Our Hero Clocks 68 Today

“I am not a hero, I am not brave, the brave people are the ordinary Gambians who accept the pains and suffering in standing with me against dictatorship and tyranny. The UDP has many such heroes. Gambians are sacked from work for being opposition, they are harassed and maltreated, call them heroes,” Lawyer Ousainou Darboe.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the United Democratic Party, today clocks. His 68th birthday is worth celebration mainly because of his self-less service and sacrifices to the oppressed people of the Gambia. His only goal and determination is to break the yoke of tyranny punctuated with callousness, sheer inhumanity, injustice, etc.

I take one sentence from his utterances on the day he led a peaceful protest on April 16th, 2016. He said: “If Solo Sandeng can be killed, a very young man, why should I be alive.”

A mark of true comradeship, a symbol of honour and courage. Darboe is so down to earth, the ordinary laymen feel he belongs to them. He is so cultured that the initiated elites feels they own him. A humble man who who is easily accessible by everyone, including the market woman who confidently explains her daily difficulties with him without any qualms.

Lawyer Darboe’s intellectual astuteness is buried in the ancient tradition of snubbing ‘pomposity’ and preferring blending in at all times. Ordinarily, he exhibits emotion and love of the pains of everybody; he symphatises with even his enemies. What makes us respect him more is primarily his refusal to entertain any conversation geared towards belittling or denigrating his perceived critics or enemies.

What most people don’t know is that Ousainou Darboe reads and listens to online radios. He listens attentively while some radio hosts vent heavy criticism on his personality – some times they even cross the red lines. Everyone feels the pains except Lawyer Darboe who believes that people have the right to lampoon him.

Even after his illegal and unfair imprisonment Darboe remains a hero, which of course does not come from the blues. One will see the logic in revolutionary songs of opposition women. One woman singer yesterday explains why the women of the Gambia cannot forget about Mr. Darboe. “Darboe was the first to acknowledge and appreciate us. The deep admiration and love we have for Darboe is anchored in his ability to never be rash, brash or contemptuous of anyone. Yet he is firm with his principle and always dignified in the way he comports himself. Lawyer Darboe inspired the late Ebrima Solo Sandeng, the late Momodou Lamin Shyngle Nyassi, and many others who all return groom and inspire a brigade of UDP and Gambian political activists. Lamin Dibba, Kemeseng, Femi, Lamin Jatta, Fakebba Colly, Lang Marong, Nokoi, Fatoumatta Jawara, Falang Sonko, and the rest of UDP detainees will remain in our thoughts, we will continue to be inspired by them.”

Uncle Ousainou Darboe, we know you don’t belong in the prison but everything happens for a reason. Don’t see yourself as an ordinary prisoner, for you are more than a Pioneer and Role Model for even generations yet unborn. You have paved and cleared the way for all of us. We will solemnly stand with you come rain or thunder. The honour you and other leaders immortalise our comrade brother and friend Ebrima Solo Sandeng will always ground our loyal and dedication to the cause to see a free and peaceful Gambia – Gambia where no one goes to bed with fear.

Happy 68th year.

Live Long Comrade Darboe.

Suntou Touray



  1. Even if he would not become our president in the foreseeable future, his conduct and composure since Solo Sandeng’s death, is incredibly exemplary, transcending our Gambian imagination about how a leader suppose to be.

    On that note, a heart felt congratulations to Lawyer Darboe. We all are in this together for fatherland, for Solo Sandeng & all other victims of this tyranny.

    • It is amasing to see him all fit and healthy and young. May his and the life and health of his party executive members be protected by God almighty. It’s like he never aged since I saw him last, execept for a few more grey on his face which is a well detested problem for the present generation Gambians, the main reason why most of us prefer a clean shave face cut and hairstyle. The man is in real good shape! Thank God Almighty

      I think he is here for the Gambia’s future generations and worths to us more than just a mandated head of state. The younger generation will be inspired by his idea of democracy, rule of law and a civil society. He is a national and a West African asset in human resources,who cannot be bought or sold and who, at the same time, is under iilegal detention, in the hands of the most ruthless and lunatic dictator on top of Bukasa, Idi Amin, Mugabe or Ghaddafi.
      May God almighty give Ousainou Darboe and co. good health and lenght in lifes.

  2. lawyer Darboe is still not too old be president , when there is regime change , the current dictatorial constitution will be changed to allow men or women with wisdom , intellect , decency and patriotism to hold national office. This is not for Darboe alone but for all those wise men and women . Those who drafted this current constitution are very selfish people who targeted certain individuals in the country. These are people who have no regards for the wisdom of elderly in our culture or anywhere . Sometimes , experience matters a lot and therefore we must never prevent men with wisdom and experience to participate in our national development even if we disagree with their view .

  3. God bless himself and his colleagues. True heroes they are..

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