Once Upon A Time In Senghor’s NDOUMBAY LAND there lived all the animals of West Africa living, gracing and enjoying harmoniously under the umbrella of Peace, Progress and Prosperity to warrant the worthy etiquette of “Smiling Coast of the West” as would brag from the envious wild.

Ndumbay Land essentially was populated by:

–          Forty Six (46%) Percent of The Gorilla Species.

–          Eighteen (18%) Percent of the Squirrel (Jahaat/Kerreng) Species.

–          Fiteen (15%) Percent of Rabbit (Njobor/Sang) Species.

–          Nine (9%) Percent of Peaceful Praying Lizards (Sindaah/Basso) Species.

–          Seven (7%) of Sheep (Harr/Saa-jio).

–          Two (2%) of Aquatic Species (Rabi-Geyjj- Baa-la-fengolu).

–          One and Half (1.5%) of Tree Plant Loving Birds Species (Garaab/Yirro-lu).

–          Under One Percent Half (0.8%) Zebra (Derkelleh) Species.

–          Under One Percent (negligible quantity) for non specified Ndumbay Landers.

It has to be emphasized that all the citizens of Ndumbay Land expressed believed in the Teachings of Prophet Isaiah according to which the Wolf shall side by side with Lamb; hence each all Ndumbeh Landers are said to be declared (if not converted) Vegetarians in line with the Teachings of Prophet Isaiah..

In Ndumbay Land  citizenship is based on principle that None would prey on each other neither eat nor scavenge.

Ndumbeh Land would hold Periodic Friday Meeting to democratically discuss issues and select their leadership.

Behold Bouki-Soulu (The Hyena-Wolf) had caught and eaten a stray sheep only to use the sheep prey’s skin to dress himself as a humble sheep. Yes it was Bouki The Wolf-Hyena dressed in sheep clothing.

All of sudden at the dawn of one Holy Friday Bouk-ki (The Wolf Hyena)  under sheep clothing forcefully took power in Ndumbeh Land suspended the Ndoumbay Land Democratically Peaceful Vegetarian Constitution and invited some of his kin cubs as to take position as cops and guards all armed to their teeth as was naturally any Bouki-Hyena-Wolf.

Yes the  newly Cub-Cops drew a new Constitution Declaring the earlier Holy Preachings Prophet Isaiah and way of life (which in essence consisted of peaceful cohabitation and  non-devour of animal species) as Null and Void.

The Boukki-Hyena-Wolf established a dynasty and changed the animal grazing hours to start from dusk to dawn in order for the Bouki-kis to have easy prey particularly the Boukk-ki cub cups on duty.

Paganism became order of the day with demagogic mingled with dingles of godly speeches meant to camouflage the Bouki-Hyena-Wolf’s treacherous intents.

The newly powerful Bouk-ki rogue ruling class started to claim the forest and the entire Ndoumbay Land was Bouki-Hyena Heritage.

Soon the majority of Ndulmbay Land Gorillas and other concerned Ndoumbay Landers raised dissent.

The Greedy Hyena (Bouk-ki) Ruling Constitution Decreed that the Gorilla population consisting of Forty Six (46%) Percent of the entire Ndoumbay Land population should be killed, cleansed, eradicated, exterminated and/or deported from Ndumbay Land because according to Greedy Hyena (Bouki-ki) mythology:

Gorilla Species are not qualified Ndumbeh Landers because Gorillas are Primates (half humans) that were driven out of the Village by Humans hence aliens and new arrival intruders in Ndumbeh Land. It was stated that Gorillas were more humans than animals and therefore had no right of citizenship in Ndoumbay Land

The Greedy Hyena (Bouk-ki) usurp  of power and mendacious falsification of historical facts with particular reference to the threats to cleanse and exterminate Gorillas from Ndumbeh Land were unequivocally condemned and denounced by the Entire Animal Farm land including the World Animal Forum with the Lions, Elephants, Leopards and the Animal World Powers threatening action whilst the Universal Gorilla Wild life Federation stretching all over the West Africa Region keeping mute (for action is louder than voice) all in preparation for counter offensive self defense action.

 The Universal Gorilla Wild Life Federation of The West Africa Region finally came  with the Sole Slogan and Pass-Word of: “One Gorilla For One Wolf and Vise-Versa

The Gorilla War Sing-Song was:

“When a Snake bites a member of any animal species all snakes are attacked and killed;

“ Under such circumstances any snake that comes to site being the snake with blood on the mouth, being it harmless, innocent or being green or what is attacked and killed.

:Hence each and Bouki-ki Wolf Hyenas  would be held responsible and duly dealt with for any attack against a Gorilla wherever and whenever it occurred.”

The Gorilla War Sing –Song concluded that:

“All Hyena-Boukki-Wolves cubs not all HYENAS are enemies and at best potential enemies by virtue of the Hateful Boukki-Declaration.

“We the Gorillas are over forty-six (46%) in Ndoumbay notwithstanding our cousin, brother-sisters and parental relationships all over the West African Region as compared to the restrained and confined Bouki-ki Hyena-Wolf Population sparingly dispersed and scattered along the south-eastern bushes of Ndumbay-Land.

:Besides the Gorilla War is a Just War against tyranny and injustice”

“We therefore justly unearth our self defense  Axes and Tama Hocks with an attacking strength of dead Boukki-ki-Hyena-Wolf for One menaced Gorilla.

 “We are Marching In Self-Defense Counter Offensive from:

–           Kulikorro to Kang-Kuntu,

–          Jalajang to Jululung,

–          Kang Kelepha to Kang Mamudu and beyond

–          hitting on, over and above targets with possible two percent (2%) stray-bullet casualties on other standing-by so called neutral citizenry

Sorry for the possible casualties of the other animal species;

Yet the Gorilla Counter on Greedy Hyena will protractedly and decisively short and unabated for everlasting Peace in Ndubeh Land

It a war against Animists and Allah The All Might Has Jana for the Self Defending Faithful

In the final Gorilla offensive call the Boukki-ki-Hyena-Wolf rogue-regime learnt by experience that the Gorillas where far ahead of them in the classification of biological evolution in that:

–          The Gorillas could climb, swim, jump and attack bite to death with their sharp claws and teeth as opposed to the Boukki- Wolf-Hyena who could not climb, swim. Jump and hide as the Gorillas.

–          By virtue of the truly animal evolution status of the Gorillas, the latter are smarter, more intelligent with much higher cognitive, manipulative movements of their phalanges and related acquired skills enabling the Gorillas to use and throw crude mortal weapons (Stones and other fabricated Sharpened objects from far distances to kill the enemy

The Gorilla counter attack against the marauding rogue Boukk-ki- Hyena-Wolf threats were joined by other Ndoumbay Land Species as word went round that the hungry Bouki-ki Heyenas were attacking and devouring them also.

The following were some of the adversely negative effects  of the Twenty- One (22) Hour reign of the Boukk-ki dictatorial emperorship:

–           Over two hundred and fifty (250) Ndombay-Land Animal Species were counted missing: most of whom were found to have been killed, kidnapped and devoured by the Bokki-ki Hyena rogue hegemony.

–          Over Ten (10%) Percent of the Ndoumbay-Land Population had been displaced

–          Some Fifty (50%) of Ndoumbay Land cover including fauna and flora destroyed

The whole episode gave credit to the saying it chaos and confusion whenever Wolves and Hyenas are in charge.

Yes Never Allow Bouk-ki (Hyena-Wolf) to Access Matches for fear of letting Bouki-ki light a Prairie Fire (Bouki Am Na Match Teye Al-llaa bi Laka) rightly say the Wolof..

This is the Story of 22 hour Terror Trouble Rogue Reign of Boukki in Ndoumbay Land.





  1. Basiru Gassama

    An excellent satire. Took me time to get into it however, once i digest had to go over it. Good read Thanks

  2. What a wonderful piece? I propose such stories to be compiled as a form of Books for our children to be reading them in feature at the Schools. Thank to the Author.