Let’s Revolt Against Nigerian Judges

OusainouA group of Gambian activists has launched an online petition against Mercenary Nigerian Judges in the Gambia for “aiding” and “abetting” injustice in their country. The group calls on justice and human rights conscious people to sign the petition. Read below the petition, which comes in the wake of the conviction and sentencing of opposition leadership and supporters of the United Democratic Party.

We the undersigned activists are profound believers of justice, rule of law and respect for rights of the citizenry, irrespective of their political affiliation, color or creed. We observe that for the past 22 years Nigerian Judges on technical assistance to the Gambia have been conniving with the dictatorial and tyrannical regime of the Gambia to abuse and jail Gambians at will.

These gold digging legal luminaries have betrayed their legal values and ethics and serve as stooges of President Yahya Jammeh whose goal is to kill, disappear, banish or jail his perceived enemies, particularly the political opponents. These ungodly behaviour by Nigerian judges has become too costly on Gambians who have lost hope in their country’s legal system. They only see the judiciary as the long arm of dictatorship.

Sign this petition to revolt against these Nigerians who line up their pockets at the expense of innocent Gambians. Together we can restore confidence in our judiciary by naming and shaming these Mercenary Nigerian Judges bent on aiding and abetting to distort justice. Injustice in one country is an injustice anywhere.





  1. Very good initiative tool to facilitating successful liberation accomplishments; please all sign when can; remember everyone of us owe our obligations incumbent upon & naturally binding as a birthright; that we all must contribute our individual constitutional quotas truthfully to abilities, in all & any form & shape, whenever can, wherever one may be…

    Long live the Gambia…

  2. Modou Lamin

    Great move. With this petition, I hope it send a very strong message to Nigerian lawmaker. Very sad.

  3. Deyda Haidara

    If we dont take up ARMS and fight, jammeh kill us all one by one.

  4. Though a great move to give notice to the mercenary judges, I’d like to say that the protest should not concentrate too much on the Nigerian judges. The problem fellow Gambians is Jammeh, and Jammeh, and Jammeh !!. In his own words, jammeh has said that he pays the judges and they will have to do what he says.

    Dictators build a personality cult around themselves surrounded by an army of enablers, and these enablers for various reasons, will do the bidding of the megalomaniac. They could be Nigerians judges for hire, or Gambians threatened and blackmailed.

    Who says Jammeh will not find enough willing Gambian legal professionals to do his bidding. We must bear in mind that his Attorney Generals and ministers of Justice, who contrive to design the unjust laws have always been Gambians. It is these Gambians who guide the prosecution and conviction of innocent Gambians.

    I believe we must concentrate our efforts on getting rid of this mad usurper by all and any means possible. Though we cannot guarantee that will it be peacefully democratic immediately post Jammeh, but the yolk around our neck is just unbearable

  5. Since this illegal verdict , I know that the only weapon that we didn’t use is violent means . Yaya Jammeh must be killed or captured .

  6. The so much criminality pursuance of Nigerian immoral Judges for financial acquisitions only and regardless of what is at stake, have been finally out-busted by Eunice O. Dada’s illegal, brutal and cruel judgement on Mr Ousanou Darboe and Co –V- APRC Infidel Regime case for many to ultimately learn through her indiscretion verdict.

    Things are far from ending there though and not just yet as it have even given the full blown of matters to go further than not realise in exploiting the nearly impossible stories to narrate due to its evil nature of business as usual within the banditry performances between the APRC leadership of an infidel kind indeed and same Nigerian Immoral Judges.

    Eunice O. Dada have singlehandedly also, but well competently and completely many hearts to disrepair but finally made a conclusive evidence for all ordinary Nigerians in the Gambia to start seeking for refuge due fear for retaliation as they could be exposed to their vulnerability if comes the over reactional disposition of how she had trouble Gambians over the pass hours by spiting the blood (she had then shocked from innocent Gambians during the trial) on their faces of frustration.

    As Gambians outcry for justice are in the neglects of Eunice O. Dada’s judgement, only God-Almighty knows what is in the waitings for feature relationship of our people and the two countries, but in the meantime let concede and reflects for common difference to pave the way forward and for the best of all.

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