Darboe Tells Justice Dada ‘Deliver Your Ruling Right Now’

DarboeIn a defiant tone reminiscent of a hero, Gambian opposition leader has told Justice Eunice O. Dada Oshin of the High Court in Banjul to deliver her twisted, wrong verdict today.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe made his statement when called upon to give their defence against the seven allegations levelled against them. Lawyer Darboe stood up, repeatedly telling Yahya Jammeh’s Mercenary Judge ‘we’ve told you time and time that the trial is a farce and a miscarriage of justice. And we reiterate that we will not help you legitimise this sham process. I urge you to conclude to verdict right now. We’re committed to the cause of justice and political freedom in the Gambia.”

At this juncture, the Nigerian Judge decided to adjourn the case until Wednesday, July 20th when she will deliver judgment in a politically motivated case.

Lawyer Darboe interrupted Justice Dada, telling her “please give your verdict right now so that people can know how wrong this whole process is. There is no need for adjournment since you were unfair from the begining to now.”

The Judge continued and said ‘the case is adjourned till Wednesday 4pm for her verdict.”

UDP supporters and well-wishers acclaimed Darboe and 19 others for their defiance stance. They term their action as legendary and bravery.

Justice Dada’s scheduled verdict will be delivered against innocent opposition leadership and supporters whose only crime is to launch a peaceful protest demanding Ebrima Solo Sandeng dead or alive. While armless citizens have been remanded, the cold-blooded murderers of Mr. Sandeng walk on the streets freely. The case symbolises defiance against Yahya Jammeh’s more than two decades of ruthless oppression.



  1. This farcical role playing of a remotely controlled kanilai KILLER DEVIL political legitimism is indeed self-destructive for our LUNATIC kanilai CANNIBAL; the issue become hotter than can handle whilst juggled with; Obasanjo is the recent visitor who just stitched some more pins up (into) the kanilai killer DEVIL’s toilet-hole while the DEVIL continue to pretentiously brave face whilst couldn’t physically face up to other heads of state in regional worldly bodies where Gambia is a signatory…

    Nigerian mercenary judges are the epitome & the live (real) evidence that satanic elements in human form could indeed unleash upon fellow humanity for materialistic greed; president Buhari just branded the Nigerian judiciary as institution which failed Nigerian citizenry, when the judiciary were supposed “gatekeepers” for truth, justice, peaceful coexistence & tranquillity for the prosperity of a people & humanity at best; no wonder Nigeria is fertile ground for illegal illegitimate mercenary services to the kanilai MURDERER…

    What is evidently clear is the truth will prevail & will set us free eventually, come rain &/ shine…

    Long live the Gambia…

  2. If UDP does not mobilise its members and take the “bull by the horn”, Darboe and UDP executives could rot in jail. There is strong rumour in Gambia that all social media, and probably telephones will be shut down in Gambia tonight in preparation for the sentencing of Darboe and co tomorrow.
    This inevitable battle was delayed for too long with all opposition parties trying to fine some comfort zone at the periphery unjustified and unlawful actions by the state.

  3. Th world is not like it was in 1994 and before when you can be in the little corner of your oppressive world of armed thugs, thinking you have shut down social media and telephone lines while you are out to kill, rape and loot and get in thin air. Every act of impunity in the status quo in the Gambia is an important legal documentation for the inevitable future i think. Nobody rots in jail. Political and human rights activist never rot in jail. They are till times end the foundations, that civil societies sit on.

  4. It just defies logic and all comprehension that a state that is not so endowed with resources, would waste so much resources in an endeavour that serves no purpose whatsoever.

    What does The Gambia gain from prosecuting the UDP leadership or the demonstrators, even if they had failed to meet the requirements of the law when they exercised their rights to demonstrate or hold a peaceful protest..?

    What would The Gambia gain by sending the “accused” to prison…? Absolutely nothing, in my view..

    One has to express the hope that common sense prevails and these people are released to go home and carry on with their lives…

    • Your blantant hypocrisy of flashing thirty two white teeth should be of serious concern to all Gambians by now. Your keep demonstrating it and not even looking back so when you’re asked a simple question or referred to your previous articles, comments, opinion and etc., you’ll say, ‘provide me evidence that I said this or…………………..’, and so you go on like you are writing to a snoring nation.
      Tell PDOIS ain’t no cake to be sliced! It is a detoriating nation.

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