UK Tells UN About Gambia’s Excesses

bankimoonThe International Community has been put on notice about the situation in the Gambia, with unprecedented diplomatic action by the United Kingdom at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The British Permanent Mission and Ambassador to the UN Mathew Rycroft recently engaged the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and other Permanent Representatives, drawing their attention to the degrading political and human rights situation in the Gambia.

In response to concerns by the Campaign for Human Rights in The Gambia UK (CHRG), the UK government confirmed that its UN Representative has been in contact with the UN Secretary General about the appalling situation in the West African country. This was contained in a letter sent to Hon. Tom Brake MP, former deputy leader of the House of Commons.

“The UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations raised his concerns with the United Nations Secretary General and other Permanent Representatives based in New York, we also continue to liaise closely with our international partners about the situation in The Gambia,” the UK government’s letter confirmed. It has also been in close contact with the UN Secretary General’s Representative for West Africa with regard to the Gambia’s precarious situation.

“The UK fully endorsed the statement of the UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide on June 10, in which he condemned the use of inflammatory rhetoric and called for the rights of all population of the Gambia to be respected,” the letter cited. “We share the Campaign’s concerns about the speech made by President Jammeh at a political rally on June 3. We and our partners will continue to monitor the situation closely particularly the protection accorded to different ethnic groups”

Meanwhile, more than 30 British MPs have signed a Motion in Parliament condemning the Gambia government’s excesses and called on the United Kingdom to lead an international effort to impose punitive measures on President Yahya Jammeh and leading members of his government. The Motion also called for the provision of a Special Rapporteur on the Gambia at the UN Human Rights Council.

An official of the CHRG-UK has renewed his call on the International Community to end this wave of terror that has swept the Gambia since 1994. Alieu Badara Cessay said this could be done by prioritising the situation in the Gambia. “More must be done urgently through punitive measures such as travel bans and asset freeze in order to put an end to President Jammeh’s oppression against Gambian people. We will continue to work with the UK government to secure a resolution at the UN about the situation in Gambia.”



  1. In Love With Gambia

    Great work! May the Almighty Allah reward and protect all of you who are fighting for the freedom of the Gambian people.Inshaa Allah, your efforts will not go in vain. We will make this BUSH PIG (Yahya Jammeh) Understand the language of the civilized world.

  2. Gambians we brothers and sisters and we all know each other’s family so let’s talk and fix our problem don’t trust mafias like USA Eu =fake UN as you seen in Irak Libya and now in Syria or Egypt supporting coup

    • If we are all brothers and sisters, why didn’t you Soninke intervene when your brothers were torturing Solo Sandeng to death? are Solo, Fatoumata Jawara and Nogoi Njie not our own blood?

  3. In Love With Gambia

    can brothers do to their sisters and brothers what NIA and other agents have been doing to Gambians for about 22 years with Yahya Jammeh’s approval???? We are already having what is happening in Libya and Iraq, it is just in silence and when ever it become noisy, the world will see. If anyone wants to preach the truth he or she should honestly direct it to the killer, thief, rapist, torturer and the greatest layer of the century(Yahya Jammeh) The Bush Pig. Don’t you see how this Pig is trying to do more damage to our country? Now that he failed in all arears and has nothing to offer ,He is trying to bring civil war in our country .Gambians used to be one big family we love each other and respect one another until this bush PIG (YAHYA JAMMEH) Stole our peace and love in 1994, when he started preaching hate and turning people against each other. Everything he is and has been doing is to help him maintain his position, he used people and then killed some and jailed some. Yahya Jammeh is the worst evil we will do everything possible to remove him Inshaa Allah.

  4. Many Gambian brothers and sisters parents’ are glad they go to the U.S.A, the U.K or the E.U because they think they will become their family’s fountain of resources. More bags of rice can buy and mama can go to Mecca for Hajj, not to mention the evident opportunity it gave to many in furthering their education. @Soninke I don’t know your family but I have seen the necessity to train my dog to show respect to my neighbours. You might not be sure but many don’t even care what their neighbours do in their private lives or what faith they belong to. They care about who is —-ing up in the public space. Good and wise families understand this so they have stopped —-ing up with each other’s life.Thank God no one in my family would sound like you. You sound very deadly because you say one thing and next, you go in thin air like you never where. Bloody haters and hypocrites raven their families and then, the Gambia.
    Bad families misguide its children and let its better ones’ bones get licked by the bad dogs outdoor.

  5. I’m not interested in politics and politicians as they are the same mafias as UN USA or Eu I only want us to get on with.i don’t vote for anyone only praying for peace 🙏may Allah protect us not USA and friends

    • Then go to become a Baifal or a monk. We are interested in politics. Much more significantly, we want everyone within the boundary of the gambia to pursue his/her happiness without arbitrariness or wanton impunity or enrichment of one person at the cost/detriment to the people.

    • I am not convinced you are not interested in politics either. If you are not interested in politics, as you claimed, only democratic minded and professional journalists likes at Kairo will let your type of crap roll on.

      What I am trying to tell you is that, I am worried that someone like you will be listened to by any Muslim at all. You are an idiot follower of Islam because you demonstrated your ignorance about the fact that the king of Saudi Arabia is much more a political figure than religious. An idiot like you will think the Saudis don’t know what they are doing or have taken thing out of their place for you have now become an erudite scholar of the northern Africans, who themselves, former converts to Islam of the Arabian conquest of north Africa. @Soninke, I am glad I am learning here, how to be a much honest and civilised citizen in the future. It is not a suprise that people like you are citizens in the Gambia who have probably sprayed your venom all around your extended family even before coming to Kairo expressing your lack of interest in POLITICS, a word i will bet you don’t have a heck of of idea what it means.
      Hah! You are not interested in politics and lack a know of Islam, the faith you might be belonging to. That is the hell in many people’s hearts in some Muslim countries. They are badly bittered with other people’s progress with civil society democracies and resort to believe in myths and predestination for the reason of their poverty, hunger, confusion, wickedness and even their wrong doings to other people. However, every life in the Gambia need to be taken care of and respected. This includes the donkeys too.

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