Why GDC Leader Can’t Be Trusted

hqdefaultAs we approach December 2016 presidential election, Gambians have seen the formation of a new political party known as the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) which takes center stage in our political dispensation. The newly established party has a young likeable leader whose political philosophy, stand on issues of national importance, democracy and rule of law is not known to vast majority of citizenry who are yearning for restoration of democracy and constitutionalism in our country. While it is a welcoming idea to have a new and young likeable political leader and his party in the fight to restore democracy and rule of law in our country, we as citizens deserve to know what Mama Kandeh really stood for in the past 22 years and what was his contribution towards military dictatorship which has notoriously violated fundamental human rights of Gambian people, systematically destroyed their peaceful co-existence as one big family as well as economically prostituted our meager resources for self perpetual rule of the tyrant? These are fundamental and legitimate questions which every Gambian must ask himself or herself in order to avoid the replica of false narrative which Gambian population were hood-winked in the similar manner by the then Lt. Yahya Jammeh and his semi-illiterate soliders who had no serious plan for national development and democracy for our country when they took over power in July 1994.

I have made extensive research on the GDC leader, his stance on issues of national importance as well as his political achievements in terms of his support for any meaningful legislations during the time he served Jammeh’s regime as a National Assembly Member for APRC (Alliance Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction). I have not seen a single issue of national importance which Mr Mama Kandeh stood for and supported which today has contributed to economic development or better democratic dispensation of our country. Instead I came across the record of a man who has consistently voted along with all the AFPRC deputies on bill during his tenure.

I have a reason to dig deeper into the legislative life of Mama Kandeh. I believe it is a sacred duty or responsibility of every citizen to thoroughly vet Mr. Kandeh to avoid a repetition of the current political dispensation we are desparately working hard to replace. Mr. Kandeh is an extension of the current political dispensation by every measure and standard. This is evidenced by his lack of concern for horrendous human rights violations in the Gambia for the past 22 years . Mr. Kandeh’s political opportunism and prostitution is further evidenced by his inconsistency and ability to join any political party to look for cheap popularity without any substantive contribution toward democracy and socio-economic advancement of the Gambian people. Before Mr Kandeh joined APRC, he was a member of opposition National Reconciliation party (NRP) where he sought relationship with the leadership for cheap popularity and political recognition. He later joined the APRC as a National Assembly member until his expulsion for violation of Dictator Jammeh’s edit.

Mr. Kandeh’s rise in politics happened at the time when innocent citizens were tortured, raped, exiled and murdered. Kandeh has been silent on these atrocities all these years. In terms of his voting record in the National Assembly, Mr. Kandeh has shown and proven to Gambian people that he would be no different from the leaders of current rubber-stamping Parliament which has denied Gambians better democracy, rule of law and economic advancement. His formation of a new political party, which comprised of former supporters and officials of APRC, is an affront and further confirmation that Mr Kandeh is in politics as an alternative to disgruntled supporters who were once key players in the constitutional entrenchment of the dictatorial regime. In essence, Kandeh played a part in the regime’s human rights violations and economic destruction. While it is indeed noteworthy to see him calling for national unity and democracy in his political bolster but it is also significant to note that Mr Kandeh lacks substance in his political deliberations. His political record does not match with his recent rhetoric on the campaign trail.

The historic tragedy of military dictatorship must teach Gambians that they should not fall for young and untested politicians who have no proven record, experience, and qualifications to run the affairs of our country. This will help the country from slipping into a replica of the APRC regime. We must focus on leaders and their parties with wisdom, knowledge, experience and better policies which have been consistent in the fight for rule of law, constitutionalism and better economic policy of our country. We have passed the time for experimental leadership in this defining moment of our country’s political dispensation. As citizens, we must look for steady, consistent, honest, decent and proven leader who is temperamentally fit to lead the nation in peaceful and unifying manner, and who sees our diversity as a gift of God’s creation that encompasses potentials ready to be tapped for enterpreneurism and economic advancement.

I therefore urge Gambians to take a hard look at the leadership of Gambia Democratic Congress before we make similar horrific mistake that APRC regime under the leadership of Dictator Yaya Jammeh has brought on Gambian people. We deserve better. Untested and unproven leader will lead the nation into a failure.




  1. Haha Max, you have opened a fight with Mama Kandeh’s Baye Faals. Very soon they will be swinging with their sword. Ironically, most of his surrogates have been campaigning for no election. Surprisingly, the same people started jumping into Kandeh’s campaign without giving us any tangible reason. What makes their candidate different from Yahya Jammeh’s serving rubberstamping APRC deputies is the puzzle I have been trying to solve. He would have been doing the dictator’s bidding, he had not been fired. Let Mama Kandeh tell us his record in parliament. A food for thought is that not everything that glitters is gold or silver.

    • Alagie Max is a soldier. Like the American military he can fight two major wars at once. These are the questions citizens need to ask. I do not trust Mama, I think Yaya planted him in case of an election boycott.
      The fact that Darboe is in jail and no one is talking about that tells a lot.

      Any nation that deserve to exist should have come together to uproot this excuse of a human being

  2. Mama Kandeh is only doing sweet talk. I see him as a front candidate for Yahya Jammeh. Why is he still quiet over the illegal detention and remand of Tina Faal? Ousainou Darboe and his party leadership have proven to us that they would die where injustice was meted on their colleague. Why Kandeh’s surrogates are not answering this question is anyone’s guess.

  3. Baboucarr Samba

    I don’t have any problem with Mama but I can’t stand his surrogates arrogance. They have the audacity and temerity to ask the UDP, a party with the largest following and fighting for 20 years, to give up for a man who connive with others to create tyranny. This is the height of arrogance and selfishness.

  4. The GMC thinks their photoshopped crowd will bail them out or enough reason to argue that their untested candidate can lead any coalition. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

  5. His surrogates are daydreaming, thinking this electoral battle is gong to be won in the diaspora.

  6. Unbiased Prince GB

    In Shrewd of All Candidly Fellows!!!

    The Appalling Political Situation, but well founded of endemic intimidation by Yaya JJ Jammeh and his Awful regime in the Gambia, should not be simply downplay and gets brushed out of our political scope while we stay jittered by its degrading conditions and simply chose to do nothing about it.

    If we are to stand any chance of being what it said in Our Nationalism of pledge from birth and upon naturalisation (the pledge of being with the belief that, we are a people who share common difference of purposeful and should constitute an independent community and country of free from every domination of political odds) as Gambians, then the choosing of doing nothing or not being actively involve in shaping the feature of our country is not a good choice at all.

    The Illegal Imprisonment of the most Advantageous Gambian Politicians, the UDP leadership ‘Mr Ousainou Darboe’ and his executives of including UDP supporters, is a complete sabotage to our Nationalism endeavours and it’s against all morality instance, yet many politicians in country deciding to stay mute about it and not doing enough but failing Gambian political prisoners at a wider scale instead.

    It’s far too faulty at its politically pinning Darboe & Co down with the most barbaric acts of injustice if you looking at things closely, yet other people subs only in despair of gutless to act.

    It’s an intimidating judgement by Mercenary Dada remember fellows, but well themed wittedly with deviltry entirety and with acts of uncaringly hence within the most vicious and evil manner of all, yet part of our society are still not fully united with the rest against its odds and just kick the hell out of Mercenary Dada and her employer Yaya Jammeh and out their land.

    Again, the faulty decision of sending our comrades to prison had since mean utterly inhumane by face of all reality gathered through out our generation and in every natural dealings if checked through the angles of understanding the kind of brutality anticipated and used at harmful state of already by the failed APRC leadership of Yaya Jammeh, while many people are still refusing take matters into serious consideration.

    In such awful affairs, matters have well toll the buttressed reality of long feared, but well foolishly primed in detailing of the most excessive abuse of judicial position and political power by the only absurd punk (Mercenary Dada) still left in the entire continent of Africa. Most shameless individual of all attention seekers and political hookers however, hence hideous in character of all but indeed taunting in every form to the whole Afros community by the so call judge “Mercenary Dada”.

    Particularly realised also, it have since mean setting the barbarity bar of recorded on Yaya JJ Jammeh and his APRC illicit regime even higher than people realise. But in detail, only done with provoking deems to a people for Yaya Jammeh’s breeding of sinister play and shocking discovers of stupidity that have still sustains his hyperactive evil egos to linger more. It have set to stands also and to widespread the Gambian political wafted of criminality like wildfire somehow but only enjoyed by him (the APRC failed leadership of today).

    So little have been done so far my fellows, and if any at all by those (international community) of whom we expect to do more than just talking tough and doing nothing or staying away from the centre of the disturbing sciences without taking the accurate and proper actions for moderational accounts to override. What a shame indeed but how shameful it would continue be if we should keep expecting the least of any better from them and should keep waiting for any external help of mere dreaming only to drop on our doorsteps fellows.

    While we encounter the growing concerns over these waves of unnatural terror and upon waves of political absurdity that are railing from a far and wide. Yet within but shooting at us like the disaster we are witnessing daily from the failed APRC regime of home grown criminality with ruthlessness of core, and we had to continue in our campaigning (without distraction) to end the political bigamy that they have given basement in our country. The brutality of hence they also keep bating with people of deprived protection and yet isolated individuals by the same APRC barbaric and practical-joke of so call government, we should never weight out our devotion for blind loyalty to Yaya James Junky Jammeh neither.

    And nor should we remain silence and allow to be reduce to nothing for our fear of political persecution while our people continue to suffer needlessly under the illegitimacy of APRC idiots and for the predators that they are on the most vulnerable folks. As are also but hence held bent in total destruction and deforming to people’s fundamental ‘Congressional Eloquent Proceedings’ and the longings of proper but Pure Democratic Principle in attest form of privilege to all, we should never give them any chance of trading or prolonging their awful choice of running the country onto a brick wall.

    They mustn’t expect any ease of pace with our forcing them to a complete obliteration from and out of our communal spec. And as long as Yaya Jammeh and his shameless but heedless regime are the case of mainly villainous to our civilisation and basically being the pests at riffing off all the fundamental necessities for modesty to stand, and undermining our Gambian moral principles while under the his miss rule, they should always feel the true verdict of real justice as like here comes everyday of our defiance stances for goodness of pledged and freedominality of counts and for such to withstand without fail fellows.

    Within familiar factors of learnt, the shameless APRC failed leadership’s evil Moroccan wife have loot our public coffers to the brink of desolation in broad day light while Yaya JJ Jammeh kept being at pest of all our continent and nation and singlehandedly helping her criminality of continues today by keeping us completely distracted from the main issues affecting our wellbeing as Gambians. His the same shameless and so call wife or his Moroccan striper and Hooker (within aspects of gathered reality) is still on the verge spending blonder of unnecessary after milking every little drop left in the Gambian dead economy of already and finally bringing down our national economy to its knees fellows.

    Upon Yaya Jammeh’s own many bad also and his failed policies of including his degrading political influence on wider Gambian population, the APRC failed leadership of hence also named ‘Yaya Jackass Junky Jammeh’ only feeds on political treacheries of however, while also keeps nagging all state affairs by putting all security personal on the overtime of destroying the country even further with tyranity of way deadlier than earthquake.

    We should pay no devotion to such cannibalistic affairs of well entail with barbarity taunts from the illicit regime of APRC and the most retarded Kanilai Jolla punk (call yaya jammeh) while he is still failing to learnt that Gambians have been more than push to point of no retreat with his stinking behaviours. And neither should we be piety in any shape or form for the failed APRC leadership who is with a face like a dog and brow of a chimp.

    The stinking Kanilai Monster ‘Yaya Jammeh’ for all odd reasons, have inconsiderately also consumes the bodies of our dead brothers and sisters which he killed through the orders of his oracles. Well before that though fellows, he removes out their hearts with awful manners and feed them to his Ragamuffins ‘Jallans’ and also using all brutality acts of evil at his heartless disposal for his obsession on more political power. Overstaying in public office therefore, means being at fatal to all Gambian population in particular, but modern generation claiming the first tray at full scale of devastation while Yaya JJ Jammeh still continue to pose as the most detrimental guy and being apparent to every possible political disturbance if he not stopped soon fellows.

    The strident voice of Gambian population, if not over heard through the media of loudly clear while in their refusal to budge for tyranity continuation in the country hence the failed APRC leadership tries to suppress them even further with his only stupidity plans of reality in action. And only now that he is deciding to pause them with confusion of indirect apologies after calling them aliens from central Africa, then the chances are that nothing would ever jitter or bother us at all and those of whom and the like many I-able folks who could come to their aiding and deliver difference of well anticipated.

    We should never asked or seek protection from him (APRC abortive leadership) despite of his mix characters of often confusing to the Gambian masses, as he drinks the blood of our dead people and supplicate to idles and devils (hence an infidel). He also supplies the blocks with contaminated slaughtered donkeys and dogs’ meats for his spiritual interim of only baloney believes and the desire to overwhelmed himself alone with the believe of dominant over people whereas only base on meth and nothing but real meth fellows. In fact, so that he could convince his baloney self that, him and his heartless Moroccan wife could still continue living in the intestines of vulnerable Gambian people who are so and badly malnourished but staving to death and nothing would come out of it.

    We should however, remembers him (the APRC futile leadership) ‘Yaya Brutal Jammeh’, as the guy who continue disrespecting our vulnerable sisters and dooming the Gambia National army, NIA and other security personals of including Police by ordering them to beat, rape, tortured and kill their own countrymen. Sabs their bodies in the process of doing Gambians more harm and injustice and smashes his perceived or open opponents’ skulls with hammers for Yaya Jammeh’s own lethal pleasure of real evil to cloud over the appalling affairs of the Gambian people.

    The Kanilai Punk in reality, have since scars the integrity of APRC political party and supporters’ dignities therefore, but well curses his illegitimate administration and service men and women of all ethnic background and of same Gambian citizenry with the worse effects of using the dead bodies of their own citizens, that are cut to pieces and them to fed them to his crocodiles for him to keep enjoying cruelty on the same people that he took on oath to protect them.

    Gambians should certainly and in no doubt but well keep taking him (Yaya Junky Jammeh) as the paranoia and nearly King of All Evils within his ‘Mist Babbiley Empire’, who pardoning means nothing to him as being compassionate would be the worse effect of setting him as if godly in a way whereas nothing of the kind in reality hence he won’t even spare the infant in case his pure greed for political power got sprightly drift off his anticipation.

    The worthless Jala punk known as Tony Daaba and Kanilai Monster by any investigation done and rewarding truth for his evil behaviour towards Gambians.

    The spine breaker of all truth and good sprits and all those cool Gambian factors of calming people, yet committed souls of hard working compatriots that no one should do without. The destroyer of Gambians’ devotion for family, socialism, industriousness, good governance of people’s choice and sincerity but well felt devotion for others.

    The Kanilai punk and Jackass of all traitors, who harms Gambians’ love for peace and justice, and would disrespect our Nationalism and population to their harmful delineates and away from their shadows of rigorously fetched and well tendered but hence driven from a far as well.

    Gambians are so fed-up with the APRC and its failed leadership of Yaya jj Jammeh and with it all as they have been with such nerve racking emotional situation while Yaya JJ Jammeh is not making nothing any easier for over 22 years and still counting with his misrule. He is at the utter misrepresentation of people’s choice of leadership and desires for only goodness that counts for their country. The Gambian intellectual decedents’ being literally hurt on the journey of fighting for political coherence of freedominality, while the younger generations’ minds of battered with dismay and despair of rift stupidity but only done at mayhem calculation of the APRC failed leadership’s distraction from the main issues affecting Gambians as a whole and just for him to remain venom on people whatever the situation continues.

    Christians and women of Gambian people’s tired voices of hence melted in defiance stake against Yaya Jammeh’s poor choice of aggression and oppression on people while that was over echoed like the sound of a trumpet which beats at its highest pitch by our credible online media for justice to return home. And for the affairs of biasedly done needlessly to end vividly while they keep bargaining everything they have on the streets and in the openness for world intervention with political difference hence also only fostering for peace of badly waited for far too long now.

    Certainly, we all want to live in a free society or in a Gambia and a World that is full of ‘freedom, peace each and every day’ while justice should and must always guide our actions to improve the common goods that we sincerely inherited of only through the brilliancy and excellence parenting and caring of our good people and community’s good leadership’.

    We are certainly ought to do something very positive for our country and soon even if it is as small as an atom but let it be effective rek fellows

    Many thanks fellows and


  7. Max is at his maximum judgmentality of seemingly pathetic

    • Max is disfranchise and engage in futile exercise!

      • Dawda , can you tell us the qualifications, experience and contribution of mama in the past 22 years of military dictatorship? These questions I asked are they not a legitimate questions? Don’t be a fool , use your brain to ask questions otherwise you will continue to live your life with other people ideas . Don’t give blind support without asking questions.

  8. You lot will continue to suffer in your hearts because you bore will remain in there for next few years Mamma will take charge of our country.

    • This is the way dictators talk. ‘You will continue to suffer in your hearts because, woe! someone has taken charge of your country. Why I suffer in my heart; a small country like the Gambia got so many hypocrites and greedy sycophants. Many have gotten wise but some still proving to be dumber. STOP YOUR SELLING OF HATE, YOU LOT!



        • Dawda! What is it that folks like you’s got in their hearts that’s made it too thick.You wanna wash the soot off your heart…..? I’ve got a new pot and kettle. They are black from the factory! They are amasingly beautiful.

          Nobody looks at himself in a mirror! What we all got to look at in the mirror is dear the Gambia rather than oneself’s selfish image in the mirror telling yourself, ‘Haa! look at me the most wonderful and owlish of all’.

  9. Stop the hate. My way or no way again is destroying the possibilities of effecting a change of government through the ballot box. Instead of asking Kandeh and his supporters to join other opposition parties to form an alliance and fight Jammeh, you are hiding behind a bogus so called research with no factual evidence to castigate Kandeh who is drawing a large support from the APRC and causing panic in the heart of the APRC party.
    The fact that he was expelled from the APRC proves that he was not there to support any trash that Jammeh wants. Also note that the only way Jammeh can be defeated is by drawing supporters from APRC and if we castigate and insult them, then our chances of success in defeating Jammeh is very remote. Let us not be threaten by rising popular people like Kandeh because of fear of them overshadowing your choice of candidate and then begin throwing mud at them. That is not democracy. We should instead encourage more people like Kandeh to leave the APRC and join the opposition. Our focus should be bringing the opposition parties together and not tearing them apart because of jealousy of another person’s emerging popularity. So stop the hate and focus on the problem….. Defeating Jammeh.

    • Mr Barry , thank you for your view on this article . I have no personal hatred for mr kandeh or any politician . I asked legitimate questions about political standing of mr kandeh and achievements as well as the role he played in entrenchment of military dictatorship . We need to know more about mr kandeh’s role and standing in the past 22 years . Can you tell the readership any legislations which mr kandeh supported that has led to better democracy and economic advancement during the time he was a National Assembly member for AFPRC ? Instead of you talking about his achievements and what he contributed to socio-economic development and democracy in The Gambia , you have embarked on personal attack and name calling . I would be glad to see you or any one who support GDC to come forward and list the achievements of mr kandeh , his stand aganist horrific human right violations and why do Gambians should elect mr kandeh as president . Mr kandeh’s qualifications must be shown to us . As I said in the article , we have passed the time for exprimental leadership. mr kandeh was key player in entrenchment of military dictatorship . Please talk about things that matters to the ordinary citizens . Replacing a tyrant with his progeny is not the solution of our current predicament. We need total transformation of the system which will bring democracy , constitutionalism and rule of law .

    • It is no other’s way but the majority’s way in every united opposition’s effort in unseating dictatorships, if indeed someone is failing to realise and concede to that fact. Many Gambians thinking can be sinister however so I hope you are not an instigator yourself.
      If you have been following the debates and did not snub points with important facts, you could have learned about ‘Primaries’ and about its ‘Made In’ and understand too why it can’t be no one’s way but only a majority’s lead which means giving every one his fair share of say.

    • Mr Barry
      Your beautiful piece is spot on mate.
      They are shooting at him with both barrels, from all ends.
      If it is not his education, it’s is his experience.
      If it is not his source of funds, it’s the timing of his party launching,
      If not his popularity, it has to be the photo shoots from his campaigns,
      If not for the opportunity he is /can add to the opposition, it has to be his record while in parliament. Etc etc
      The guy cannot win.
      Anybody, who can take people off the APRC, not talking of, in there thousands should be seen as a plus.
      Rather than pick a fight with him-people should keep encouraging the opposition to come together to save the country from our predicament.
      Well done Bro.

      • Facing national matters ‘face up’ and not ‘backs up’ is a much more transparent and scrupulous attitude towards the Gambia’s national resolve.

        However, ain’t no one individual to lose in the Gambia’s unresolved predicament but everybody will and not to mention the cost yet. You can see how bit by bit African countries get to self destruction as a result of the evil power of dishonest hypocrites amongst them.

    • Amadou Barry’s Valid Points to be noted above are these;

      1. “Stop the hate. My way or no way again is destroying the possibilities of effecting a change of government through the ballot box. Instead of asking Kandeh and his supporters to join other opposition parties to form an alliance and fight Jammeh, you are hiding behind a bogus so called research with no factual evidence to castigate Kandeh who is drawing a large support from the APRC and causing panic in the heart of the APRC party….”

      2.” We should instead encourage more people like Kandeh to leave the APRC and join the opposition. Our focus should be bringing the opposition parties together and not tearing them apart because of jealousy of another person’s emerging popularity. So stop the hate and focus on the problem….. Defeating Jammeh.”

      Pay heed to them and stop the malicious smearing campaign and dividing opposition front against the limited time constraint we have to get rid ofthis bloody Jammeh/APRC regime December 2016, simple as that! Spend your time, ideas, energy and resources on more productive campaign, activism and militancy!

    • Drawing people from the regime cannot be a highlighted criteria for being the right choice. There are many unanswered questions about Mr. Kandeh’s legitimacy and wisdom to lead our country right now.
      It is his citizenship right to create a party and campaign for votes. However in doing so, we the voters are entitled to the same citizenship rights to scrutinise him.
      I just found it troubling that he avoids any direct confrontation with the regime, even at the expense of a prominent member of his party (Mrs Faal) who is being arbitrarily persecuted. You cannot win a presidential election in such a timid posture.

      Further more, I am also surprised at his choice of words in his rallies. He is seemingly sounding like the regime when addressing tribal issues. Instead of clearly and consequently condemning the incitement against the mandinkas , he appears to take a neutral stances as if the mandinkas are to be blamed for the incitement being mounted against them.
      If he is be to be taken seriously, he must not only be seen to be an alternative but also unequivocally reject any form of bigotry against his fellow citizens, whose votes he need to become a president.

      I think that if you avoid speaking in your rallies against the impunity being meted out on UDP leadership but still expect that they endorse you and join you, that to me , is highly insincere and opportunistic behaviour, that does hold for us some bad omen for what to come if this untested man would assume high office.

      Therefore the man should campaign and at some point add his weight to other existing parties and when the country is regained, takes a senior position and build his repertoire further until equipped enough to take high office. We owe it to our country not to fall prey to people with hidden agendas and untested characters.

  10. Unbiased Prince GB

    The real enemy of within the struggle. Who attacks and dispatches anything lethal and could totally undermines all our apparent. Concurrent efforts and all potential deliberation for way out of the grave detriments that occurs on Gambian daily from the failed APRC leadership and his brutal regime. While in his deadliest kind of ever seen and in an attempting to use pettiness or pessimism of all operando to infect people’s intelligence. Is in your appeal for more of your lacking of perception, with the most conflicting ways of him telling Gambians how they must make impending but also ineffective judgement on people’s personalities without intelligibility so long as they could effect the change that he does not wish to see Gambians in its reality.

    That guy have seem to be very careful but nonetheless of his behaviour of using ironist directive, his real and true self have once again put him on the spot lights of naked negligence as usual.

  11. It is not just the heights of arrogance and selfishness within the public domain that is being experienced by Gambians now, but also the heights of the demons in the Gambia’s political predicament being exposed.Demons are powerful, so,( cleanliness and absolute power be to Almighty God’s name so that they can’t harm me). Exploring more the right sides of our minds is the only way to scare the demons away from the country’s political resolve.

    Free Ousainou Darboe and the executive members of the UDP!
    Release Solo Sandeng’s body or person to his beloved family!

    • “Free Ousainou Darboe and the executive members of the UDP!
      Release Solo Sandeng’s body or person to his beloved family!”


      • Thanks echoing back, ‘Free Ouainou Darboe and the executive members of the UDP’ and ‘Release Solo Sandeng’s body or person to his belove family’.

        Very crap you wrote after that has to be merely tolerated. I understand the fact a long time ago that Kairo news can be allergic with the vocabulary ‘censorship’ in the Gambia’s national debate, for whatever crap it stands for, inside your pathetic sense of reasoning. You dudes are very creepy for any one with a good sense of reason not to realise it. Wake up dudes! this is the future that belongs to all citizens equally. Free and fair votes is the only reliable scale in weighing and dispensing citizens quotas of the cake to them within public domain.


    “We must focus on leaders and their parties with wisdom, knowledge, experience and better policies which have been consistent in the fight for rule of law, constitutionalism and better economic policy of our country. ” – Outstanding for PDOIS with Grade A+ Distinction

    “We have passed the time for experimental leadership in this defining moment of our country’s political dispensation. As citizens, we must look for steady, consistent, honest, decent and proven leader who is temperamentally fit to lead the nation in peaceful and unifying manner, and who sees our diversity as a gift of God’s creation that encompasses potentials ready to be tapped for enterpreneurism and economic advancement.” = Outstanding for PDOIS dynamic leaders with Grade A+ Distinction

    So double distinction for PDOIS but you don’t know it because you are disingenuous and enjoy peddling bigotry online! Which other political party qualify on those points referred?

  13. Max firstly I would want to know when you left the Gambia.secondly what was Mamma Kandeh’s position in NRP.

    • Seedy Gassama, you asked a very silly personal question which has no bearing on the topic under discussion. Whether I left Gambia yesterday or some 50 years ago , has no bearing on the qualifications, experience and the role mama kandeh played in the entrenchment of military dictatorship. Tell us why he is qualify to be president of The Gambia, that is what matters to Gambian people.

      • Max I think you are a gentleman but you are not. I asked you a simple question if you cannot answer it tell me you can’t instead of regarding it silly. If you answer the question you will know it’s relevant to your comment.

        • @Max, to some Gambians, as far as they can speak cool and deadly and can ask irrelevant questions that don’t serve a purpose in the public debate, and be able to demonstrate how they have mastered the art of hypocrisy and psycophancy is a perfect derivation of ‘gentleman’ to them. Hypocrisy and deep throatedness is the reason for some citizens confusion, confusion causing and curiousity as to when brothers left home, where are they and who they are, instead of answering questions composed to them by those brothers, questions that matter very much within the public environ.
          I don’t see how Max did not answer your useless question @Seedy. I could guess you contemplating on a citizenship criteria based on who was in the diaspora and who was not. I bet the Pdois guys won’t think bad about the idea that 3m Gambians make a choreography infront of them to assemble to form the letters, P-D-O-I-S.
          They love these debates for a few reasons; to confuse themselves and others and to see their party abbreviations being repeatedly typed online thus @Dawda assuming Pdois to be a party vindicated. Of, by, what………..? themselves may know best.

          To ask Mr. Kandeh, ‘why were you smiling so sincerely and affectionately and exaggeratedly into the dictator eyes, i.e, is a much more relevant question and much more important question in the public environ than rubbish you put forward to @Max.

          I have all the rights to ask everything relevant round and about Mr. Kandeh’s honesty, trustworthiness and scrupulosity as he aspires to represent ‘me’ as Mr. President. What the headache do you guys? You better clarify with others what you know about Mr. Kandeh or just ‘shut the creep up’

  14. There are more important issues for opposition front than censoring Mama Kandeh! What do you make of this advertisement by UDP for December 2016 elections from Freedom Newspaper?

    “Gambia: United Democratic Party (UDP) Press Release: Notice For The Selection Of Party Presidential Candidate

    United Democratic Party (UDP) hereby gives notice for the selection of the party Presidential Candidate for the December 1st 2016 Presidential Elections.

    1. Application for selection as the party presidential candidate is open to all interested party members.

    2. All applications must be addressed and submitted to the Chairperson UDP Central Committee on or before Tuesday 30th August, 2016 at 10. 00 am prompt.

    3.The UDP Central Committee chaired by the party Secretary General shall meet on Tuesday 30th August, 2016 at 11.00 am at the party National Bureau in Banjul, to act on the applications duly received.

    4. The UDP Selection Committee chaired by the Party National President shall meet on Wednesday 31st August, 2016 at 11. 00 am at the party National Bureau in Banjul, to do the selection of the party Presidential Candidate for the December 1st 2016 Elections.

    5. The UDP will formerly unveiled the Party Presidential Candidate for the December 1st 2016 Elections, on Thursday 1st September, 2016 through press conference to be held at the party National Bureau in Banjul at 11. 00 am.

    Mariam B. Secka”


  15. Max…

    The Gambia is a multiparty democracy and every citizen or group of citizens has the right to form or join any political parties anytime, regardless of who is in custody or has lost their life.

    Nevertheless, you are quite right to raise questions about Mr Mama Kandeh and his GDC and I hope someone from his party will lobby the media for the chance to let him talk.

    What I find amusing is the obvious contradiction and inconsistence in your position about Mr Kandeh, as an ex-APRC NAM, to some of the other people from the same camp, whom you supported in the past…

    We remember, with sadness, the victims of December 30th, some of whom were key operators in Jammeh’s security and terror machine, and your view that they were heroes. They too, like Mama Kandeh, served the dictatorship well, before they fell out with the dictator, and were either sacked or fled the country and became anti-Jammeh.

    If you didn’t have problems with the past association of some of the victims of December 30th with Jammeh, you shouldn’t treat Mr Kandeh differently, otherwise, you will be guilty of inconsistency.

    I believe too, that you have championed calls, in the past, for the older generation of politicians to step aside and allow the younger leaders to come up…If I am right, then your criteria of “wisdom, knowledge, experience, better policies” and a consistent tract record of fighting “for the rule of law” and constitutionalism makes it almost impossible for any young person to qualify as a leader…another inconsistency…

    I remember also, that your mantra has always been, “All options on the table”…Why then, are you contradicting yourself by opposing the emergence of an additional political option, especially one that has the potential to draw voters away from the APRC and thereby, further weaken it…?

    Finally, you stated: “The newly established party has a young likeable leader whose political philosophy, stand on issues of national importance, democracy and rule of law is not known to vast majority of citizenry…..”

    Isn’t it a vindication of our position, that contrary to your claims, political support and votes gained at elections, is not an indication of better policies.. There is no doubt that Mama Kandeh is enjoying massive following, and.like the parties of the 2nd Republic before it, this is in spite of the fact that nobody knows where they stand on crucial issues that matter to the nation…

    Btw, a very interesting piece by the learned and always eloquent (Hon) Lamin J. Darboe, which should open our eyes to the dangers of an undefined, dominant party led alliance arrangement that could quickly degenerate into a one party dictatorship, due to inherent flaws in our Supreme Law…

    • It is equally dangerous to have an untested personality or entity to lead the country. We have enough experience already. I thought so.

      • I agree, but that’s no reason why he should be denied his right to seek elective office. Let the voters decide whether he is fit for the job or not. We can help in that regard by educating them to see why we think Mr Kandeh is not fit for the job.

    • Bax , I still believe in ” all options on the table ” including election, so I supported December 30th statehouse attack. If Jammeh is a democratic president I won’t support military coup or ” all options on the table ” but he is a tyrant who is killing our people every day . If you are comfortable with him killing our people, I am not which is why I support all options on the table to get rid of him . Statehouse attackers were heroes because they sacrificed their life for the sake of The Gambia just like solo Sanderg you castigated sacrificed his life for the country. Mama kandeh can’t be compared to those heroes.
      When I called for youths to lead , I meant youths with wisdom , knowledge, experience and qualifications but not someone without knowledge or experience. Mama kandeh lack knowledge and experience, he is not university graduate., so there is no inconsistency in my calls . Don’t confused yourself .
      You failed to understand that I was calling on Gambians to vet mr kandeh so that we don’t have replica of Aprc . Mr kandeh did not have any college education , no experience as a leader and in fact he has contributed to constitutional entrenchment of dictatorship when he was a National Assembly member.
      Coming back to The leadership of December 30th attackers , they were all outstanding citizens with wealth of experience, education and wisdom. Mr Njie is real estate developer with excellent education . Mr papa Faal , late Lamin Sanneh all had master degree , infact mr Faal have double masters . Late captain jagne was a commander of Kentucky national guard and a war hero who participated in Iraq war . He was decorated in Iraq by the highest USA military commander in the Iraq . You can’t compared these heroes with mama kandeh who has little life experience , no college education and he was in jammeh’s playbook. the leadership of December 30th attackers such as mr Njie ,late captain jagne , papa Faal has never worked for jammeh’s regime but others were ex-military officers who worked for the country and they never helped to make laws to entrench Jammeh in power . Do you want to tell me that anyone who work for the military is working for Jammeh ? So please don’t compare apples and oranges .

    • Bax, are those people running for president? Please stop jiving us around. Mama Kandeh is the one running for the office of the presidency and scrutizing his actions and affiliation is the responsibility of all concern Gambians. The man was virtually unknown to most Gambians until he announced his candidature. He was in APRC agreeing to all the legislations forwarded by the dictator. Do you want us to just ignore all of that?

      • No, they weren’t running for president…They wanted to seize the presidency by force, much the same way Jammeh did…There is something common there, won’t you agree…?

        At least, Mama Kandeh, whatever we may think of him, has shown enough respect to the Gambian People, to seek their consent…

        • No, they didn’t want to seize the presidency by force, much the same way like Jammeh did….., they want to restore the rule of law that has been broken down and replaced by decrees with the help of others in the aprc underworld of conspiracies against citizens.

    • Maxs Bax has given you a perfect reminder. How can you support 30th December attacker and regard them as heroes who carried-out most of Jammeh’s atrocities any oppose Mamma Kandeh for being an APRC M P. Why the double standard?

      • Oh! because Mr. Kandeh has to be regarded as a hero. What for all this sudden? You can clearly see the reason why I ‘ll buy the praise singer to cook-up a good name for me……The hypocrisy and creepiness is; not telling us who among the 30th dec. state house attacker has carried out atrocities for Jammeh whilst they were in the Gambia’s military during the Jammeh regime.
        It is right for honest citizen to ask, ‘did any one among the 30 dec. attackers carry out atrocities for Jammeh in the Jammeh regime?’
        @Amadou Barry had talked about, ‘stop the hate’ but he seems definitely confused about where to direct that advice when comments in certain camps have clearly stated that, the 30dec. state house attackers have learnt their ‘bitter’ lesson. Bitter lessons are always taught by bitter hearts! The remains of the fallen are also not released yet to their families! I can bet with any valuable thing that, only Gambians, in the whole sub-region, in 2016, can be debating and telling lies around and paying complacency to the many horrible atrocities that Yaya and his inner circle of hypocrites have committed against innocent citizens, for the past 2decades.
        They say Gambia is a peaceful country and who knows if that means to keep the cannibalism out there recently, secret, hence the hunt for witches who are supernaturally powerful to be able to see the cannibal, day drinking blood. It causes a shock to your heart listening to the cold-blooded comments some citizen have made in these forums. You guys are the scythe under Jammeh ‘horror gown’. Mind yourselves in case one day he decides to eat his own children. I am not sure he likes Jainab in the freezer anyway. He’ll kill you if he hear you saying something like that. Damn! he didn’t get that mad yet.

        Lets learn planting flowers around our sights in the Gambia and taking care of them to watch how they blossom. It helps us realise what we owe each other as honest citizens. This is a good practice among people who want help to enlighten their minds, with regards to communities, regions and country’s collective betterment politically, religious, traditionally or culturally. This helps wisdom to flow like river amongst an unsophisticated mass.


    Your true colours known long time! PDOIS vindicated again on Gambian politics.

    • What a colourful lie of yours. Our colours I guess is not more than what we write out here and it will impossible for any sensible democrat and civil society aware person across the four corners of the world, to miss all these creepiness of you guys.

      Sorry! Kim excluded.

    • Dawda, it is funny some of you PDOIS disciples never gets it. PDOIS will never make it in Gambian politics whether 20 years or 50 years, they will be in the same predicament because what ever they are selling most people are not interested. PDOIS is only good at mis-educating and brainwashing Gambian youths to believe that they are the only party that can make difference in the country. Most of their programs are baggage and never been tested anywhere other than the people’s bureau.

  17. Bax, the mere fact you consider The Gambia as multiparty democracy and I consider it as a military dictatorship is itself a big difference between us . The Gambia is not a democracy by every measure and standard . This is why pdois continue to make irrelevant strategy and its call for a primary election.

    • Note this point on what does GDC represents and its party leader?

      Multiparty democracy defined and means;

      “of or involving several political parties:
      “multiparty elections”

      How many legitimate political parties does The Gambia have? Is APRC the only political party in The Gambia? Is The Gambia ‘one-party state’ or ‘one-party system’?

      Why are you disingenuous and arrogant Max?

      • So the Aprc indeed is a legitimate political party in your perception. I told you! Only what your write here can show your colours. To me, the Aprc represents the state of impunity as it imposes itself on Gambians and their livelihoods with the help of its hijacked parliament. Jammeh is not a legitimate politician neither the Aprc is a legitimate political party from scratch. Jammeh just wears kaftan on top of his military khakis and sweeps the small country with tanks, camouflaged men with military gear and hardware and menacing dark glassed NIAs intruding even the peasantry’s compounds and households. Your argument only tells us about how cold blooded a Gambian can be despite his claims of love of peace that can’t be found there.

    • Stop spinning around jargon, twisting viewpoints and distortions of statements. You are good at concocting or putting things together making you a spin doctor; in discourse. These are three different situations and different context(s) can be constructed or construed;

      “Multiparty democracy”; “Military dictatorship”, “Democracy”?

      PDOIS tendered its Agenda 2016 over 3-4 years now and Primary election effectively proposed in order to cover the 1st round of voting; to help address Leadership among other nominees!


  18. Max, your analysis about Mama Kandeh behaviors and experience is all true. The man cannot take us out of this mess but put us in more shit. Look, Mama lacks both the experience and the education to change our predicament. No vision to steer our country from 22 years poor economic management. Mama never even run a dog house how do you expect him to fair well with an economy at the bottom of the pit, broken down educational system, poor infrastructure and a demoralized civil servants. Having large crowds with some curious people and few supporters will not make somebody win an election. Mama has no chance at all and let us not fool ourselves.

    • If you want Jammeh/APRC out you will embrace or take GDC and Mama Kandeh very seriously as part of opposition front rather than alienating them and promoting more rivalry!

      The key for opposition front is unity, not partisanship and smearing campaign as December 2016 approaches with another golden opportunity to end dictatorship under UNITED NATIONAL FRONT!

  19. What about those with all the degrees and can’t do shit for 20 years.Ican’t get it so no one will..What’s the qualification is it being a Manding ko or Fulbe.There is something fishy.I equally believe that UDP should give way since tried many years with out results. Gone are the days of tribal politics.Whether GDC will win or not UDP never had this following even with his collation with other parties.

  20. Max…

    Your response is not only pointless, and mostly irrelevant, but it has exposed more inconsistencies in your positioning on different issues that are discussed here. It has also further exposed your dishonest knack for creating your self justification points to argue against, as if you are arguing against your opponents…

    More inconsistencies:

    You don’t regard the Gambia as a democracy, never mind a multiparty one, but you include elections in your options for change..

    Why would you support elections if the country is a dictatorship and not a democracy..? What are you hoping to achieve by supporting elections, under a dictatorship that has no democratic elements whatsoever..? Aren’t you being inconsistent and irrational because elections are only possible and viable in a democracy alone…?

    It would seem that your “All” does not mean “All”, after all…You are now qualifying your “All” with restrictions on qualifications of individuals who may seek to remove Jammeh. May be, you should now be assisted to coin a new mantra and here is my contribution : “ALL, BUT SOME OPTIONS, ARE ON THE TABLE”…This will save you from future contradictions and inconsistencies in that regard.

    I am assuming, and for good reasons, that your now defective mantra of “All options on the table”, also includes military takeover, but I have not seen any reservation from you, on the qualification, experience and proven tract record of consistent fight for the rule of law, of the soldier likely to succeed in overthrowing Jammeh…

    Raising concerns and questioning the qualification, experience, suitability and past association of Mama Kandeh with Jammeh and his regime, without doing the same for others, is inconsistency or at least, a lack of clarity in your positioning..

    I am not supporting Mama Kandeh and I do not think he is the best candidate or even the right man for the job of president, but I am only exposing the hypocrisy and fluidity (of positions) of some of you guys raising poisonous clouds of dust all over the Internet..


  21. Creating self justification points of arguments :

    One of my queries is your objection of Mama Kandeh, based on his past association with the regime, and I used the unfortunate events of December 30th to point out how inconsistent you are in your positioning.

    I pointed out very clearly that some of the participants were also connected to the regime in their past lives, but that did not stop you from praising them as heroes, so objecting to Mama Kandeh, on that basis, is inconsistency…

    In response, you cited several people connected to that event, pointed out their individual achievements and asked, how I could compare them with Mama Kandeh…

    Have you failed to notice that my query was only in relation to those who had past connections with the regime…?

    Have you failed to notice that I was not comparing Mr Kandeh with anybody…?

    Why mention Njie, Faal, Jagne in your response, if not to create your points of arguments..?

    Were they connected to the regime…? Because my query, in that instance, was in relation to past connections to the regime…

    Another creation of yours is how you have attempted to manipulate the discussion by defining and limiting the definition of “past connections” with the regime to membership of the National Assembly only.

    Now, you are claiming that those who served in the Army were working for the country and did not make laws to entrench Jammeh; the obvious implication being that Mama Kandeh passed laws, as a NAM, to entrench Jammeh. So the definition and understanding of ” connected to the regime”, is restricted to only membership of the Assembly. And then the same strategy: I’m I saying that anyone who works in the Army is working for Jammeh…

    As it is clearly evident, you are just arguing with yourself because the points you are purportedly responding to, are not only your own creations, but your reasoning is simply laughable…For a start, can’t NAMs also be viewed as working for the country, same way you viewed the Army…?

    Do you know that laws, no matter how obnoxious, are harmless without an enforcement agency..?

    Do you know that the National Assembly does NOT enforce the law…?

    Do you know that the Presidential Guards are the worst enforcers of Jammeh’s rule of impunity…?

    Do you know that one of the participants of the December 30th was head of the Presidential Guards, at one point, whilst another is a self confessed accessory to at.least, three incidents where murders and attempted murder was carried out..?

    How could you consider a law maker as one who helped entrench dictatorship whilst absolving soldiers who either carried out acts of terror; witnessed acts of terror or condoned acts of terror, whilst serving the regime …? Is this a rational, sensible and consistent position to take…?

    • Bax , in all your arguments you failed to remind yourself that jammeh came as a criminal leader therefore Gambians will use every option to get rid of him. Those options are different and they have different standard . Election is method which has its own standard that must be followed. Lamin Sanneh was a one time head of presidential guard but does not that he was involved in crime , no he wasn’t . Other ex-military guys who sacrificed their life were once part of jammeh’s inner circle , went to correct the system which they knew was rotten. If Jammeh was a democratic I won’t support any military coup or intervention.
      In my posting , you failed to understand that I have mentioned people like mr Njie , papa Faal , mr Njie , barrow and others who never work for Jammeh but your focus was only on three people who were once in the military and who fell out with him . You are being dishonest in that regard .
      In summary , we have different standard for each method and when it comes to election, we must follow election standard that is in line with democracy and international standards. If you have this mindset then you won’t waste your time to apply the same standard to each method .
      If gambia is democracy then why do we have one man who give all the orders, daily violated the constitution, we don’t have basic human rights and rule of law , freedom of expression, association , and the killings . Bax don’t be hypocritical in your mind . Every right thinking human being knows that gambia is not a democracy but a dictatorship. Having one hundred political parties without the conditions for democratic process still make The Gambia a dictatorship, so in your mind we have democracy in our country, stop being delusional. Jammeh is using an election as a pretext to legitimize his dictatorship and this is why pdois is playing a major role in that process when they refused to recognize jammeh’s regime as military dictatorship.

      • Ridiculous and causing confusion all the time!

        Anytime you write on your smearing campaign, slanders and personal attacks your main target is PDOIS trying to spice it up and attractive but any intelligent person can easily observe and pick the incoherent speech (or specifically advertently ideological incoherence of your speech), hyperbole and empty rhetoric???

        It is a blessing to have PDOIS as a political party in The Gambia (in both 1st & 2nd Republics). A major political party and most vibrant that informs citizenry on civic education, politics, at the forefront of Gambian politics, addressing a wide range of national and international issues; for posterity!

        PDOIS is ever ready facing its challenges on the ground and well respected. You can’t tarnish their image.

      • I don’t need to remind myself about how Jammeh came into power to achieve my objectives here, which was to expose your inconsistencies and dishonest debate strategy : concocting your own points and then putting forth arguments, as if you are arguing against your opponent, but actually, only arguing against yourself..

        And I believe the job has been done…You have been taken to the cleaners…So, I will draw the curtain here. Au revoir..

        • Bax , you rarely admit your faulty argument but this time you have no choice to quit your pointless argument. How can you compare election with military intervention method to remove Jammeh . Those are two different methods with different standards . Mama kandeh refused to talk about human right violations in The Gambia and was in bed with the dictator for 10 years as National Assembly member, instead of you questioning that and why he refused to speak up but you are busy wasting your time to find inconsistencies in my write up . What is wrong with you ? Jammeh has created different methods to topple him because he already created the conditions for such actions. The fact that you falsely claimed that gambia is multiparty democracy is indeed laughable, even a lunatic knows that there is no democracy in The Gambia but a military dictatorship. Go to Senegal the nearest country to The Gambia and find out whether you will see a single military guy with heavy weapon in every position of the country. Our statehouse is a military headquarters, general Saul Badgie has his office and a room in the main building where Jammeh sleep and all those offices and rooms are occupy by soldiers. Every where in The Gambia there is military checkpoint, in fact in greater Banjul area in every 1 kilometers, there is military checkpoints especially at night time . How can you call such a country which has intense military intimidation and harassment, a democratic country . My friend enjoy your retirement in your little apartment in uk . In a democracy, you don’t killed peaceful protesters and jailed the entire executive members of political party . Where do you see that ? Mama kandeh is not talking about that but he is dishonestly silent about those issues . Come on be honest in your argument and honesty will give you credibility.

          • Gambia under dictatorship (with a bloody despot and tyrannical system) does not negate the fact that it does not have a multiparty system democracy (whereby various political parties are existing, new political parties and political leaders can emerge, citizens can exercise the franchise, political parties represent different points of view and compete for the votes of the electorate.) I

            In a democracy political power is secured by
            winning a fair election. Whereas democracy thrives on freedom, a dictatorship thrives on oppression.

            Those points resonates with Bax viewpoints (among others)!


          • Dawda , do we have freedom , free and fair elections in The Gambia without security forces intimidation, harrassment, oppression of political parties, denied access to public media and Jammeh used of state media at the expense of opposition parties? The answer is yes we have all the above factors in The Gambia, therefore it is ignorance to consider The Gambia a democracy. It is equally ignorance when you do consider that Gambians are not oppressed. Military dictatorship brought oppression and that is what is going on in The Gambia.

          • I know death is occurring at the hands of the regime and I condemn each and every single one as unnecessary, but does that disqualify The Gambia as a state built on the foundations of multiparty democracy..? I do not think so…

            I am not saying the country is a perfect democracy. It has never been, even under Jawara, and if you read the learned Hon. Lamin J. Darboe’s brilliant piece, you will understand why.

            Again, do not think I am comparing Jawara and Jammeh. Those two are incomparable. All I am pointing out here is that Jawara could have done the same things, if he had been that type of character and personality we see in Yaya Jammeh.

            Our practice of democracy is imperfect because the instrument of state upon which it should be anchored is flawed, and that is what the Hon. Lamin J. Darboe brilliantly showed.

            But here’s something to ponder about :

            According to the data base, The Counted, over 1,000 people were killed by Police in the US in 2015 and 20% of these were completely unarmed. Already, the death toll has surpassed 700 this year..

            Is the USA a democracy…?

        • I bet anyone with a good sense of reasoning following these debates worldwide, from a demcratically moderate country, won’t miss the creepy hypocrisy and lies in certain dudes arguments. I think the ills of the Gambia’s traditions and cultures have been very well outlined and finally spotted. The solution now is to drift away from those ills within the contents of our individual hearts in order to realise the greater happiness of the citizenry.

          -Or, naturally the energy in the ills of our hearts contents will make itsef the locomotive of the country’s national resolve.

          The small country could have been the home to the most aware, most proud, and most prosperous people of the continent but due to lazy minds and crooked minds like @Bax we have become the laughing stock of the sub-region. No one needs to tell you how inconsistent and crooked your views, opinion and even articles are.

          We will reach somewhere somehow no matter what the road’s gonna look like

        • The blessedness of Gambia in having the Pdois as a political party both in the 1st and 2nd republic had been all expressed in the Foroyaa’s reporting of Ousman Koro Ceesay’s death.

          Come on and tell me again i am irrelevant and misconstruing what you said. Fools will love to write themselves on your brains so they can see themselves on it.

          • Fallacious arguments! Ad hominem?

            “An argument rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself”?

          • Dear me..! Dear me..! Does anybody understand this guy..? Can you take a break, mate..?

  22. Max…

    You know why I did not need to remind myself how Yaya Jammeh came to power…? Because I never forgot it…I saw him when he came; I heard him when he first spoke; I saw his humility when he walked to Mccarthy Square under the rain, and I liked it..

    I knew nothing about him before then, but I liked what I saw and heard, and like many, was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt..How wrong we were because it didn’t take long before we realised that it was all a facade intended to deceive…The real motives were beginning to manifest themselves, but it was almost late..

    Today, I am not going to be taken for another ride, no matter how genuine anyone sounded. Those who show no respect to The Gambian People and attempt to seize power by force and impose themselves on us, will not have my benefit of the doubt. I am “twice shy” because I have been “bitten once”..

    I am not sure whether you remind yourself often enough, and if you do, then you have definitely not learnt any lessons.

    You are foolishly naive to think that those who invest time and resources to seize power by force, completely disregarding the law and showing absolutely no respect to our rights to elect our leaders, are simply going to walk into the state house, seize power and then, hand it over straight to the next guy that comes along…That only happens in fantasies; not in real life (except Mali where Capt. Tumani Touray set a record on the continent)..

    The rule generally is, once in, it becomes “Jata Juu Nyoro” to get them out..

    • Only pessimists say, ‘NEVER!, will it be possible’. You think it is a dream but after all you are able to count on one. in Mali.

  23. You need a break! Dear you, dear you, dear you @Baxes. It is you, you, you, you, you or no one else…………You can clearly see for yourselves that my argument here, even if it attacks characters is based on genuine reasoning and observationing within the public’s democratic domains to keep refering to your intellectual hypocrisy and coldbloodedness to recall your memories of the Foroyaa’s reporting of the state’s killing of one of the Gambia’s most brilliant and honest citizens that Gambia was and could still have been blessed with.

    It must have to take a ‘Ninkinanka Juu Nyoro’ to help you guys in getting yourselves real in this national predicament of the Gambia in the 21century. You label others of exactly what you are in the debates by demonstrating hypocrisy; inconsistence and twisting around the truth of each and every issue in the discoursions. You are liars to the public and that is simply what you have to prove wrong. This is how a suatainable democracy can function.