Open Letter To President Jammeh

Juldeh Baldeh, former Gambian diplomat

Written By Mr Juldeh Baldeh (U.K)

Dear Mr President,

I am conscious that most of the letters you receive from abroad are letters to please you, because I could vividly remember during my days at the Diplomatic Mission, our then Ambassador used to write weekly acongratulatory letters to please you so you preserve his position. My letter is totally a different one.

As I said earlier, I have served in the Diplomatic Mission and I know how corrupt your government is, and how it has extended it to the Diplomatic Missions.

Mr President, to hit the nail on the head, I am writing in connection to our heroes, Lawyer Darboe and others whom you and your government had unlawfully arrested, tortured, killed someone and detained the rest for than two months just for protesting peacefully against your government’s off beam doings. This is undesirable in the 21st Century.

Mr President, we have just celebrated Eid al-Fitr, while Mr Darboe and co are still languishing in Mile 2 without due process, simply because you are the Justice Minister. The government under your stewardship had underprivileged these respected people from sharing that wonderful love with their family during this past Ramadan. I was thinking, being a month of forgiveness your government would have done the following:

  • Release all the detainees
  • Produce the dead body of Solo Sandeng for a decent burial.
  • Start prosecuting those who tortured and kill Solo Sandeng including yourself, who gives the orders.
  • Provide good medical treatment to all those affected.
  • Seek forgiveness from all the detainees, their families and The Gambia at large.
  • Accept their demands and create a level democratic playing field without impediment.

Besides, some people call you Sheikh and you recently proclaim the Gambia as an Islamic State, so why these things were not done during the month of Ramadan or why you and your government are always engaged in doing illegal things. Mr President, I push for the above points to be completed immediately.

In addition, I thought the jailing of the former Chadian President, Hussain Habre under your nose should have been a wake-up call for you and your enablers. But Dictators will never heed to examples or advises. There will be no reason to take you and your enablers to The Hague, Gambian will cross over to Senegal to prosecute you all for the violence meted on them.

Long Live the UDP, Long live The Gambia.


Juldeh Baldeh.


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  1. Quite a good letter to president Jammeh, Mr. Baldeh. We need people like you to call on the dictator to end his misrule of the Gambia. Keep it up.

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