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Kemo BarrowSeptember is known for not only back to school in the United States but also the Life Insurance Awareness Month. For a quick comprehensive overview, please visit www.lifehappens.org.

We at the Financial Empowerment Center wish to take this opportunity to remind our large readership the commemoration of this important event taking place around us. We cannot overemphasize the role Life Insurance plays in our financial success by guaranteeing the protection of our loved ones. The goal of life insurance is to avoid one’s dependants from starting life all over again, especially when you die unexpectedly. Whether we like it or not, death is inevitable. All we can do is to prepare for its social and financial consequences. This is why we need Life Insurance because it provides dependants the guarantee to fill the financial vacuum left by the dead breadwinner.

The life Insurance Industry remind us all to sit down and review ur life insurance coverage. Contact your Financial Adviser or you Human Resources to review your life insurance coverage. During the session you might want to discuss the following:

  1. The amount of life insurance on you, your spouse, and children

2 The type of life insurance coverage (term, whole life, Universal or variable universal life). Please review work-related coverage as well.

  1. The amount of premium payment (monthly or annually).

4 The beneficiaries both primary and secondary beneficiaries.

5 The life insurance companies you or your family is insured with, the location or home office, phone numbers and the financial adviser or the insurance agent’s contacts.

If you have never conducted a life insurance review, you will be in for a treat. You may have gotten a life insurance before you got married and now that you have been married 5 years ago and still have your brother listed as beneficiary instead of your lovely wife. You might leave your family in a mess if you were to die yesterday. Similarly, you might be lucky to work for a Fortune 500 Company with huge life insurance package but your failure to have a contingent beneficiary could muddy the waters for your family.

The life industry studies show that nearly 57% of Americans don’t have life insurance. Don’t be one of them. If you are married and have children or planning on getting married and or having children, you need to have life insurance. Remember also it should be enough to take care of your family.

Let’s get started. If you need to review your life insurance, please call our preferred Investment Adviser Merid Amde. He is a licensed Insurance Broker who can help you out. You can reach him by phone at (248)760-2944.

Below are some amazing quotes from Merid:

Robert, 44-year-old male nonsmoker with good health, $500,000.00 10 year term insurance less than $30 a month.

Faatima Summah, 37-year-old woman, $300,000.00 10-year term life insurance policy less than $15 a month.

Malisa Kah, healthy 48-years-old lady, $250,000.00 15 year term insurance less than $25 a month.

The Kambia Family Kebab, Mariatou and Alhagie Ebrima Jr $ 1,000,000.00 with child Rider 20-year term less than $50 a month.

Even if you don’t contact our friend Merid,make sure you get your Life Insurance review done in the month of September.

Wishing you great life insurance September Awareness Month. You stand to gain a lot by capitalizing on September Life Insurance Awareness Month. If you have any questions please contact Kairo Financial Empowerment Center on kaironews12@gmail.com. We are here to inform, enlighten and empower you with the tools that you need.

Kemo Barrow


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