Solo’s Spirits Going After NIA Chief

pixlrThe cold-blooded murder of an opposition activist has left the director general of the National Intelligence Agency a completely confused, dejected and paralysed being. Yankuba Badjie’s close associates and neighbours have taken note of how “a calm and easygoing man” has turned into a “complaint master.” Until Ebrima Solo Sandeng was tortured to death on April 15, Mr. Badjie had been behaving like a normal guy. That has never been the case for a man who has his hands soiled with innocent blood. Most people doubt whether Yankuba will ever recover from the shock, fear and disturbance resulting from Mr. Sandeng’s murder. Badjie still lives in denial that Solo Sandeng died under his watch, one source tells Kairo News. He keeps complaining that “nothing has ever challenged or disturbed his soul than the murder of Solo Sandeng.” He wished it had never happened. Yankuba’s first weird thing was to sleep at his office a week after Solo’s death. Was he running away from public staring or building up courage to withstand the unexpected is anyone’s guess? Badjie’s trauma seems to be uncontrollable three months after a tragedy that catapulted into a political crisis culminating in the besting and jailing of main opposition UDP leadership struck the Gambia. The unloaded spy chief has been swearing that he didn’t have a hand in Sandeng’s murder. Even his father Arabo Badjie has joined the campaign to exonerate his less spirited son. He too has been telling neighbours and friends that “my son has been accused of murder of Solo Sandeng.” Arabo repeatedly tells people that “my son doesn’t have the heart to kill a fly, moreso a human being.” Solo’s family is confident that “whoever is involved in the illegal murder – directly or indirectly – will surely pay a bitter price.” Is Yankuba’s nemesis catching up with him or Solo’s spirits are fighting back?



  1. Well done Kairo News. Heartless killers live in prison. Their fear revolves around facing people who put fingers at you left and right. Yankuba Badjie should tell us who killed Solo Sandeng if he is not involve. HE and father are fighting a lose battle. Stop crying and be man enough to call spade a spade.

  2. We are sick and tired of Yankuba’s complaints. He has been torturing us with his endless complaints. One thing I know is that you cannot kill and expect to live in peace.