Lawyer Darboe Remains Defiant

DarboeThe remanded Gambian opposition leader has not only maintain his defiance in participating in a sham trial Lawyer Ousainou Darboe has once again thrown punches at Justice Eunice Dada. Mr. Darboe’s unapologetic, fiery statement in today’s sitting is summed up by Burama Sanneh below.

At the court today Ousainou and others were asked by the judge through their interpreters whether they will open their defence or they will wait for their defence lawyer.

In reply, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe reminded the judge that she had already imposed on them to defend themselves even when their lawyers withdrew from the case. So is she today asking whether they will open their defence or wait for their defence lawyers? Ousainou then continued by saying that they will not participatie in this trial because all their rights have been frozen by the presiding judge. He said that it is regrettable that the Gambia, which is the home to the African charter for human rights and democracy, unfortunately the rights of citizens of that very country are being abused by a Nigerian judge; He said Nigerian judges defend the rights of its citizens in Nigeria but Nigerian judge and lawyers are abusing the rights of Gambian citizens.

“We will therefore not participate in this trial. If we are convicted, then I can will tell the court why we should not be sentenced,” Lawyer politician said.



  1. Deyda Haidara

    I strongly think Gambian lawyers should do personal research on the Justice Dada’s background back in Nigeria. I am sure we will not be surprise to find that this lady has terrible mental and moral imbalance issues. It is only people who have immoral and character similarities with Yaya Jammeh that can execute his evil wishes.
    What Yaya Jammeh ought to understand is that he cannot turn a honorable people into vilains.
    Allah is the BEST JUDGE.

    • Haidara, the problem is that most of these so called Nigerian judges did not even study law in the first place . Nigerian technical assistance program is very corrupt enterprise where the leadership recruited their family members to come to Gambia to make money through their employment in various sectors of Gambian society . In university of The Gambia , they had few of these fake professors who claimed to have Ph.D.s in their various areas of studies but students have proven that these so called professors lied about their qualifications. Our Gambian -born educated lawyers , professors and others professionals are far more competent and qualify than these scavengers called themselves technical assistance professionals .It is a sham to have these Nigerians in our country . If Jammeh really care about development of human resources of The Gambia, by now we shouldn’t have any Nigerian lawyers , judges or Doctors in our country . This is because in the 22 years he has been power , he could have trained at least 5000 or more Gambians lawyers and judges to work in our justice department. The money he spend on importation of sex workers from abroad could have used to educate Gambians. Yaya Jammeh has spend more than 300 million dollars in kanillia alone development projects and these includes five star hotel , zoo , his mansion and underground bunker he build for his escape route . Jammeh has over 10,000 cows and over 1000 camels and other exotic animals. Jammeh’s network is about $2 billion (dollars ) while an average Gambian cannot afford three decent square meals. So education of Gambians is not his priorities.
      It is in Yaya Jammeh’s interest to have these Nigerian Merceless merchanry judges in The Gambia to go after his perceived and real enemies.

  2. Lawyer Darboe is a true patriot who will always be remembered as man of justice , fair treatment and his respect for fundamental human rights and rule of law . He will continue to stand for justice and truth no matter what Jammeh and his terror machine has planned or he is doing . This sham trial will be the turning point to accelerate the end of dictatorship in The Gambia. As Gambians are patiently watching, patriotic citizens will continue to plan or strategize ways which will ultimately end this barbaric regime . Yaya Jammeh’s fate is on this trial and Gambian people. His empty bluster and that of his agents of dictatorship are only meant to show their fear of the regime inevitable downfall. History has shown us that such sham trial and suppression of political protest are the beginning of the end of tyranity and dictatorship. We must continue to be defiant and expose Jammeh’s regime hypocrisy, lies , deception , corruption and human rights violations. We must not relent in our efforts because we are dealing with an enemy who has ever been determined to continue his bully , arrogance and his terrorist behavior.

  3. Maxs, are you writing Darboe’s eulogy already? Your opening statement seems to suggest so.

    • Bamba , lawyer has always been and will always be what the best of humanity represent. Whatever I write about him in the present situation has always been who he was in the past . He represents justice , fairness, standing up for little guy , respect the law and constitution , diversity , love his country , fight for the oppressed people and he is truly an embodiment of what it takes to be a patriotic citizen and civilized human being. I cannot say that about many crooked politicians or citizens in The Gambia. Yaya Asombi Bojang Jammeh is the worst of the worst of humanity who was fertilized as a result of unlawful and ungodly sexual relationship between two immoral human beings and he was smuggled into The Gambia as an embryo who later was excreted as a Gambian. He grew up full of hate for everyone who he perceives as the cause of his unfortunate background. He despise the very people who nurtured and helped him when he was a destitute. His hatred goes beyond his family boundaries and it has been extended to the very fundamental of our existence as a country.

    • @Max’s opening statement becomes eulogy in every cold-blooded murderers veins in a flash. Power hungry murdererers will be aching for innocent peoples blood and their reprsentatives. There is no sense at all for them to be doing this but the terrific psychopathic power hungry devil in white gowns and scholars and elderly statesman’s head wear; imagine him with siders and giggling sycophants.

  4. Maxs, whilst I share your distaste in Jammeh’s governance style which has created significant difficulties and heartache in the lives of many people, I find your statement about his birth distasteful, base and unenlightened. Indeed, if you are a believer in God Almighty, as you seem to indicate, you will know that all his creation, whether perceived as good or bad by humans, have all got a purpose to serve. If you know who you are truly (beyond body and mind), you will understand that the three attributes of God (creation, preservation and destruction) are existent within all beings. This is the nature of this illusory world and Jammeh’s Gambia is a part of that divine show that is his ‘lila’. God balanced the attributes evenly in the world, although the qualities are manifest in varying degrees amongst His creations. Seeing and accepting this show as His play is the end of bondage. When you come to know this ancient and timeless Truth, you will be at peace. All of this, including you and Jammeh, is nothing but illusion and the worry and bother with it is nothing but the delusion of man. First free yourself from your own ignorance, then you will come to understand that even death is a myth. For when you are not, who is there to die? Think on this and Gambia will thank you for it. You must accept that Gambia itself is just a concept and therefore unreal. When you can see this simple truth, you are already free, with or without Jammeh! Be blessed☺

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