Of Darboe’s Overpowering Eid Message

1465824094203By Unbaised Prince

I would waste no time in zesting real purification on the United Democratic Party Leader Mr Ousainou Darboe’s EID Message.

Indeed I find Mr Ousainou Darboe’s Eid message full of wisdom, prudence, discretional relishing of only charismatic sashay of his leadership and kindness for all to indulge while very emotionally touching. But indeed way caring in details by far and a mile to add, yet notifying and encouraging to the very nerves of steel that holds but consist and maintains the fire powers of our fight against Yaya Jammeh’s tyrannical proceedings.

I felt very honoured in all entirety and well sanctify through Mr Darboe’s Eid Message and indeed, moved by its core difference in sincerity display of powered beyond the summoning for serenity while in love with all Gambian people he duly cared for without doubt.

After all that he is through going through in jail, he is well motivated by the immense desire that people have for his eminent releasing from Yaya Jammeh’s illegal custody yet, he is only asking for not too much but for our uprightness within political democratic values for people who could not thank him enough and nothing more fellows.

Coming to know, while in all considerations of what kind of a leader Gambians now need and that, there is still such a guy at toll some covet of display and within view of people’s perspectives of natural, but only needing to be given a fair and better chance by society, is well over powering in allure and nothing should distract us fellows.

Yaya Jammeh is out though, but well equipped with evil and menacing secrecies to distract morality calls and to just destroy the only chance Gambians could no longer keep missing out while many I-able people only sob in naked disbelief without doing anything.

I have never known I could come to knowing of how so vigorously or complete and well competent Mr Ousainou Darboe is in his leadership as not only a leader of the UDP political party, but for society as whole and of such regards if I have never read his 2016 Eid message.

Mr Ousainou Darboe is a real charismatic comrade of indeed hence within his formidable form and practicality of relishing wisdom in defending for what is right for his country and people without fail instead of being selfish like many politicians.

If anyone is still doubting in lost, please let me tell you that he and his compatriots are now languishing in Gambian illegal detention of only APRC illicit regime’s persistency (hence being taken as hostages in the wake of their fending off the unjust and cruel regime of Yaya Jammeh) while the same Kanilai Monster and his ill-fated regime cannibals are still serving dishes of stuffed up political stupidity on a grave platter detrimental to our people and society like awfully realised by the whole World today.

Even the Eid message of Mr Ousainou Dardoe could hardly explain in full detail of what Yaya Jammeh’s evil platter of stuffed up stupidity is like in prison as lack of space can be considered, but still there are people who could not careless and had continued supporting the infidel APRC leadership and his menacing acts due to those guys falling out with their consciences.

Despite all the harsh reality happening on Mr Ousainou Darboe personality upon unfairly as learnt from his flawless Eid message and all havocs that they had to go through while Yaya Jammeh is still netting him and his comrades with menacing acts of needlessly due to their roles in lunging deeper for the tenacious justice to restrain the order of the day and should but remain truly, he had made it as a point of duty bound on himself to send his sincere greetings and a profound appreciation on his humble behalf and those of his compatriots languishing still in the unlawful incarceration of Yaya Jammeh’s awfully known for and I humbly thank Mr Ousainou Darboe for his political and brotherly givings.

Yaya Jammeh is trying to outburst our comrade and Uncle Ousainou Darboe and his inmates with infidelity taunts that have no boundaries. I say we have enough fait and patients to withstand its ends while knowingly that, everything in life is nought than a test of lives for the reality that still stands in the waitings to be ventured.

Mr Ousainou Darboe is a fine gentleman and a sound charactered person of philosophically informed and politically intelligent while well accorded with true some sincerity and do have what it takes as a real leader of learnt through his Eid message which nobody can fault in any shape or form. I am soon convinced that Mr Ousainou is therefore a man of true civilisation, who has given out all but the most important part of his life and the last thing anybody would consider as beyond sacrilegious manner to bail out our country and people from the most brutal regime to ever live in Africa.

I believe the only thing anyone could simply do for oneself and his behalf therefore, is to line up in solidarity and stand to be counted in full defiance against Yaya Jammeh’s dictatorship to the last day and make permanent destruction of the APRC regime and its leadership. I know we can do it either way but why keep waiting till another sunset as we have more than time now fellows?

Yaya Jammeh is not a god or near being anything like a god in person and so is his aiders and spiritual helpers who turn against moral decency just to fill their pockets with our blood money. We are bound to end all the degrading conditions in our country without expecting any help from outside and now or never fellows. Time is value.

Wasalaman and Eid Mubarak fellow Gamibians and Friends of our beloved Nation!



  1. What one can do for oneself, is to line up in solidarity and stand to be counted in full defiance against Yaya Jammeh’s dictatorship to the last day and make permanent destruction of the APRC regime and its leadership.

    Very well said comrade. Yaya Jammeh understand nothing but his own language.

    Leaders is the way you make people feel when they’re in a room with you.

    We can read thousands of books on wisdom and write millions of posts on wisdom, but unless we apply what we learned, then Yaya Jammeh will outlive most of us. Lawyer Daboe is telling us in his captivity, that life is not lived with intentions, but with action… Thanks again comrade.

  2. Indeed, the only answer we have for this wanton transgression is simply solidarity with lawyer Darboe & Co. We cannot afford to standby and withdraw from active participation physically or financially.