Omar Jah Of UTG At It Again

Omar JahDear Editor,

I would like to ask Omar Jah [the deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of The Gambia] this simple question: when are you going to stop messing up with the only public university of this peaceful Gambia?

Jah has recently accused a certain UTG student of writing a letter trying to get him (Jah) fired. But contrary to this claim, the said student was only asking for UTG Management’s audience with the student body in an attempt for the latter to take the opportunity to put before the former their concerns. Instead of being receptive to this simple request as DVC, Admin, Jah started jumping all over the place and accused the student for something he(the student) never claimed. Jah informed his yeah yeah boy, Morro Krubally who then started informing other students about this false allegation. Krubally was invited by a group of students which provided the victimised student to confront him. Krubally was lost for words, claiming he was informed by one history lecturer who vehemently denied ever uttering any foul words against anyone at the university. This has resulted to a bitter argument between the two.

Initially, Jah’s false accusation had really angered some students. This invited the student in question to reprimand him. However, the students later realized that the allegation was false. The students were not happy that Jah had taken them for a ride.

This incident reminds me of the recent articles I read about Jah and co. Jah and his co. should know that UTG is bigger than any of them. Jah should also realize that recent history in administering UTG is not in his favor. We the students very well know that he and his cousin brother Kah were on the brink of collapsing the institution. Their legacy has left UTG in tatters.
Reports have it that both Jah and his sir sir man, Morro are gradually dumping the Ag. VC Kalil and have already started talking to the recently appointed VC from a foreign country so as to be in control when the man assumes office. It seems UTG is in for a big battle going forward. Time will tell.
It is indeed high time for the powers that be to handle this Jah character. His behavior is going beyond limits. Since the removal of Kah from office, Jah is constantly engaged in engineering endless petty squabbles and bitter quarrels between and among both staff and students in his attempt to assume the Vice Chancellorship of UTG.

UTG student


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