elect flag bearer…? That too, would be an equally dumb thing to say..

    What are you saying…? I will leave you to explain yourself…

    In any case, my reaction to Mr Sanneh, as far as the subject of the primary was concerned, was to dismiss his claim that it was ambiguous…I pointed out that individuals may disagree with it, but the primary proposal was very clear. There was nothing ambiguous about it for anyone who understands simple English..( i didn’t say it that way in my response, but that’s the idea).

    I therefore don’t know where this “denial” charge is coming from…?

  16. arsenal fan

    On second reading of your book above- i can kind of see what led to your this stupid reply to my piece.
    What make you think that-
    My piece was all this-quote from your piece above;
    You object to is quite clear with regards to your comment earlier that makes Ousainou Darboe and co.’s imprisonment to look like a case of regret and a repented loss, expressed with tactful hypocrisy and contempt. I will be here to respond to any emotional comments that denotes a regret or repent in the illegal imprisonment of Ousainou Darboe and co. by a state of mishap that Gambians are trying to rectify.
    I wasnt trying to be anything/anywhere of this sort.
    Am not any of the above and my intention was none of it.
    Understand the fucking context-rather than being paranoid about anything that says Darboe/udp in it.
    What do i have to repent for –
    Am I proud of them going and fighting for what they believe-well yea.
    Did I feel for them and their families-Hell yes.
    Have the Gambia let them down-absolutely 100%.
    Time to shut up.

    • @Arsenal Fan, I call the arsenal manager ‘arse’, That is proof that my writings refrain as much as possible from vulgarity and exaggerateed explicicity. I don’t like vulgarity! why? Because human beings have the same sense of intimacy with regard to the human biology if only when you are one too who sits down to the call of nature, then you will see for yourself kid. I love writings books for people like you to see the fact that there are a lot much bigger piece here than your chatty tiny little dickpiec…..censored.Zzzzzh. No, I don’t like the sort either. I am telling you, I can bring you a whole art of it but that kind of a wrting style is stupider and most sordid.

      Actually I haven’t gone a school but that don’t matter me one little bit now, because I know I belong to a country that little judas among sold out to tyranny and ugliness and much more shame than D–K. Who cares I am a sell out when the country I belong to itself is a sold out.
      You don’t have a marrow thats why you are out to sow here you don’t have a mind to say what you wanna say outright. Yeah, perhaps I speak and old english but I can surely differenciate accent of Britons and North American from different parts of those countries respective..

      What is easier than giving your proposal to, ‘No Elections’?
      1-Unless the Udp leader and its executive are freed from illegal detention
      2-And release Solo Sandeng dead or alive.
      No, you evade articulating the latter by mourning for the Udp leader and his executives’ families like you got your bad dream. Ima telling you, I am not a Udp member at all. I am a traveller of the diaspora who have lived in advance democracies that you don’t necessarily have to be a liberal arts graduate from Campbridge to understand. All citizens don’t necessarily have to be nerds to be able to present their opinions in the national domain. Arrogance and bitterness is not a strugglers spirit. Take it from my book if you like and help your self with your up-to-date english to tear it apart to see thru it.

      • arsenal fan

        There were no hidden agenda in making my points
        I just made comments of what hoped UDP should be doing.
        You will find that we both agree on the 2 points you made above on your this final piece.
        I was not mourning for Darboe-but I felt for him and the rest.
        And anybody with heart,family and the like should be.
        I dont support any party either-just enjoy the banter here-and to me -it stops at that.
        Rather than seeing my opinion has having a hidden agenda and etc is totally wrong.
        Not everybody that comes here comes with an agenda.
        I live in diaspora and dont have a vote-but i do have some opinion which i sometimes liked express-without being answereable to anyone.
        You have a right to yours-so I have to mine.
        Am no judas and dont have to be, dont need to be.
        I have lived in the diaspora all my adult life-will selling myself to Jammeh, pay my rent,feed myself etc-never mate- am not one of those desperate ones.
        it only gets to me-when you have people pratting about-other people’s opinions-as if they have monopoly over the whole Gambia/Darboe/UDP narrative.
        As i said earlier i have said my opinions and am sticking to them.-nothing changes.
        And if you think you have monopoly over the english language-then you are welcome to it.
        Am here i have lots of time in my hands.

        • I’ll bet I think many here are without an agenda and I didn’t say you are any judas either. You owe me an apology for derogating me with your body parts anyway and had this been real live, that’s no doubt about that.
          What I think I exercise here is absolute democracy by always expressing my opposition to views, observations or opinions of fellow citizens when that need arises within my sense of reasoning. This is exactly what I expect of fellows citizens towards my opinions too and etc. It is advisable not to write your opinion here if you think all followers should just have to read it and say ‘yes sir’. Damn! This is the kind of a citizens’ attitudes that combines themselves into dictatorships. They just wanna be listened to in order for them to get under you skin. It is likely that I will keep the silence here and there becasuse-
          1- I have missed a trash of rubbish or
          2- I have acquiesced to an article or comment etc.
          Past your vulgarity, now you went making a clown of me by thinking I think, I have any monopoly over the english language or whatever. I haven’t gone a school in my life I told you! You got some spikes in your skull…? I am neither that stupid as you think because I am willing too, as other citizens to go back to Gambia and employ myself and pay taxes WITHOUT the devouring Yaya Jammeh regime. Whaddup in your hollow skull? You want Jammeh in it?
          I have never seen the debates in general as mere banter. I take them basically, to be a very very serious.

      • arsenal fan

        There were no hidden agenda’s in making my points
        I just made comments of what I have hoped UDP should be doing.
        You will find that we both agree on the 2 points you made above, on your this final piece.
        I was not mourning for Darboe – but I felt for him and the rest.
        And anybody with a heart, a family and the like should be.
        I don’t support any party either- just enjoys the banter on here-and to me it stops at that.
        Rather than seeing my opinion as having a hidden agenda and etc you should have tried to understand or appreciate were I was coming from-rather trying to see through it and making it up as you go.
        Not everybody that comes here comes with an agenda.
        I live in the diaspora and will not be voting – but I do have some opinions which I sometimes liked express on matters that are raised here – without being answereable to anyone.
        You have a right to yours-so I have to mine.
        Am no judas and dont have to be, dont need to be.
        I have lived in the diaspora all my adult life-will selling myself to Jammeh, pay my rent,feed me and the family etc-never mate- am not one of those desperate ones.
        it only gets to me-when you have people pratting about,other people’s opinions-as if they have monopoly over the whole Gambia/Darboe/UDP narrative.
        As I said earlier, I have made my opinions and am sticking to them.-nothing changes.
        And if you think you have monopoly over the english language-then you are welcome to it.
        Am here and I have lots of time in my hands.

  17. arsenal fan

    I will decide what i will do.
    I owe you nothings and i bet i enjoyed real democracy and free speech way before you have this meduim trying to teach it.
    Reading your replies-just make me want to throw up.

  18. arsenal fan

    If you didnt have education-then its about time to go get one.
    Maybe you will atleast learn to write simple english that people can understand without the need for a dictionery.
    when were you nominated to police people’s opinions on here.
    Shit advocate-when?.

    • I wonder if Kairo news do babysit. That gonna be hard to believe! Your head’s saturated with booga booga but that won’t stop me from objecting to everything coming from down under you if the need arise.
      I am very much sorry for writing the way you dislike. My kids are going to school and I hope they do better than me in english language writing.
      Nonetheless, I will do everything from now on, to make owls being understood in the kindergarten.@Kinteh has disclosed to be that young but i think he too can be a bit older than you. I am not an opinion police! I could have recommended you for the capacity.

      Kairo won’t mind if I say, ‘— —- —‘

    • @Arsenal fan, you need lifes! Its time to getcha dead ass off that chair. Can’t be sitting on your mud mud hole all the while thinking you got all time. I hardly have a time for myself down where I am but I got a time for the national debate anyway. Why do you always have to respond in bits? eh! why kid? I advised you, sit down to the right time’s call and see that you need a sh– advocate when too much crap’s heaped up.
      Great that Kairo publishes poop as well. Great! really great!
      It is matured democracy at play!

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