Remanded UDP Executives are ‘Unbreakable’

Karim Dibba, my father and other jailed UDP activist are heroes and heroines!

By Karim Dibba
(Son of jailed UDP Administrative Secretary, Lamin Dibba)

What is Dictator Jammeh afraid of? Why is he always interfering with almost all elements of the Gambian Society?

Our parents protested peacefully, yet you arrested them. Your mouthpieces claim that the Gambia is a lawful country, yet you cowardly deny them access to their lawyers even in the courthouse. Who is the coward here? You ‘pardoned’ rapists and murderers but you continue to attempt in every way imaginable to break the morale of my father, Lamin Ndabung Dibba, Uncle Ousainou, Uncle Peters, Uncle Kemeseng, etc. News flash for you, you can’t break them.

You continue to deny them visitation rights as well as food to break their fast towards the end of the Holy month of Ramadan. I wonder what your Arab friends will think of you? Oh well, most of them have some of the worst human rights records anyway.

You claim that the Gambia is an Islamic Republic, yet you deny them  [remanded UDP Executive Members] access to prayer mats, the Holy Quran and even access to pray at the Prison mosque. All of these before, during and after the holy month of Ramadan. Yet you give yourself the title of Sheriffdeen. Do you see the hypocrisy and inconsistencies in your ways [words and deeds]?

You are a destroyer of the basic fabric of human society, the family. You take fathers away from their families, mothers from their children, husbands from their wives and vice versa, breast-feeding mother from her baby. Where is your humanity, if there is any left in you?

You claim to be the ‘friend’ of women, yet you jail them during which they are tortured and raped. What a stone-cold liar you are! Why marry a Moroccan wife? This explains the lack of compassion and disrespect for Gambians. Zainab has no ties/relatives of Gambian origin, so you can kill all Gambians but will never say a word, for all she cares about is how to amass our your looted money. Because we are not her people. This makes sense to me. Had you married a Gambian wife, most likely she would caution you and advise you properly.

I challenge you to release Lawyer Darboe and Group if you truly believe that your popularity will win you the upcoming elections.

Your pawns: the Justice and Interior Ministries, the National assembly, the various Security apparatus are all equally responsible for your actions. I only hope they are at least the intelligence of a 5th grader to keep records of your directives of torturing and killing Gambians.

Fellow Gambians, we should refuse to treat the current Gambian dilemma as a news cycle. Let’s unite in our efforts to remove Jammeh and his APRC Government.

I’ll prescribe for you President Jammeh, the song ‘Feel irie’ by the late South African reggae star Lucky Dube. Pay special attention to where he sings:

No man can hide from his fears
Since they are part of him
They always know where to find him’

Hope you’re able to sleep at night…

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