Solo Krummah Laid To Rest

cute.jpgThe remains of the Gambia’s fallen opposition activist were last night laid to rest at Sandu Darsilameh in Upper River Region. Ebrima Solo Krummah, the third Gambian to die in state custody in three months, was accompanied to his final resting place by a large crowd of mourners who included the United Democratic Party deputy leader Mariam Secka. His death resulted after surgeons conducted surgery on his head. Solo’s autopsy report is yet to be made public. Officials of the UDP want the Coroner’s Inquest to probe into Krummah’s death.

image-0-02-01-148660c82beb54fb37fe82f2adea113768bc39250a8941f508af7c908dcf8d00-VSolo’s death was widely condemned, with the world’s powerful nations calling for thorough investigation into it.

Speaker after speaker at the funeral spoke about Krummah’s uprightness, industriousness and determination to see a changed Gambia. No one questioned the piety of a rosary holding man.

The respected blacksmith at his village has left behind a huge void. Besides being a unifier, Solo makes farming and garden tools for the community.

The unlettered man travelled hundreds of kilometers to offer solidarity to peaceful UDP protesters led by Lawyer Ousainou Darboe. He was among dozens of opposition activists arrested, detained and remanded for holding peaceful protest on May 9 in Kanifing. Like all other detainees, Krummah too was brutally tortured. He was dumped in prison and denied medical treatment until his condition deteriorated when the state made last minute effort to save Solo’s life.

The tragic deaths in custody of the two Solos – Solo Sandeng and Solo Krummah – have further left a dent on the image of a brutal dictator who threatens his subjects with death. Aggrieve-laden Gambians whose hope lies on the ballot box are now waiting for Allah’s verdict. Krummah’s family praised the UDP leadership and supporters for their tremendous support and solidarity.

Ebrima Solo Krummah has left behind a big family.



  1. Un. Pr. GB

    May Ya-Allah forgive his sins, accept all his good acts, take all our humble prayers for him and grant him Janna.
    I would like to extend my sincere condolences to his family and friends while asking them to foster for Faith in Allah The Most High.

  2. May his soul rest in peace.

  3. RIP. He is truly one of us. By his family we stand for ever. That requires that everyone of us redouble his or her effort to ensure that Solo’s demise is not in vain. Today is Sandu. Tomorrow’s funeral call may well be in Jarra or Bansang or Badibu or Niumi or Kombo. So we all affected by this wanton onslaught on our owns.

  4. Mr krumah is a national hero who will be remembered as patriotic citizen And he laid his life for our country in the ultimate sacrifice to fight for democracy and rule of law . The story of Mr krumah who left his village and traveled to serekunda to protest against human right violations is indeed testament of a character of man who put the interest of country first before his personal interest. He was part of group patriotic citizens who are true angels of goodness and selflessness. May good God give him the highest place in heaven . I pray that God bring down jammeh’s regime faster than we can imagine. May God guide his evil soul to leave our country soonest . I pray that jammeh’s evil heart and soul be removed from our country in a twinkle of an eye in next few months without him killing anyone . May this despicable soul be abandoned by his security forces who protect his ass .

  5. At this point in time, right-minded Gambians won’t count on the wrongs he may have committed in his private life, but the big right in his life which is selflessly sacrificing his life for what is right in the world of right-minded people.

    Godwilling, (Inshallah) his soul will rest in eternal peace.

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