UDP Damns Dada’s Political Verdict, Urges Members To Remain Strong

United Democratic Party


  1. We will not relent until the tyrant is gone . Jammeh will be removed violently . A sniper attack will be an ideal choice . You cannot jail our decent and patriotic citizens without any serious consequences .

  2. The struggle continues; none must leave off guard & remain steadfast in this our noble struggle behind UDP leadership at the forefront, until successful liberation, come rain &/ shine, which isn’t faraway soon, Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia…

  3. Kebba Sillah

    I cannot help but admire the lack of thinking amongst Gambians. We are the biggest losers of a generation in that we talk big dream big but actionless in everything that warrants sacrifice.

    Apart from lawyer Darbo and his people that made the sacrifice who else made the sacrifice other than all of us writing big english giving direction on what should be done telephone calls emails online journalism – this all has no essence or value because the action reaction pulse is non existent. We want other nationals to liberate us what a joke.
    Friends brothers and sisters change is met via talking alone online tabloid journalism mama lingere Sarr, fatu camera, Essa bokar Sey, pa nderry Mbaye why not action what you say rather than say lets get up and do so so and so whilst you guys are eating eggs for breakfast lunch benechin dinner afra lamb and then have the audacity to be writing oh folks on the ground do this and this and that.
    Stop this overseas and physiological dictatorship you online writers propagate and give real ways with you being in the middle on the ground as well than telling what to do be part of it with realism that speeches and lectures that has little real meaning.
    Ligaye jotna!

    • Why be this pessimistic if Lgaye jotna. I think the journey is much more difficult than you think it is. May God give Ousainou Darboe and all the UDP executive all the strenght in this difficult sacrifice for the Gambians. We are proud of them for being able to do what most Gambians won’t like to face.

    • Halifa Jagleh

      You sound all confused Kebba Sillah. Everyone should do what they can from where they are. The online media and people who write online are the ones Jammeh fears most. So let’s just say it’s all part of the struggle, okay. Writing is action too. We are in such deep shit because people like you cannot appreciate the important role of what you call “lectures and speeches” in politics. So please give us a break.

    • Sillah, I understand your frustration with what appears to be an inaction to avert what had happened yesterday to Darboe & Co.

      Nontheless, the ccontributions here and all efforts wherever possible, is all geared towards one thing: freeing the country from the clutches of tyranny and utmost barbarity.

      So join your local organisations and close rank. All what the men and women in custody need, is the solidarity outside and unity of purpose. We will do disservice, if we start to quarrel about the way forward.

      The galant men and women sang the national anthem as reaction to their preordained verdict. That is our strength.

  4. My hero and freedom fighters of my beloved country Gambia, Lawyer Darboe and co. Sadly, the CROOKED Nigerians Judges in the Gambia are therefore Monster Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH and his inner circle. I wasn’t surprised the verdict of this political motivated prosecution meant to keep the freedoms and the will of civilized innocent people. As dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH sole motive is YOU SUPPORT ME OR YOU LANGUISHING IN FILTHY MILE 2 PRISON that is kind of dictatorship Gambians are suffering since 1994 up to date. In the Gambia, you even dare to say Gambia is very hard and our economy is getting worse. If dictator and his rogue NIA and his opportunists supporters hear you saying such comments, you will see yourself in mile 2 prison that very day or before next week. Nobody is dare to speak from your heart or your opinion, ,it has to be what dictator and his inner circle supporters want you to say. There is no rule of laws in the gambia but gross human rights violations that Gambians are suffering each and every day.

  5. Kebba Sillah

    You think just talking solves the problem. Look at Darbo going to court to sacrifice for Gambians there is barely 50 people on the roads to chant or support. Where is everyone else doing what Gambians do best? Oh! it’s Darbo’s problem – sit and talk crap oh he is a hero. Yes, Darboe is a hero but Gambians do nothing but just talk – where was the support to line the streets every court sitting or other times everyone carried on their business except those incarcerated? Who even said let’s buy a bag of rice for these people’s family that are making these sacrifices?

    Gambia will not change as long as change is in our lips but not in our action.

    • Sillah…

      The only way we can solve our problem is by talking to each other and that is what the interactive discussions and exchanges online fora facilitate…

      If we wisely utilise our interactive power (amongst many) to create the right type of awareness, using the right approaches, then perhaps, we can reach and influence the most significant group in the country, the youths, into actions for change…

      The proliferation of online media and the active participation of Gambians and friends of the Gambia in discussions to find a way out, and sensitise others on, the need for change, is a positive achievement…After all, it is those people on the ground who will be the real forces for change.

      Let’s support them anyhow we can, including sharing our knowledge ( about the regime) and the benefits of our (democratic) experiences living in advance democracies .

      • You are just talking the right crap telling others, ‘look at Darbo going to court to sacrifice……………………………………….’ and all other crap, instead of telling them what is and what was ideal for Gambia’s situation.
        Just as a reminder, learn respecting too, the massacred school children of 2000. Eyone can’t be a hero however.

  6. It is a terrible verdict and one that makes no sense whatsoever, regardless of what angle one looks at it…

    It is also a clear testimony that our courts have lost the freedom to temper justice with mercy because they are under immense pressure to satisfy the insatiable taste of Yaya Jammeh for vengeance..

    The jailing of Lawyer Darboe, in particular, and all the defendants, who are examplary citizens with no known criminal records, and leaders of their party, serves no purpose, is counterproductive and completely disproportionate, given the alleged “crime” they were prosecuted for by the state.

    If one has to take any positives from this tragedy, it will be that this verdict has brought a partial end and closure to a very unfortunate episode in our political life that we could have done without, and the UDP, difficult as it may be for the party, can move on now and continue to seek the democratic political change, for which it was initially founded..

    My solidarity goes to the families, friends, supporters and well wishers. This is no time to feel sorry for yourselves, nor does it give our “friends” the excuse to renew their “war cries”..I am pretty certain that, even under the current circumstances, Lawyer Darboe would still want his party and followers to continue to be law abiding whilst pursuing their God given rights to seek political change.

    Finally, a word of advice to the UDP Executive and Members in the diaspora. Beware and be wary of “sheep in Wolf clothing”, regardless of how much “love” and support they give you.

    As the old Biblical saying goes, “Ye will know them by the fruits of their labour” ( or something like that) because they will always be trying to nudge the UDP towards a direction that is inconsistent with their ideals as a legitimate political party, by using their influences, either over individuals here or on the ground, to achieve their nefarious objectives. Shun them, as they deserve to shunned…

    • Oops….meant, “Wolf in sheep clothing..”

      • Are you in your right mind, if you say “partial end and closure…to a episode” and that the party “move on”. You sound like Ousman Sonko, who uttered the same words in Dakar in the aftermath of Solo’s brutal killing.

        I don’t think any serious UDP member will listen to you. For what you are pleading for, is that they accept their faith as banished as a legitimate political party.

        Don’t you understand that the entire executive is being incarcerated. How can they operate as a legitimate political party in an illegitimate political environment?

        • @Bax, what do you mean by,”it is a clear tesimony that our courts have lost the freedom to temper justice with mercy”……………? Was it about justice in the first place lest to say mercy?

          Keep it up being generous amusing people at your perfect moment in time.
          -And if he is in his right mind? obviously NO. Is about convincing him to go back in his right mind.

        • What are you talking about Kinteh…? Are you really being serious…? How can you lift a phrase from my comment with no context, and then relate that to what Ousman Sonko said in Dakar, without even providing the context in which Ousman Sonko used the phrase…? Surely, you must know that the meaning of the phrase, very much depends on the context it is used…

          I don’t know what Ousman Sonko said in Dakar and in what context he used the phrase,”move on”, but just because he used the phrase shouldn’t mean that it is now banned from our vocabulary or is that what you are saying..? So the onus is on you to show that I sounded like Ousman Sonko and I challenge you to do that…I am very clear in what I stated: that the UDP should move on (with their political &/or diplomatic activities) and continue to seek democratic political change…..If that was what Ousman Sonko said in Dakar, then I agree that I sounded like him and.if not, then you will be guilty of distortion.

          The verdict yesterday has brought this trial to an end and though there still are unresolved issues surrounding the crisis, there will no longer be any court sittings on this matter, unless an appeal is launched…That is the end of this trial..Now, if that is not a “partial closure”, then I don’t know what is…

          I am not only aware of the fact that the entire executive of the UDP is in custody, but I have listened to, and understood their party leader, before he set out on that protest march…I’m not sure if you did (don’t look like it) and so I will share what he said with you..

          The reason that he left the deputy position holders (deputy leader; deputy this; deputy that) was so that they will assume leadership and fulfil the functions of executive, if they were killed or jailed..So, now that what he has anticipated has happened, what are you suggesting the deputy position holders to do…? I will wait for your views..

          And in case you didn’t notice, the deputies are already moving on from this trial by launching a diplomatic initiative to address the issue of Nigerian Judges. Until now, all public engagements of the UDP (as far as.I know) has been to express concerns about the trial and welfare and safety of its leadership.

          But since you disagree with my view that the party should move on with its activities, whilst doing what they think is best to address the issue of their leaders, you should tell us what you think UDP should be doing…That’s the whole point of this forum, as long as we remember that the decisions on how to respond to this situation will be made by the UDP alone; and not on the basis of what Bax or Kinteh says..

          • Bax, you are indeed a political hypocrite. Keep your ill-advise and dishonest sympathy to yourself . You are no different from Ousman Sonko or Yaya Jammeh .

          • Actually Max, I did not express any feelings of sympathy for the UDP…On the contrary, my view is that they should not feel sorry for themselves.

            I expressed a feeling of SOLIDARITY (repeat: SOLIDARITY) with the UDP, so I don’t know where you got the idea that I was expressing sympathy…But you know what…? I am not surprised that you have misunderstood, yet again, a simple straightforward expression because this has become the norm I encounter, not only from you, but others on your side.

            It is foolish, and absolutely so, to think that one cannot express genuine feelings of solidarity or even sympathy, towards those they disagree with when they are bereaved or in political bother..To think so is the kind of narrow minded politics that pits people on opposing sides of a political divide, against each other as enemies, rather than competitors for the people’s mandate. That is backward and you are backward for thinking that way..

            Me…? Same as Ousman Sonko and Yaya Jammeh…? Well, we know what these two do, don’t we…? They encourage killing; they insult opponents; they encourage torture; and they justify killing…

            I can show you numerous occasions where you have encouraged killing; have insulted opponents; have agreed with torture and are willing to justify killing…I think it will be fairer me to make that claim about you, than you about me…

          • Bax, if you really want to show your true sympathy or solidarity , you should have shown that to the peaceful protesters who were tortured , raped or killed instead you castigated them , bullied them, bad mouthed them , ridiculed them and considered them as a threat to national security . your expression of solidarity is dishonest , disingenuous , hateful and malicious . Your solidarity is just like dictator Jammeh who send money to the families of his victims in most cases. So please we do not need your solidarity. Udp leadership and entire executive have shown their solidarity to solo Sanderg and all the peaceful protesters and in the process they were arrested by Jammeh’s regime and that led to their illegal incarceration . I would encourage you to shut up until such a time that you can talk about your dishonest sympathy . Please allow geniune supporters and sympathizers to express their true feelings . You may express your political view but please we do not need your fake sympathy or solidarity . The real people who need your solidarity and support was peaceful protesters who you and your party leadership plus entire dishonest and confused disciplies failed to support . Please desist from offering fake and disingenuous solidarity .

          • If you think our courts have lost a freedom at all, to TEMPER JUSTICE with MERCY, then where do guys at the PDOIS gained that liberty and freedom they so claimed to be enjoying in this state of the Gambia of brutal misrule?
            I don’t have to cram my memory with your layout of words of the ‘FARM’ to understand what you are at.
            The most unprofessional journalist snubs to insult himself by demonstrating his pomposity, ignorance and his arrogance any time that he is asked a question himself.

            Your answer in simple language to the above question will be very much appreciated, not necessarily meant to relieve my boredom with your crooked writings.

          • What is the question…? Did PDOIS claim anywhere that they are enjoying freedom and liberty in this state of misrule…? I think that is what you must first show before you ask any questions relating to it …

  7. I am not going to be involved in unending essays.

    What is clear to all, is that the unconditional release of Darboe &Co and the return of Solo’s remains has priority. The UDP is today what the ANC was in the Apartheid era. And Darboe is the icon of this Gambia era.

    The ball, to challenge these rogues at the incoming election, lies with pdois,NRP and Mr. Kandeh.

    • You are free to do whatever you wish, as long as you don’t distort other people’s views..

      Equally, what the UDP consider as priority or not is not for me to say…That is entirely up to the UDP and how it (UDP) is perceived is left to each individual with a mind to do so, to decide..

      I have absolutely no problem if you or anyone see the UDP in The Gambia today, as the ANC was seen yesterday..

      That wasn’t my query and it never will be, and I think you know that. Let’s have some honesty in this..It is only time that will reveal which parties do what in The Gambia…and if PDOIS, NRP, and Mama Kandeh decide to challenge the rogues, that should be respected as their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

      • You love writing a lot of witty rubbish to people and think you will go with it in thin air. Kairo’s got archives in debates and forums and you want to send people back to those archives to bring forth evidence that you said this and that. I am not able to bring you back the words in prototype of your twisted mouths and fingertips but I promise to be following your writing to understand them and not to memorise them. Having no idea or memory of what one himself writes is a clear indication that a hacker is posting in one’s account or one is a kook in an important national debate.

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