‘GDC’ Better Be Late Than Never Fellows

GDC Party

By Unbaised Prince

I believe ‘GDC’ Political Party are at our Political Concomitant (Allied) and not to our Political Distraction

Mama Kandeh (Yal-nanu Ya-Allah jappaleh) could be that guy of once glimmered in my sight of rare vision as an emerging new leader of way longed for our Gambian country and I am not prepared to buy it so cheaply if I was not convinced.

Going by his assertions, Mr Mama Kandeh seems to be as well devastated by the effects of suffering Gambians and just like it’s been happening to Mr Essa B Sey, Colonel Ndure Cham, Mr Baba Aidara, Manlaphy Corr, Dr. Sedat Jobe, Baye Low, Fatoumata Tambajang, Musa Sarr, Mr Ousainou Darboe, Unbiased Prince GB, Ebrima Solo Sandeng, Sidi Sanneh, Musa Saidykhan, Ousainou Mbenga, Madam Marie Saine, Madam Fatou Jaw, Ms Fatou Camara, Sulayman Jeing, Amadou S Janneh and all those who are so devotedly only to God-Almighty and His beautiful creation and have fear of none but Allah.

Mr Mama Kandeh is nought therefore, but a brotherly of concern and a conscious Gambian, someone at courageous intelligential, while politically and socially enlightened with difference, and a well zealous individual of morally ready for our Gambianism to prevail within convalesce statuses just like you and me have been craving, wanting and fighting for all these years.

Let’s give our undivided attention and support to such a standing fellow as he does really have all the characteristically discrepancies to lead Gambians to victory of desperately needing a redeemer and for much excellences eventuality to exist while including of being free at last from all kinds of human depredational conditions under the failed APRC regime and their leader’s brutal rules.

Only God-Almighty Allah would (Insa-Allah) keep boosting our good intention for a better leader than the APRC’s shameless and immoral dictator. And our goodwill in desires for newer political generation to coexist immensely, let’s keep entailing all farfetched realities for the far sighting of what things should be like in the feature rather than being at much glued of dividedly only because of jealousy and lack of intelligence and consideration.

‘GDC’ of Gambia Democratic Congress could sound short and simple to pronounce but it has a wider and broader way of meaning:
Gambia Egalitarian Convention
Or Gambians Equal Opportunities of Guaranteed.

As others would still say, it all sounds too good to be true and as familiar to the past political parties that attended public office and perhaps.

Yet promising somehow for the despaired Gambian masses of hence handicapped of their God-given rights by the APRC’s illegal existence in the Gambia.
Obviously also and again, a compelling affairs for many people’s political desirability if implemented in full.

While it could as well be politically deceptive as sounding like of learnt from the APRC initiation and their leadership’s offering in the past.
I say please let’s base everything on the Elegant Hands of God-Almighty and just remain more optimistic than ever before as regime change is badly needed.

While many are still doubting in baffling reality of why not before but only now that Mr Kandeh deciding to come to people needing of an aider. And would as well like to continue debating on whether the ‘GDC’ political party could deliver on such a bigger scale of commitment through Mama Kandeh’s leadership or not, I say careful approaching may only be alerted at cause for ramification of essentialities to lead the way forward if necessary but not in this case.

Hence emotional attachment can also be very powerful indeed,
of well overwhelmingly powering in details also and can get out of control sometimes.

I say please let’s reframe from all odds of over reactional dispositions that would attract any negativity of persistence and may also allow APRC’s brutality to prolong its illegalities in the country.

Though and as others may/would even like to prolong the argument of the fact that we must not also allow political opportunists take us for granted as only because of our awful Gambian political ambiance is now needing overhauling with special diligent efforts than any given time of the past.

And we must keep the pace of delicate and special until our confidence of good findings are reached. As also but that, political sacralises for self appropriately only, delusional dreams of only going to be marring our Gambian vulnerable situation for even longer than not ready for.

But only to keep benefiting people with merely of calling it only and not the answers to our problems whereas undone and utterly wrong in any case.

I say our social commitment should always be prevailing however and should always override at mostly for obvious concerns, but over judgementality have never serve a good purpose or opportunity or being at the best interest of all and we should therefore, remain as giving in this situation and reminding others of all the goodness within the ends of overhauling our country’s political system.

I am so delighted in fact and well prepared to welcome Mr Mama Kandeh into our Gambian political brawl and into the race for Banjul’s state house as presidential candidate hence a better choice than the APRC’s leader come December election day. His upbringing of new hope for all Gambians in despairs and well aspiring political stance to overhaul the rotten system of APRC regime substantiation are well timely and daringly important, but duly welcome by me The Unbiased Prince GB as they got a lot to say in my move for his support and I shall always remain optimistic of the good outcome.

As frail as the like of any human-being while exposed to Saytan’s minds of influence, I did have my own concerns too but I guess that could have only been due to not being familiar with Mr Mama Kandeh’s political giving or hospitalities and the outputs of potentialities needed for many challenging ahead.

I was even more sceptical about Mama Kandeh’s political ability to drive our country out and from the ditches of shame yet induce at its core of political injurious manner by the APRC leadership’s incompetence. That was all but soon outweighed by me refusing to be misled with Saytan’s toxic minds of influence again and also refusing to be carried out of track by insincerity instead of being grateful and faithful for the new aspiration that the whole GDC thing had brought about.

I expect all of you my fellow Gambians and friend of the Smiling Coast of Africa to do the same but follow on this right cause to remove the virulent and villainous APRC regime and its brutal leadership from the Gambia and the World political affaires by giving your full support and brilliant ideas to our Political Associate Mr Mama Kandeh and his GDC party.

Wasalaman and many thanks for your time.


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