How NIA Jubilates Darboe’s Conviction

NIA still violating the constitution!
NIA Director General Yankuba Badjie!

The Gambia’s spy agency jubilated the conviction and sentencing of a prominent opposition leader with a football match at the beach.

Over the years, Gambian security agents, particularly the National Intelligence Agents, have conspired to destroy the main opposition United Democratic Party at all costs. These agents have beaten, murdered, raped and disappeared opposition members but could not dampen the spirit of a people adamant for a change. After all their plans to nail coffin on the UDP had failed, the government thought the sentencing of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and dozen others sealed the deal.

It was for this reason that the NIA Director General Yankuba Badjie organised a football match between married and unmarried agents at the beach in Banjul on Saturday. The match, won by married agents 2-1, was a show of appreciation to the spy agents who filled their bellies with a ram brought by Mr. Badjie. It is likely that Yahya Jammeh donated the ram because Yankuba does not have the audacity to wear Dictator’s shoes.

Not all the agents wanted to celebrate injustice, impunity and abuse of power, so we heard. But their absence would have risked their lives in a country where the rule of law and due process do not matter. Their only choice was to swallow their pains and be part of a jubilation that went against their conscience and beliefs.

While these agents were busy celebrating tyranny, Kairo News was putting together the names of the NIA operatives who murdered Ebrima Solo Sandeng, chained and raped opposition political activists on April. Saiho Jeng aka Sir Jeng who coordinated the tortured officiated the match. Another agent who took part in the fatal tortured was Almameh Bojang, the author of a lone goal for bachelors.  

Kairo News will soon reveal the names of the NIA agents and informers who tortured Sandeng to death as well as raped innocent women until they went into coma and even peed blood.


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